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WWE Power Rankings Top 25 Superstars This Week: 11/03/2014

Posted by Callum Wiggins Monday, November 3, 2014
Power Ranking WWE wrestlers list rosterWelcome to another edition of Power Rankings from Smark Out Moment!

Each week, we will break down the current roster and examine who has gone up the WWE hierarchy and who has unfortunately taken a step down the ladder. Factoring in things such as wins and losses, suspensions, injuries, making a name for one's self, being humiliated, and more, who is at the top of the food chain and who needs to make up some ground next week?

25. Natalya

Kicking off one of the most underwhelming lists in my brief stint ranking the weekly superstar performances, Natalya escaped the drama of Total Divas briefly for the dramas of in-ring competition. Against Paige on Main Event she had one of the better diva matches of recent months, as the pair's skills meshed well. But, with her husband Tyson Kidd casting a critical eye at the announce table, the Canadian fell to the Brit with the typical diva roll-up victory. Natalya also made the final four in the SmackDown Costume Battle Royal.

24. Naomi

Naomi sits above Natalya simply for choosing RAW as her destination to lose rather than Main Event. Against Nikki Bella she used the platform to demonstrate her athleticism, but due to a minor distraction from enslaved Brie, she fell to the Rack Attack. And she didn't fare any better in the Costume Battle Royal, as she was eliminated alongside her former Funkydactyl Cameron.

23. Bo Dallas

It is becoming harder and harder to Bolieve in Bo Dallas following this week's failures. Dallas made an open challenge on RAW and was promptly squashed by a returning Ryback. And his fortunes did not improve on Main Event, as despite a more inspirational performance, he fell to US Champion Sheamus.

22. Damien Mizdow

A poor week for the stunt double and his employer the Miz, as they suffered defeat in tag team action against the Usos both on RAW and Main Event. Mizdow continues to entertain on Miz TV and by his in-ring antics, but the results escaped him against the brothers due to a couple of cases of twin magic.

21. The Miz

The Miz suffered the same losses against the Usos in tag team action this week. The movie star has certainly not been lighting up the cameras with the victories that he craves. But, he sits above his stunt double, as that is the way Damien Mizdow would want it to be.

20. Alicia Fox

The Foxy one participated in her third match in eight days against Divas Champion AJ Lee on RAW, one day removed from a spat with her 'bestie' Paige. But, a distraction from the anti-diva cost Fox, allowing her to be rolled-up (surprisingly) by AJ. Paige then beat on her former BFF until Jerry Lawler stepped in to protect the demolished diva. Fox got a measure of revenge in the Costume Battle Royal when her spear eliminated both her and Paige from the match.

19. Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt's return has been as cryptic and mysterious as expected, as he has selected Dean Ambrose as the target of his barbed words. Wyatt has certainly recaptured fan interest with his sights set on the Lunatic Fringe. But, he has yet to physically return to action in the ring, and until that moment his ranking can only remain so high.

18. Big Show

The World's Largest Athlete suffered a big betrayal on RAW, as his friendship with Mark Henry came to a definitive end. In a tag team championship match, Big Show looked to have the match won against Gold/Stardust. But, Henry's rage at his former partner came to the forefront, as he inflicted three World's Strongest Slams, costing them the match. And, when Big Show came to interrupt Henry's interview on Miz TV, he suffered a rough exit through the barricade.

17. Cesaro

Cesaro has not had the most spectacular few months with regards to consistency. This week his results were consistent, but not in the manner that the Swiss Superman would have hoped. On RAW and SmackDown he suffered vicious assaults by Dean Ambrose, employed as a rest-stop before his bout with Bray Wyatt. On SmackDown, he ended the night with a pumpkin encasing his head, making him the strongest Jackolantern in history

16. Randy Orton

Randy Orton did not compete this week following the shame of losing to John Cena at Hell in a Cell. But, he did leave one of the lasting images on RAW when he took exception to Seth Rollins' mocking of that defeat in the opening segment of the show. Frantic, pacing ferociously and with no regard to the concerns of the other Authority members, he dropped Rollins with an RKO before escaping to ringside and out of the arena. This might be the beginning of a face turn, but definitely the dissension in the Authority ranks is a story worth following.

15. Mark Henry

The World's Strongest Man's frustrations at recent results finally spilled over into aggression against his former ally the Big Show. When they were competing for the tag team championship on RAW, Henry took exception to the manner in which Show tagged his way into the match. He responded with three World's Strongest Slams, allowing Show to be pinned by Stardust. Then, when explaining his actions on Miz TV, he got the better of another altercation with Big Show when he slammed him through the barricade.

14. Sheamus

The United States Champion had a light week in terms of action, but still left an impression – chiefly a boot-print on Bo Dallas's face. On Main Event he defeated Dallas with a fair amount of ease. But, on SmackDown he was confronted by the Bulgarian Brute Rusev, who has set his sights on the Irishman and the American belt that he represents.

13. Rusev

Rusev has come out on top of every feud he has participated in since debuting on the roster back in April. The Hero of Russia dispatched of the Great Khali on SmackDown to add to his list of giant conquests by locking the Indian in the Accolade. However, his focus continues to be on putting the Americans in their place, which he and Lana view as below the Russians. So, he has set his sights on the United States Championship and Sheamus. Prepare for Ireland vs. Russia in the battle for the USA.

