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WWE Monday Night Raw 8/31/2015 Live Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Monday, August 31, 2015
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for August 31, 2015 is coming to you live from the Amalie Arena in Tampa, FL. Follow along here for live, ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below and in the chat on the sidebar!

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After one of the most shocking editions of Monday Night Raw last week, will they be able to deliver again this week? How will the tag team division respond to being thrown back into Dudleyville? What happens next in the ongoing storyline between John Cena and Jon Stewart? Will we hear anymore from "The Beast" Brock Lesnar or his advocate Paul Heyman? Last but certainly not least, the show is also rumored to open with none other than Sting himself after the big announcement that he will main event Night Of Champions against Seth Rollins for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

They open the show by showing a video package of HHH, Stephanie, and Seth Rollins celebrating his win at last weeks RAW leading up to what was supposed to be the statue unveiling. But as you all know Sting was waiting under the curtain to stick it to The Authority once again.
They also announce that the Dudley Boys will be action on RAW later in the evening against the tag champions, New Day.

PROMO: The opening promo of the night belonged to the previously mentioned Sting! Stinger goes on to say that he was pushed to the limit by Triple H at WrestleMania, and he'll always have respect for him. He has a new target, "The Sellout" Seth Rollins. The Vigilante says he foes not believe that Seth represents the greatest title in wrestling poorly, and does not agree that Seth Rollins should be mentioned with the legends of pro wrestling. He's wrestled all over the world, and won all the world titles except the WWE World Heavyweight Championship. He goes on to say that Seth Rollins is nothing but a "little boy" wrestling in his world and he will prove that at Night Of Champions when he fights Rollins one on one.

PROMO: They then cut to the back to Seth and Stephanie. Seth goes on to say that Sting is basically spitting on his legacy. Stephanie goes on to comfort him by saying that a win over Sting would cement his legacy better than anything else would. Stephanie defends her husband by agreeing with Sting that Seth isn't half the man HHH is. Rollins then brings up the statue he was promised for winning, and Stephanie then tells him to "go ask Sting."

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Dolph Ziggler (with Lana) vs. Rusev (with Summer Rae)

This is a rematch from SummerSlam where both competitors were counted out. The match starts off with Ziggler using his speed to get an advantage. Rusev rolls out of the ring. much to the surprise of Dolphs speed. Once Rusev returns to the ring, he uses his power to get the upper hand. The Bulgarian Brute keeps Ziggler grounded so he can not use his speed. Dolph reverses a Rusev slam to get a sleeper hold on, but Rusev slams him into the corner to regain control.

*Commercial Break*

When we come back to the action Ziggler is on his way back into the fight. He is quickly stopped by a huge shot to the face by Rusev. The Brute then locks in a monstrous bear hug in the center of the ring further proving his strength as Summer claps from ringside. Rusev tries for a splash in the corner, but Ziggler avoids it and lands a monstrous DDT planting Rusev to the ring. Both men struggle their feet, and Ziggler starts to build momentum. As quickly as it started, Rusev stops it with a big slam but only getting a two-count. After Dolph returns to his feet Rusev goes for a big kick but misses, he rebounds into a big spin kick for another two-count with Dolph showing that classic fight. Rusev continues to manhandle Ziggler, but then The Showoff hits a big super kick for a close two-count to see Rusev roll out of the ring. Dolph gives chase only to find out he has been suckered in to a punch. Ziggler avoids destruction and sends Rusev into the steel steps. Both men barely beat the ten count, but Rusev makes it to his feet first to land a big super kick. Rusev stomps Zigglers spine to set up for the Accolade , but Dolph avoids it and hits a Zig-Zag. He pins Rusev only to be broken up by Summer Rae. We then see Lana come in, and take care of Summer as the match ends in DQ.

RESULT: Ziggler wins via DQ
THOUGHTS: Great match in the ring. Dolph and Rusev are both great competitors and in ring fighters. The ending was expected as we won't see a clear winner in the feud presumably until Night Of Champions.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Coming back from break we cut back to Dolph and Lana in the back. Dolph says he isn't afraid of Rusev, and quickly leaves.

PROMO: The Bellas and Alicia Fox are in the ring. Nikki asks everyone to join her in the unveiling of the "Bellatron" which is a countdown until she beats out AJ as the longest reigning Divas Champion.

