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WWE Monday Night Raw 9/27/2015 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Monday, September 28, 2015
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for September 27, 2015 is coming to you live from the First Niagra Center in Buffalo, NY. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below and in the chat on the sidebar!

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After a great show last Monday night, what are we to expect this week? I can only imagine that The New Day will have something to say about their title match coming up against The Dudley Boyz at the special live event at Madison Square Garden on the WWE Network. I'm sure Big Show will be made to look like a monster just before he gets dismantled by Lesnar this Saturday at Madison Square Garden as The Beast Incarnate takes the first step in his "Go To Hell Tour". What will Seth Rollins be doing? Basically all attention has shifted to the United States Championship that he will fight Cena for inside a steel cage this weekend in New York, but we cannot forget Sheamus has that contract he cash in at anytime. Also, will we see Y2J come back to "Raw is Jericho" as he prepares to take on the Intercontinental Champion in Kevin Owens at the special live event? Hopefully we see some great build up to Saturday in what can be an action packed Monday Night Raw!

PROMO: The opening promo belongs to the U.S. Champ, John Cena. He gets a less than warm welcome from Buffalo. He starts off by saying his usual stuff, that his title is a symbol of opportunity, and that it will be defended tonight. He then promptly states the challenge is open and out comes... Xavier Woods with his trombone!! The New Day is here, baby! Give them all the belts, please. Big E says The New Day is here to make WWE great again, and that they will beat The Dudley Boyz this Saturday on the special live event. The New Day gives John Cena a new slogan.. "Hustle, Loyalty, BOOTY!". Pretty clever stuff, fellas. They then say they are going to make history by winning the U.S. Title tonight. Cena is not pleased. He wants to be taken seriously, and does not like The New Days antics. The New Day has to pick one person, and that person is Xavier Woods.


This match starts with a monster clothesline by Cena, and Woods rolls out of the ring screaming "I wasn't ready!". Then New Day takes a page from The Shield climbing up on the sides of the rings, but then Cena takes care of Woods anyway. The ref then kicks Kofi and Big E out from ringside and back to the locker room.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from break to Cena in complete control. Woods has yet to even put up a fight in this match, and after a Five Knuckle Shuffle that's no different. Cena goes for an AA but catches two quick kicks to the head, and Woods gets a two-count. Woods then goes to the top rope, but Cena meets him there and sets up for an AA. Woods lands on his feet, dodges a cross body, and Woods hits a big DDT off the rope for a two-count. Woods goes for a big move but then gets caught for a power bomb by Cena. Pin gets a two-count. After another attempted AA, Woods gets a reverse suplex where Cena lands on his stomach and gets another two-count. Woods, trying to capitalize, gets caught off the top ropes and gets planted. Cena gets a two-count. The champ goes for another AA, Woods lands on his feet, and hits his finisher called "Lost In The Woods" for a two-count. Woods, visibly getting frustrated, goes to the top again, Cena rolls out of the way and gets a clothesline. He then locks Woods in the STF, but then The New Day comes out and breaks up the match. The comes the  cavalry of The Dudley Boyz. Cena and The Dudley's clean house of The New Day and own the ring. New Day grabs D-Von out of the ring, after Cena and Bubba come outside the ring, The New Day gets in the ring.

RESULTS: Cena wins via DQ.
THOUGHTS: It was pretty obvious that Woods was not going to win here since Cena is scheduled for a steel cage match this Saturday versus Rollins. Nonetheless it was great to see him in a singles match because the guy is very talented, and his finisher called "Lose In The Woods" is a unique move that's fun to watch. It was a decent match, nothing to write home about, but seeing Woods in singles action more often would be just fine with me.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: The New Day vs. John Cena & The Dudley Boyz

This match was started when Big E and Kofi got involved in Woods and Cena's match for the U.S. Title and The Dudley's came out to help Cena.