12. Paige

The British diva fell short in her bid to recapture the Divas Championship at Hell in a Cell, and clearly hasn't taken that fact very well. Paige took out her aggravations on her former BFF Alicia Fox, costing her a match against AJ Lee before viciously assaulting her at ringside against the barricades. She achieved an impressive victory over Natalya on Main Event, but couldn't earn a rematch for the title in the Costume Battle Royal on SmackDown, as Fox exacted some revenge by eliminating her.

11. Gold/Stardust

A mixed week for the Tag Team Champions following the conclusion of their feud with the Usos. They retained their championships on RAW, due in no small part to Mark Henry turning on his partner the Big Show, allowing Stardust to pin his much larger adversary. But, on SmackDown their cosmic quest was sent crashing down to earth when they lost to Los Matadores in a non-title match.

10. Los Matadores

The pair of matadors Diego and Fernando are not regulars on this list, but if they can pull out performances like they did on SmackDown, that will change very soon. Whilst the spotlight has often shone on their mascot El Torito, Los Matadores picked up a win for themselves against the tag team champions Gold/Stardust. A victory over the champs has drawn attention to them for once, and will likely result in a title opportunity in the near future.

9. AJ Lee

The Divas Champion seems to have gotten Paige out of her hair for the time being, but now has a Bella with eyes on her title. AJ defeated Alicia Fox on RAW due to some unforeseen help from her frienemy Paige, a distraction allowing her to roll-up her opponent. She was on commentary on SmackDown, watching on as the rest of the members of her division competed for the right to face her for the Divas title in the future. Nikki Bella survived the Battle Royal, but AJ was quick to show that she isn't intimidated by her rivals high-powered connections.

8. Dolph Ziggler

The Intercontinental Champion placed himself in the crosshairs of the Authority by seemingly agreeing to join John Cena's team opposite their team at Survivor Series. He pulled out a strong win on RAW against the Authority's favorite monster Kane, but wasn't able to repeat the feat on SmackDown. Kane caught Ziggler in a brutal Chokeslam and picked up a rare victory. Ziggler was then forced into a match with Seth Rollins immediately afterwards, where he unsurprisingly suffered another defeat.

7. Dean Ambrose

The Lunatic Fringe has been out for revenge since been screwed out of his victory at Hell in a Cell against Seth Rollins due to the interference of Bray Wyatt. Whilst the cult leader remains his primary focus, Ambrose has had no issue taking out his frustrations on anybody that stands in his way. Cesaro endured that wrath on RAW, with their match called off due to Ambrose's onslaught, before Ambrose defeated the King of Swing on SmackDown in a Hardcore match.

6. Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins managed to wash Dean Ambrose out of his flowing locks at Hell in a Cell, but those problems were replaced with others at the flick of a switch. He suffered an RKO at the hands of fellow Authority member Randy Orton at the beginning of RAW, and at the main even lost to John Cena by disqualification. The end of his week was both easier and more successful, as Rollins capitalized on Kane's demolition of Dolph Ziggler to score a simple victory over the Intercontinental Champion.

5. Kane

Kane has been witnessing an upturn of form in the past few weeks, escaping his enhancement talent role to garner a few wins of his own. RAW was not as successful, as despite one of his best performances in recent years, he fell to Dolph Ziggler. His post-match assault was curtailed by the arrival of John Cena. On SmackDown, Kane got his measure of revenge against the Intercontinental Champion, scoring the clean victory after another strong performance, before sending his victim to another loss to Seth Rollins.

4. John Cena

John Cena, fresh off his huge victory over Randy Orton at Hell in a Cell, immediately caught the attention of the Authority on RAW. Stephanie McMahon tried to woo Cena to their cause with promises of glory and victories, at which Cena scoffed at. But, a later discussion with Triple H had more of a noticeable effect, stating that their help could support his later years at the top of the roster. Cena was left as captain of a Survivor Series team against the Authority team, and defeated Seth Rollins on Monday by disqualification.

3. The Usos

The Usos secured two tag team victories over The Miz and Damien Mizdow on RAW and Main Event. After suffering a number of defeats at the hands of Gold/Stardust, these back-to-back victories will come as a relief to the brothers. However, they only managed these victories due to some underhanded practices, as exploiting their similar appearances to perform some twin magic.

2. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella has certainly enjoyed some early benefits to having her sister as her personal assistant following victory Hell in a Cell. On RAW, a reluctant distraction from Brie allowed Nikki to get Naomi in position for the Rack Attack to earn a victory. And, after disposing of her sister on a petty errand on SmackDown, she won the Costume Battle Royal on SmackDown. This granted her a future match against AJ Lee for the Divas Championship, and with Brie under her thumb, the champion will have to watch her back.

1. Ryback

The Big Guy Ryback RulesIt was a great return to action for the Big Guy, as he reverted back to his 'Feed Me More' gimmick to massive support from the crowd. The RAW audience immediately bought back into his return, chanting along with his moves and mannerisms as he destroyed Bo Dallas without a hitch.

His post-match interview did much to erase the damage his heel run had caused the character, which means he could be revitalized as a powerful face. This transformation was confirmed with a victory over Heath Slater on SmackDown.

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