MATCH: Becky Lynch vs. Alicia Fox

This is the first of three matches in the Divas Beat The Clock Challenge where all PCB members will fight and the quickest win faces Nikki at Night Of Champions.

This match starts off fast. Lynch quickly gaining the upper hand. Lynch really works that arm to loosen it up for her finisher. Fox hits a huge forearm but Lynch kicks out. Alicia continues to hold the upper hand by choking Becky on the ropes. She knocks her down, and attempts the pin again but no victory. Alicia has her down in the ring but a quick reversal gives Lynch the advantage and a barrage of drop kicks. Becky goes for a pin, but Alicia kicks out at two. Fox goes for a roll-up pin but Becky reverses for a submission win with her Disarmer.

RESULT: Becky wins setting a good time of 3:21.
THOUGHTS: It was obviously a fast match, but give Becky any time in the ring and she makes a good match!

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: We come back to Ryback who defends his title against Big Show tonight. He states hoe much the title means to him, and how no challenge could keep him down. He will prove he is bigger and better than the Big Show. The camera then cuts to Summer Rae running from Dolphs locker room as Dolph runs out in a towel. Not awkward at all.
When we come back from break, The Miz has joined the crew at the announce table for the Intercontinental Championship match.


The match starts off with Big Show and Ryback trading punches, but then Show knocks Ryback down. He then throws him to the corner for two big slaps. Ryback reverses and puts show in the corner for two punches, but then gets knocked down again. Big Show states his dominance by literally walking all over Ryback, and a big elbow but Ryback powers out at two. The Big Show then chokes Ryback on the bottom rope and whips him hard into the corner. Show then asks for a mic and says to the crowd "If you want me to retire then find someone to come retire me. No one here can do it." and then plants Ryback to the ground after he tried to take advantage of the distraction. He picks up Ryback and plants a big DDT, but Ryback kicks out at two again. Using all his weight in a choke hold, Show attempts to choke Ryback out as he has dominated to this point. Ryback hits a big shoulder tackle off the ropes. Then a Thesz Press and an attempted splash but gets caught by Show. Ryback fights out and hits a spine buster. Ryback sets up for the meathook clothesline but gets greeted with a chokeslam instead. He kicks out at two. A desperate Big Show goes to the top rope, but gets slammed off of it. Ryback goes for another meat hook clothesline, but gets hit with a huge spear but Ryback again kicks out at two. Big Show sets up for a knockout punch, but The Miz gets involved as Ryback hits a Shellshock off the distraction for the win.

RESULTS: Ryback pins The Big Show off a Shellshock for the win to retain his title.
THOUGHTS: You had to assume that The Miz was going to get involved. Nonetheless it was a decent match, but nothing special. Ryback shows great fight in him, and amazing strength we already knew about.

MATCH: Charlotte vs. Brie Bella

This is the second of three matches in the Divas Beat The Clock Challenge where all PCB members will fight and the quickest win faces Nikki at Night Of Champions. She has to beat Becky's time of 3:21.

This match begins with Brie hanging to ropes trying to waste as much time as possible. Everything Charlotte tries, Brie clings to the ropes. They run around outside the ring as Brie plants Charlotte to the floor. When they get back in the ring Charlotte gets a short time on top, but Brie quickly finds the ropes again. Charlotte hits a big move, and pinning Brie quickly. Beating the time previously set by Becky.

RESULT: Charlotte wins in 1:40.
THOUGHTS: Terrible match. Brie did nothing but run the entire match, and then seemingly forgot to kick out after a lackluster move by Charlotte. Sad to see Becky's time lose to that.

PROMO: Renee is in the back with The Dudley's. They state they are here for two reasons. One being putting everyone through a table, but the main goal being to be tag team champs. They remind everyone they are already nine time champs, but ten is the magic number.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Kevin Owens vs. Cesaro

Another SummerSlam rematch here. The match begins with Owens mouthing off, but is quickly shut up by a Cesaro uppercut. Owens quickly finds himself in the corner getting slapped by Cesaro, but reverses with a few punches. Owens bounces off the ropes into a big boot, and a big delayed suplex by The Swiss Superman. Owens kicks out at two. Owens quickly gets back on top firing off a few slaps of his own, but gets back body dropped. Again Owens kicks out at two. Owens rolls to the outside, but Cesaro gives chase and lands a big uppercut. Cesaro goes up top on the ropes and lands a cross body pin combo as Kevin kicks out at two again. Owens pulls Cesaro down and hits a senton flip. Kevin puts Cesaro in the corner and gives a few brutal chops. Owens mocks the crowd but gets caught by Cesaro. Then Cesaro finds himself in the corner getting hit by a big cannonball. Cesaro finds the strength to kick out at two. Owens then uses his weight advantage in a choke hold forcing his weight on Cesaro. The King of Swing fights out, but then gets driven shoulder first into the ring post for another near fall.

