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WWE Power Rankings Top 25 Superstars This Week: 8/24/2015

Posted by Unknown Monday, August 24, 2015
Welcome to another edition of Power Rankings from Smark Out Moment! Each week, we will break down the current roster and examine who has gone up the WWE hierarchy and who has unfortunately taken a step down the ladder. Factoring in things such as wins and losses, suspensions, injuries, making a name for one's self, being humiliated, and more, who is at the top of the food chain and who needs to make up some ground next week?

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25. Hornswoggle

Yep, you read that right. Hornswoggle has cracked the Top 25 for the first time since, maybe ever. He didn't compete at SummerSlam but he did have a match on WWE Main Event against Heath Slater and won! I'm speechless. I don't know if this says a lot about Hornswoggle or Slater

24. Big Show and The Miz

I'm putting these two together because they basically had the exact same week. Both could not beat Ryback on two different chances. They both lost to Ryback in a Triple Threat match for the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. The Miz lost to Ryback earlier in the week on Raw while the Big Show's match with Ryback on SmackDown ended in a double count out.

23. The Wyatt Family

The Wyatt Family could not even put a dent on Roman Reigns nor Dean Ambrose this past week. Luke Harper lost to Reigns on Raw while he and Bray Wyatt lost to Ambrose and Reigns in an eight man tag team match on SmackDown. Their winless week culminated in a decisive loss for the Wyatts at SummerSlam against the former Shield brethren.

22. Los Matadores

We continue showcasing SummerSlam losers who could not win a single match with Los Matadores coming in at number 22. They lost an eight man tag team match to The Lucha Dragons and the Prime Time Players on Raw and then further continued their losing streak by losing to the New Day at SummerSlam in a Fatal 4 Way tag team match for the tag titles.

21. King Barrett

Poor Wade Barrett can't get a break at all. He didn't compete on television during the week with his lone loss coming at the hands of Stephen Amell and Neville at SummerSlam. What's worse is that he was the one who got pinned after being hit by Neville's Red Arrow finisher.

20. Dolph Ziggler

Technically speaking, Ziggler went undeafeted this week, but it's not like he was winning matches left and right. He finally had his chance to get his hands on Rusev at SummerSlam only to have the match end in a double count out. Talk about a cop out in terms of a finish to a pay-per-view match.

19. John Cena

Cena's only match was at SummerSlam in a title vs title match against Seth Rollins and if it weren't for host Jon Stewart's interference, we may have witnessed the Cenation leader become a 16-time world champion.

18. Team Bella

Team Bella has had better weeks. First, Divas Champion Nikki Bella lost a non-title match to Sasha Banks on Raw, but Brie managed to get retribution beating Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks in a triple threat match on SmackDown. They could not capitalize on the momentum as they lost to PCB in a three team elimination match at SummerSlam

17. Team B.A.D.

Well not much more can be said about Team B.A.D. than what was written about Team Bella. The good news? With Night of Champions coming around in less than a month, it's very possible that Sasha Banks could be the number 1 contender for the Divas Championship since she owns a victory over Nikki Bella.

16. The Lucha Dragons

The Lucha chants were't strong enough as the high-flying duo could not win the Tag Team Championship at SummerSlam. But at the very least, they got a win against the new tag champs The New Day on Raw in an eight man tag team match.

15. Stardust

Well Stephen Amell was the hero at SummerSlam so I guess you can say Stardust got his wish but I don't think losing to Amell and Neville at SummerSlam is what he had in mind. As for his other match, he did beat Jack Swagger on WWE Main Event but irrelevant victory is irrelevant.

14. Prime Time Players

The reign of the "Millions of Dollars!" ended on Sunday after The New Day won the tag titles. Since they beat The New Day and Los Matadores in an eight man tag team match on Raw as well as the Ascension on WWE Main Event, they should still have some momentum with them for now as they prepare for their obligatory rematch probably at Night of Champions.

13. Cesaro

Cesaro got to beat Kevin Owens in multi man tag team matches on both Raw and SmackDown, but could not do so a third time at SummerSlam. The loss shouldn't be too discouraging for the Swiss Superman as he still looks to have big matches in the near future.