When we come back from break The Dudley's and Cena are taking it to Kofi in their corner. Bubba is hitting Kofi with all kinds of punches and elbows, and then a nice double team elbow with him and D-Von. Cena then gets tagged in for another Five Knuckle Shuffle, but Kofi gets to Big E quickly. The two lock up, and Big E gets a nice headlock in. After a big slam by Big E, The New Day starts stomping a mud hole into Cena in their corner. A mutiny of great double team moves, and even better trombone playing by Xavier results in a two-count. Kofi has Cena locked in a headlock in the middle of the ring, but Cena fights out only to stopped by Kofi. Then Big E tagged in and hits a big splash for a two-count. Big E goes for another splash but Cena rolls out of the way hoping for a tag. He finally gets to D- Von as Kofi gets tagged in as well. Several shoulder tackles by D-Von, and then a big neck breaker. Big E charges D-Von, D-Von sidesteps as Big E goes straight into Cena and the two crash to the floor. Kofi gets Bubba Bombed in the ring, but Xavier breaks up the pin at two. They go for the 3D, but Xavier takes out Bubba as Kofi pins D-Von for the win.

RESULTS: The New Day wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: Eh.. It was an okay match. Had some good spots for The Dudley's, but in the end The New Day wins in New Day fashion.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: We come back to The Authority talking to someone from HR about Kane. Then Kane comes in, and Stephanie talks to Kane about what HR is. She then says that someone filed an anonymous complaint about Kane setting an unsafe work environment. Then Seth Rollins comes in saying that how could someone file a complaint in a very sarcastic tone. Steph then says that the HR rep will be following Kane all night, and her report will have a big mark on Kane's future. Kane and the HR rep then goes off to meet The Bella's..

PROMO: We go back to Dean and Roman in the locker room. It was announced earlier in the night that Roman and Bray are the main event tonight. Dean is saying he does not want Roman to go out there alone because he knows that The Wyatt's are planning something. Roman says he does not care, because he wants to end it one on one. Dean says that he will take care of The Family, as long as Roman takes care of Bray. The Randy comes in and an argument between Dean and Randy starts. Randy wants to help, but Dean doesn't want any outside help after what happened with Jericho. I have a feeling the main event is going to break down tonight.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Mark Henry vs. Big Show

This is a match we have seen dozens of times now, but Big Show has to get ready for Lesnar this Saturday. This match starts with Henry going for a slam, but then Show hits a bigger spear. Show then gets a big body slam of his own. Big Show then hits another body slam, looking impressive arguing with the crowd the entire time. He then hits a third big slam on the once "Worlds Strongest Man". Henry shows some fight with a push, but then gets met with a huge boot. Show pulls the straps down, and then prepares for the KO punch. It connects in a monster way for the three-count.

RESULTS: Big Show wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: This was obviously to make Show look strong. I have a feeling Lesnar will demolish him to look even stronger. Henry deserves so much better than this, man. Sad to see one of the longest tenured guys get put to jobber status. Wishing Heyman would have come out to say a few things to Show before this Saturday, but he does not seem to be around tonight.

*Commercial Break*

MIZ TV with Charlotte and Becky: Miz comes out to try and figure out what is going between the two former teammates of Paige and Charlotte. I'm sure this will go well. He introduces the Divas Champion and Becky Lynch, and then starts asking about Paige. Charlotte does not seem entertained. Charlotte then calls out Paige to come to the ring to talk, or they will fight. Miz does not like that he invites people on to his show. Becky then takes Miz's mic and chucks it to the ramp. Then Team Bella comes out. Nikki says they did not come out to fight, but to thank them. She thanks them for Team Bella being more united then ever, and then says she feels bad for Charlotte. For having to deal with drama and prepare for their rematch. Charlotte then reminds Nikki she made her tap out, and that she will do it again. Nikki then said she agrees with a lot of what Paige said last week. She says that she started the Divas Revolution and not Paige. Charlotte says she is wrong and that this is not about who started anything, its about the fans believing in the Divas again. Which she has a point. Alicia then unfortunately grabs the mic and points out the fact that three is better than two. Then Paige shows up! She says that Charlotte and Becky would not even be on TV if it was not for her.  Then everyone just starts brawling. Everybody just starts fighting like its the commercial scene on "Semi-Pro".