*Commercial Break*

We come back to both competitors on the top rope, as Cesaro is trying for a superplex. Eventually Cesaro is forced to the floor but hits a big dropkick and then a gutwrench suplex off the middle rope. Owens kicks out at two. Cesaro hits another uppercut, and another.. And another.. But is then caught on the last one. Cesaro throws Owens down for a pin, but Owens kicks out again. Owens tries for the Neutralizer, but its reversed by a super kick by Owens and Cesaro is forced to kick out at two. Owens goes for a cannonball again, but Cesaro rolls away. The two trade punches in the center of the ring. Owens goes for a tornado DDT but Cesaro stops him in mid-air with brute strength and puts him in the crossface. Owens reaches the ropes however. Cesaro catches Owens while on the apron and tried to suplex him out of the ring, but Owens blocks it, bounces off the ropes, and slams Cesaro and makes him bounce off the announce table at ringside. Cesaro reaches the ring in time, and attempts the sharpshooter but a rib injury stops him. Owens hits a powerbomb for a three count!

RESULT: Owens wins by pinfall after a power bomb.
THOUGHTS: Another great match by these two. Odd that Cesaro doesn't pick up a win after losing at SummerSlam. These two consistently steal the show, and I have a feeling it just happened again.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: We see Dolph and Lana talking after the earlier awkward incident. Dolph states that Summer snuck into his room while he was in the shower, and he told her to leave and nothing happened. Lana did not seem to buy that, and walked away without saying anything. Still awkward.

PROMO: Before the match, Bray stands in the ring and thanks Sister Abigal for giving him Braun Strowman. He tells Braun this is his moment, and he will tell everyone why he exists. He then says that there will be no more time to guess when the world will end, and that Braun Strowman will show everyone the face of their destruction. Braun says his first very mumbled words.. "This isn't the beginning, its the end. The apocalypse."

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Dean Ambrose (with Roman Reigns) vs. Braun Strowman (with Wyatt Family)

Braun Strowman, the most monstrous man I've ever seen, makes his singles match debut on Raw. The match starts with Dean trying to throw punches, but Strowman just starts throwing Ambrose all over the ring. Literally, one handed throw all the way across the ring. Strowman drags Dean to the center of the ring for a clothesline, but misses as Dean starts to throw punches. They are not effective at all and Braun grabs Deans face, yes his face, with his full hand and throws him. Dean leaves the ring, Braun follows and throws him into the barricade and throws him into Romans arms. Still outside the ring, Reigns gets involved but is quickly thrown into the ring. Strowman is literally chucking both of these men like dolls. He literally throws Strowman in the ring through the top and middle rope. Chokes him out. Dean hits him with a chair, but Strowman probably thought it was a fly. Knocking down Reigns with a punch. He then chokes out Ambrose as well. Completely insane scene. He then plants Reigns with what I assume is his finisher. Bray gets in the ring and Strowman feeds him Reigns for a Sister Abigail.

RESULT: Strowman wins by DQ when Reigns gets involved.
THOUGHTS: Unbelievable segment. They just made Strowman look like the strongest man in the world, and Strowman made it look legit. This guy is built as a force, and I hope we get to keep seeing it.

PROMO: Renee and Seth are in the back, and she asks Seth if he has found his statue. Seth says that Sting is disrespecting every legend by stealing his statue. He said he is going to call out Sting tonight and demand his statue. Rollins also says Sting does not know what he is talking about, and he is just as much a man as HHH is.

*Commercial Break*

MATCH: Paige vs. Sasha Banks

This is the third of three matches in the Divas Beat The Clock Challenge where all PCB members will fight and the quickest win faces Nikki at Night Of Champions. Paige needs to beat the time of 1:40 set by Charlotte.