12. Randy Orton

Orton, like Cesaro, beat Mr. Money in the Bank Sheamus in a variety of multi man tag matches on Raw and SmackDown, but couldn't close the deal at the second biggest pay-per-view of the Summer. I don't think this feud ended on Sunday and I expect a rubber match at Night of Champions.

11. Brock Lesnar

Close but no cigar as Lesnar lost to The Undertaker at SummerSlam when the referee stopped the match. He made The Undertaker tap to his kimura lock, but the referee did not see it so technically it doesn't count. Anybody smell a rubber match at WrestleMania?

10. The Undertaker

This is a weird spot that I'm putting The Deadman. He is one spot above Brock Lesnar only because he officially won his match against SummerSlam but he clearly tapped out to Lesnar's kimura lock after replays was showned so make what you will of this finish.

9. Kevin Owens

After The Undertaker, Owens is the lowest ranked wrestler who won at SummerSlam, and by looking at his record this past week, with good reason. Losing three straight matches on Raw, SmackDown, and a ladder match at NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn doesn't look good on your resume, but beating Cesaro clean at SummerSlam is a nice consolation price.

8. Rusev

It doesn't appear as if the Bulgarian Brute's war with Dolph Ziggler is over if his double count out finish to their match at SummerSlam is any indication. Rusev did have a match against Mark Henry for the umpteenth time on Raw and did make relative quick work of the World's Strongest Man.

7. Stephen Amell and Neville

What a debut for the Green Arrow. He looked about as well as a celebrity could possibly look in a WWE ring. The two of them beat King Barrett and Neville at SummerSlam and Neville's stock gets a slight boost thanks to win on SmackDown against his former NXT rival, Bo Dallas.

6. Sheamus

Sheamus kept himself in a good position after beating Randy Orton in the opening match of SummerSlam. Mr. Money in the Bank, however, was not money in his matches on Raw and SmackDown as he lost matches in multi man tag team matches losing both of them. But hey, he still has the briefcase so it's basically a matter of when is he cashing in to become the next world champion.

5. PCB

This was Becky Lynch's week for PCB. She is the only member of the group to have matches on Raw and SmackDown, splitting a win against Tamina and a loss to Brie Bella in a triple threat match. But the bigger story is that she got the pin on Brie that clinched the victory for her team at SummerSlam. Outside of Sasha Banks, Lynch is carrying the biggest momentum for herself in the Divas division.

4. Ryback

Ryback went undefeated this past week in matches involving the two number one contenders for his Intercontinental Championship. He beat both Big Show and The Miz at SummerSlam to retain and beat The Miz earlier on Raw while his match against the Big Show on SmackDown ended in a double count out. We'll probably have to wait for Raw this week to know who might be challenging Ryback for the IC title at Night of Champions.

3. Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose

As mentioned earlier, Reigns and Ambrose dominated the Wyatt family this past week as the former Shield brothers beat the Wyatts in matches on Raw, SmackDown, and most importantly, SummerSlam in a variety of matches featuring some combination of the four.

2. The New Day

A loss on Monday Night Raw in an eight man tag match did not deterred the new WWE Tag Team Champions. They gained momentum after a win on SmackDown against Los Matadores and El Torito and it culminated in a victory in the Fatal 4 Way for the Tag Titles at SummerSlam. It certainly is a new day for The New Day.

1. Seth Rollins

Sure, Rollins did not beat John Cena cleanly at SummerSlam, but who the hell cares? Rollins is the first double champion in years and had an amazing match at the pay-per-view on Sunday night, where he showed offense was that a mix of Jeff Hardy, Eddie Guerrero, and Finn Balor and John Cena's AA finisher sprinkled in. Coupled that with a new look (It's his same ring gear but white instead of black), and you get a surprisingly fresh Seth Rollins. Looks like we are getting that Seth Rollins statue at WWE Headquarters after all.

Seth Rollins SummerSlam US Champion WWE wrestling Double Champion

Do you think anyone should be listed differently?
What can these Superstars do to get back up at the #1 spot?
Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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