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Team PCB vs. Team Bella

I don't know what really happened here. I guess this match was made during the commercial break even though PCB was just attacking the P in that.. But oh well!

Charlotte and Becky get a big double team move one Brie. The Lasskicker then gets attacked by Alicia on the apron as Brie takes control. Brie tags in Nikki who gets a nice suplex in for a two-count. Nikki continues to take control as she forced Becky into their corner. Alicia is tagged in and then locks in a submission move. Becky battles out of it, but then is stopped in her tracks. Brie is tagged in, hits a suplex, and gets a two-count. She then connects with multiple kicks and gets another two-count. Another submission move is locked in. Becky starts to get out, but is then stopped again. Nikki is tagged in and gets another good double team move really beating Becky down. Then Becky gets a roll-up pin for a two-count and tags in Charlotte. The Champ connects with a huge kick to face for a two-count. Going for the figure four she was kicked into Paige. Paige starts to leave but Natty comes in to replace her. Paige then grabs Natty and attacks her and then leaves. Nikki hits the rack attack for the win on Charlotte.

RESULTS: Team Bella wins via pin fall.
THOUGHTS: Wow.. A lot going on here. Natty and Paige seem to be starting quite the rivalry which will be a great match, and Nikki pins The Champ which I'm sure we will hear about for a long time.

*Commercial Break*

They show a video package setting the stage for Big Show vs. Brock Lesnar this Saturday live from Madison Square Garden.

PROMO: Seth Rollins and the HR rep, Ashley, are talking about how Kane is out to get Seth. Then Kane appears with a gift in hand. He then hands that gift to Seth after recalling all their good times together. Seth opens the box to see the severed head of his old statue. Kane says he went to Baltimore and dug it up. The HR rep approves. Seth says he cannot keep the gift and quickly leaves.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Prime Time Players vs. Luke Harper & Braun Stroman

I believe this is the first time we have witnessed Stroman and Harper work  together in a tag team form. It starts with Young and Harper. Harper quickly takes control, but Young uses his speed to get some offense in. Harper hits a drop kick and tags in Stroman. Stroman just beats on Young with a big ol' smile. He gets him back in the ring at seven, but then just decimates the man. He then tags in Harper, and he goes for a body slam but it gets reversed. Young tags in Titus who takes it to Harper with a group of clotheslines and a body slam. Titus gets a big splash in the corner, and then hits Stroman with a big punch but that did nothing. Off the distraction harper hits a huge clothesline and tags in Stroman. Stroman lifts up Titus like a doll and chokes him out for the win.

RESULTS: Stroman and Harper win.
THOUGHTS: Stroman is just a machine. I cannot wait to see who WWE chooses to take him out though. It'll take one hell of a man.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Stardust vs. Neville

We have seen this match so many times now it is becoming a little stale. But hopefully these two can spice it up.

The match starts off quick with Stardust gaining the upper hand. That quickly shifts to Neville taking control. Stardust reversed a move into a nice suplex, but that is also reversed by Neville into a clothesline. Stardust gets up quick to surprise Neville and takes over. He puts him on the "Tree of woe" hung up on the ropes and stomps away. Neville kicks out of it, and hits a big drop kick. Neville heads to the top rope, but then King Barrett comes back! He makes a beeline for Neville and hits a huge Bull Hammer. Stardust also eats one as well.

Barrett grabs a mic. He says "All hail the return of the king."

RESULTS: Technically Neville wins via DQ, but no one really won here.
THOUGHTS: King Barrett is back! Love this guy.