Paige starts off fast with a takedown and pin combo. Sasha then goes for a pin quickly but does not get it. Paige takes her down again with just under a minute left for Paige after a ton of pins. A huge knee by Paige, but still can not get a pin. Paige then hits the Rampaige, but Sasha is pulled out of the ring by her team B.A.D members and Paige cannot get a pin.

RESULT: Paige can not beat the clock, and Charlotte is named the new number one contender.
THOUGHTS: Not a whole lot you can do in 1:40.. Although it was good to see Sasha in the ring a little.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Renee interviews Lana. She shows her interview with Summer during the break. Summer said that Dolph invited her into his locker room to "bury the hatchet".. Take that how you will. Probably a poor choice of words. She then states he started to seduce her, and that she will never forget that image. Lana then begins to cry and leaves. This is so awkward.

PROMO: Before their match, New Day states that The Dudley Boys are a menace to society. But the WWE universe can help save a table. They then recount their good memories with all the tables they've had in their lives. They then say that they can not have these memories if The Dudley's break the tables. They then take out the "last table" in the arena with bubblewrap on it so that The Dudley's won't hurt it. They then start a new clap chant.. "SAVE.. THE TABLES" in their "NEW.. DAY ROCKS" chat. I love these guys. So entertaining.

We return to the Prime Time Players on commentary.

MATCH: The New Day vs. The Dudley Boys

We start off with Big E against D-Von. They lock up in the ring, and D-Von gets a headlock and a neck breaker as Big E kicks out at one and then tagged out to Kofi. D-Von then tags out to Bubba Ray. Kofi locks Bubba in a head lock of his own and is thrown off the ropes but lands a nice kick. Bubba then hits a big clothesline turning Kofi inside out. The Dudley's then clear the ring.

*Commercial Break*

We come back live to D-Von on top of the action. He takes out both Big E and Kofi with a clothesline. He quickly gets knocked to the floor outside the ring. As Kofi and Big E both take advantage by using the ring post. They get him back in the ring and continue to stomp the life out of D-Von. Great double moves being shown by The New Day. After a big splash by Big E, D-Von kicks out at two. D-Von starts a comeback but is then quickly stopped by a big elbow. Kofi comes back in and starts to work on D-Von. Kofi goes to the top rope, but meets a clothesline after flying through the air. D-Von finally gets a tag in to Bubba as business starts to pick uup. He hits Kofi in the corner, and then brings Xavier woods in the fray. Kofi gets the tag to Big E as he almost gets hit with a flying headbutt but instead Kofi meets a 3D for the loss. They then go grab the bubble wrap table and set it up in the ring. Removing the bubble wrap of course. Big E just about gets put through a table but is pulled out of the ring by his New Day brothers.

RESULTS: The Dudley's win via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: These two teams are a match made in heaven. Super entertaining stuff.

*Commercial Break*

PROMO: Seth Rollins comes to call out Sting. He starts out by saying that he had no problem at all with Sting until last week. When he hijacked his statue, and ruined his ceremony. He wastes no time calling Sting out saying he wants two things. He wants Sting to take back what he said about Seth not being half the man HHH is, and he wants hi statue. Calling himself the greatest champion in WWE history. Instead of Sting, out comes Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie then strongly advises that Seth not talk about HHH. Seth then says he is now the man of WWE even though HHH was the man. Stephanie then says Sting is getting in Seth's head and his mind games are making him crazy. Saying that Seth is the man, and Sting shouldn't distract him. Seth agrees and then again calls out Sting wanting his statue. Instead of Sting again, out comes John Cena. John says he is the last person Seth wants to see. John says that Seth is going to remember this moment because Steph is about to make his life miserable. John gives Seth credit for being an incredible athlete, but he is an idiot for thinking he is actually friend with The Authority. Saying that the only reason they chose him is because he is the only one dumb enough to turn his back on his friends. Saying Seth is nothing but the "flavor of the month". He says if hey truly have his back they wouldn't let him do what he is about to do. John then points out he has a rematch for his US Title and wants that at Night Of Champions. Saying Seth will have two matches. Reluctantly Stephanie says "yes" and Cena leaves the ring. And then finally, out comes Sting to stand side by side with Cena. Rollins will have two matches against two legends at Night Of Champions.

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