*Commercial Break*

KANES PERFORMANCE EVALUATION: Ashley from HR, the new Jake from State Farm, has been following Kane all night and doing a performance evaluation at the request of The Authority. Now, she is ready to reveal the results. Kane starts off by thanking Ashley for coming in. He then reminds her that her findings will effect his future as Director Of Operations . Before she can start out comes Seth Rollins. He doesn't seem too happy. He tells Ashley that Kane is not thee man he acts like. He then plays a video package of The Demon Kane. Seth says that is the real Kane. Not the imposter in a cheap suit. Rollins says that she cannot under a good conscious keep Kane around because then the carnage will be on her head. He states that he knows better than anyone what Kane can do. Recalling last week when Kane came through the ring, but Seth says people like him do not go to hell. He's going to heaven, and if you do not believe him to ask the Pope. Apparently, the Pope told him he is going to heaven. I'm pretty sure Seth is tripping right now.. Talking about cloud nine and looking down on all us scum. Kane then plays a video package of his own showing Seth bothering him before Kane was injured. Kane then asks her to read the report. Ashley says that she has come to the conclusion that Kane is sound of mind and more than capable of being DOO. Stating he is professional, helpful, and basically everything that The Demon Kane is not. She says if anyone needs to be evaluated, it's Seth. Saying he is petty, rude, and unprofessional. Seth obviously disagrees. Saying this is a travesty of justice. Getting in Kane's face saying he is out of his mind. Kane then goes to pick up Seth's title that he dropped, but then Seth hits a Pedigree. He then hits him with a steel chair right in the face and another kick for good measure with a few more chair shots. Five more chair shots to be exact. Then raps the formerly injured ankle with the chair and stomps right on it as Kane then screams in agony. The medical staff comes out with a stretcher. Seth then pours salt in the wound by grabbing a mic and saying Kane is no demon. Then says everyone knows Kane is a fraud and that he will never get near him or his belt again as Kane is stretchered out of the ring and into an ambulance that is driven out of the arena. The ambulance then stops as smoke rolls out the back, and The Demon Kane limps out of the back. He stomps his formerly injured foot, and acts as if nothing happened. Here he comes to the ring! After a chair shot that did not affect Kane at all, Seth is petrified. The Demon Kane then wrecks Seth, and gives him a big choke slam for his troubles. He then gives the slash across his throat, and goes for a Tombstone Pile Driver but Seth scurries away. Leaving his belt in the ring with Kane.

PROMO: Bray comes up on the screen talking about how proud he is of his boys for winning earlier in the night. He says he will grant Roman his request and will enter the ring alone, and will end Roman himself. He says it starts and ends with the two of them. And the tells Roman to run.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Bo Dallas is here. Sadly. He talks about the Bills players sitting front row. He says they are almost an inspiratojn, but they are missing a Super Bowl trophy. He says he can help them by Bolieving. Out comes Randy Orton.

MATCH: Randy Orton vs. Bo Dallas

Bo Dallas starts with the upper hand. Showing his skills but then gets caught celebrating. He eats a few barricades at the hands of the Viper. But gains control while getting back in the ring. Randy hits his signature backbreaker and then DDT from the second rope. The Bills are loving it. randy goes to that special place where he hears those voices, and connects with an RKO.

RESULTS: Randy Orton wins via RKO.
THOUGHTS: Good match to get Randy a spot on Raw and people to hate Bo Dallas even more than they already do.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Rusev vs. Kevin Owens

This match was set up after the events that took place on Smack Down last week. In a tag match, KO left his partner Rusev out to dry as he left the match early. Both these men have matches this coming Saturday at the live special even from Madison Square Garden. Rusev will hopefully end the ridiculous storyline between he and Dolph Ziggler as they go one on one for the 90th tie. The Intercontinental Champion, Kevin Owens, will go one on one with the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time, Y2J Chris Jericho!

This match starts quick with huge right hands back and forth. Rusev gains control with a big throw and Owens goes outside the ring. Rusev gives chase but then gets a big elbow. Owens throws Rusev into Ryback who was sitting ringside on commentary. Both men then start attacking Ryback. Out comes Dolph to save the day I guess! Both KO and Rusev leave the ring.

RESULTS: I don't even know what just happened.
THOUGHTS: This was ridiculous. Why did Rusev and KO team up on Ryback? This made zero sense.

Paul Heyman is on his way to the ring! I was wrong earlier! The best manager of all time is in the building!

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Paul Heyman is here to talk about Madison Square Garden this coming Saturday when his beast, Brock Lesnar, battles Big Show. Paul Heyman talks about the "Go To hell" tour that his client is on. He says hell will descend upon Madison Square Garden when Brock digs his claws into Big Show. He says he knows Show better than anybody else. He knows that Show is bored with the current roster because no one can push him to his limits. But Lesnar can and will. He says when Show is pushed to his limit you have a true larger than life threat, because he has a one punch knock out kill. He says his client sent him t Buffalo tonight to tell them that Brock Lesnar will take The Big Show to Suplex City. Out comes the Big Show himself! Show does not agree that he has become complacent with the roster. Show says that he isn't here to hurt Heyman, But he should be worried, because he pushes Lesnar farther than anyone else. He knows Lesnar was upset after he found out he had to be in the ring with him simply because he is scared. He points out Heyman did not finish talking about his tour with Lesnar because he too is afraid of what will happen this Saturday. Paul Heyman quickly leaves the ring, but Big Show coerces him to stay by saying he needs to start thinking about a future without Brock Lesnar.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt lied. Shocker right? He said he would come to the ring alone, but he is flanked by Stroman and Harper on his way to the ring. Roman is not happy, he says Bray brought his training wheels anyway. He asks Stroman and Harper that if they even respect Bray as leader because to him he looks like a "little b*tch". After that, Stroman and Harper leave ringside.

This match starts quick with a  big clothesline by Reigns. Reigns takes quick control. After a big slam he uses his patented drop kick on the apron to send Wyatt rolling.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from break with Bray Wyatt in control in the middle of the ring. Bray is using his weight advantage to choke Roman out. Roman begins to fight out, getting to his feet to create separation. He finally gets out, bit cannot capitalize quickly. That gives Bray time to plant Roman with a Rock Bottom type move. That's gets Bray a two-count. Bray lands a couple of huge punches, and then chokes Roman on the rope. Roman then shows some heart and lands his own punches, but then east the canvas via a DDT from Eater of Worlds. That also gets a two-count. The leader of The Wyatt Family then uses his weight for choking again, and Reigns gets out. Reigns backs into the corner and Bray goes for a spear in the corner but Roman moves as Bray spears the ring post. Bray then goes for his back splash, but Roman avoids that as well. Bray rolls to the apron to stand up, Roman pulls him through the second rope, and lands two huge kicks to the chest. Roman then drives Bray into the canvas. The Big Dog hits six big clotheslines on the corner. Roman is definitely building momentum, and preps for the Superman Punch. Wyatt avoids the punch, gets slung across the ring, avoids a clothesline from Roman and hits one of his own . Gets a two-count for his efforts. Bray pushes Reigns to the corner, and sets him on the top rope. He sets up for a superplex, but Roman blocks it as he slips through the ropes ad power bombs Wyatt. He also gets a two-count as both men lay exhausted on the mat. Roman reaches his feet first and preps for a spear but runs right into Wyatts boot. He recovers quick and hits a superman punch. Wyatt quickly rolls out of the ring. Roman follows and tries a big cross body, but Bray side steps him and sends Roman into the steel steps. he then attempts to use the steps but Reigns swats them away.  He sends Bray over the Barricade and into the WWE Universe. Reigns then takes apart the announce table as the ref reaches a 10 count and the match ends. But this is far from over as the two brawl in the crowd. They continue to fight into the crowd as punch and hit each other as hard as they can. A WWE tech worker is used as a weapon as Wyatt throws him. Wyatt then smashes Reigns through the barricade as both men fly through it. The "This is awesome" chants start! Both men appear from the rubble with a smile, and Bray notices the announce tables are prepped fro use. Out of no where Reigns spears Wyatt through the table! Outta nowhere Randy Orton style! What an ending to Monday Night Raw. Wow.

RESULTS: No one wins because of a double count out.
THOUGHTS: Amazing ending. WOW. I love how neither The  Wyatt Family or Dean Ambrose got involved. It gave Roman and Bray their time to shine, and they came through in a big way. Great ending to a great show.

What did you think of the show? Let us know in the comments!


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