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WWE Power Rankings Top 25 Superstars This Week: 11/10/2014

Posted by Callum Wiggins Monday, November 10, 2014
Power Ranking WWE wrestlers list rosterWelcome to another edition of Power Rankings from Smark Out Moment!

Each week, we will break down the current roster and examine who has gone up the WWE hierarchy and who has unfortunately taken a step down the ladder. Factoring in things such as wins and losses, suspensions, injuries, making a name for one's self, being humiliated, and more, who is at the top of the food chain and who needs to make up some ground next week?

25. Natalya

Starting off with the Queen of Harts, Natalya earns a place on this list simply by being involved on a match this week. Against her Total Diva rival Summer Rae, she dominated the majority of the match, albeit that lasted only about two minutes. But, she couldn't turn this into victory, as a brief distraction from her husband Tyson Kidd allowed her to suffer the traditional diva roll-up.

24. Titus O'Neil

Titus O'Neil might want to think about moving to NXT permanently on the strength of what he is encountering on the main shows. On RAW this week, he was fed to the returning Ryback, and despite offering his toughest test so far, unsurprisingly suffered defeat.

23. Emma

Emma got to strut her stuff on RAW this week, although it was in a losing performance. The Aussie battled it out with Nikki Bella, with her sights set on the Divas Championship. Despite some offense against the catty number one contender, she suffered the Rack Attack to record another defeat.

22. Sami Zayn

Although it is a great feeling to finally add Sami Zayn to this list after an appearance on Main Event, it would be better if it was slightly higher up. Zayn put on a typically strong performance against longtime rival Tyson Kidd, ensured to get him in the fans imaginations. But, thanks to his opponent grabbing a handful of tights, his brief bout on the main roster ended with a loss.

21. Cesaro

Cesaro continues to endure a painful run of losses on WWE TV at the moment. On RAW, he suffered his second consecutive defeat at the hands of Dean Ambrose. And things didn't improve when he arrived on the Blue Brand. Wanting to prove how he could benefit the Authority in their battle with Team Cena at Survivor Series, his attempt to impress fell short thanks to Ryback.

20. Sheamus

It was a week to forget for the former US Champion Sheamus. In fact, the Irishman arguably had the worst Monday of his entire career, as he suffered two agonizing defeats. The first was against Tyson Kidd, as some cheap tactics involving Natalya caused Sheamus to be counted out. Then, later that night he was the victim of an even more damaging defeat, as he lost the US title to the Russian Rusev, being left unconscious via the Accolade.

19. Kane

The Authority lynchpin has already confirmed himself a spot on their team for Survivor Series. And he has made it a personal mission to cancel out any threat to a defeat, chief of which is Dolph Ziggler. With John Cena absent this week, Kane attempted to cost Ziggler his Intercontinental title against Seth Rollins, before helping to take out Randy Orton at the end of RAW. On SmackDown, he battled Ziggler in the steel cage match, but couldn't keep him trapped in the structure as he escaped, leaving the former monster frantic in the ring.

18. R-Truth

R-Truth got a rare victory on SmackDown this past week at the expense of Adam Rose. In what was essentially a glorified dance off, the Bunny attempted to join in on the fun, bouncing about on the apron. When Rose went to deal with his more popular mascot, he was rolled-up by R-Truth to earn a simple win.

17. Big Show

Despite getting a victory on RAW this week, it is unlikely Big Show is celebrating that result too much. In a match against former friend Mark Henry, he was thrown to the outside, where he was taken out with the ring steps to the face. Though that gave Show the disqualification win, he was then slammed onto the steps with extreme force, before being personally inducted into the reformed Hall of Pain.

16. Los Matadores

It has been a good few weeks for Los Matadores, who have emerged from the short shadow of their mascot El Torito to experience some success of their own. On RAW, Fernando was able to take advantage of distraction of the Miz and Damien Mizdow on the announce table to land a Backstabber on Stardust, scoring a big win over one half of the tag team champions.

15. The Usos

The Usos had a mixed week, filled with highs and lows, but hitting rock bottom on SmackDown. They split into singles action on RAW and Main Event. Jimmy Uso suffered defeat to the Miz on Monday, but the next day Jey had better fortune when he beat Stardust leading into their title match. But, inside a steel cage on SmackDown, Stardust was able to capitalize on an Uso Splash to catch Jey in a roll-up to inflict a defeat in the title match.

14. Mark Henry

Mark Henry suffered defeat on RAW, not that it bothered him too much. Following a grueling and physical match with former partner the Big Show, he took the giant down with the steel steps. The World's Strongest Slam followed on the steel once again, leaving his former friend in a battered heap. Henry's focus has now shifted to inducting Show into the Hall of Pain, and even in this loss that goal was followed through on.

13. Curtis Axel

Although he did not receive as much fanfare as his former partner Ryback, Curtis Axel returned to action on Main Event against Justin Gabriel. After a brief spell out due to injury, the son of Mr. Perfect and former Intercontinental Champion got a much-needed win with his unique neckbreaker. Whether he can enjoy the impact of Ryback in his return is yet to be seen, but a win in today's WWE is nothing to turn your nose up to.

12. The Miz

After last week's pair of defeats at the hands of the Usos with their employment of twin magic, the Miz focused his attention on Jimmy Uso on Raw. With only one of the brothers in his sights, he was able to return to winning ways after a Skull Crushing Finale. And, later in the evening, he and stunt double Damien Mizdow caused a distraction to the tag team champions in Stardust's match, which could indicate their move towards a title match in the near future.

11. Randy Orton

Randy Orton has been the talk of the WWE in the last fortnight, with the tension between him and the rest of the Authority the story of RAW. During Seth Rollins's Intercontinental title match with Dolph Ziggler, Orton took down Rollins with an RKO. But, later in the night he came unstuck as he suffered a defeat to Rollins through a backslide. After the loss, he appeared to make amends to the rest of the Authority, only to unleash hell on anybody that stood in his path, including Triple H. In the end, this proved to be his undoing, as he felt the force of two Curb Stomps by Rollins on the announce table and ring steps.

10. Summer Rae

Summer Rae may not be the most polished in ring performer, but she managed to score a victory on SmackDown this week against Natalya. With their prominent feud on Total Divas in the back of the mind, Summer took down Natalya with a roll-up following Tyson Kidd's half-hearted attempts to cheer on his wife.

9. Bray Wyatt

The Eater of Worlds finally returned to in-ring action after months on the sidelines, as he competed against Sin Cara on Main Event. His clear focus has been on Dean Ambrose since Hell in a Cell, as he has been lurking in the background of wherever the Lunatic Fringe finds himself. But, Bray Wyatt shows that he has not lost any of his menace between the ropes as he destroyed Sin Cara with ease, sending a message to Ambrose in the process.

8. Nikki Bella

Nikki Bella has been looking to send a message to Divas Champion AJ Lee throughout this week, and has constantly gotten the better of her crazy rival. Nikki defeated Emma on RAW with relative ease, but it was her post-match antics that caught the eye. She sent her personal assistant sister Brie to slap AJ, before being chased up the ramp by the Champion. And on SmackDown, after Brie caused a distraction, Nikki knocked out AJ from behind to earn the mental advantage.

7. Gold/Stardust

The Tag Team Champions did not have the greatest start to the week, but continue to pull out victories when they matter the most. Stardust was the victim of two defeats in a row in singles matches, against Fernando on RAW and Jey Uso on Main Event. But, he redeemed himself o SmackDown, as he scored the pinfall in their title defense opposite the Usos inside a steel cage. The champs hold onto the titles after a hard-fought victory, but will look to pick up their game when separated from one another.

6. Dean Ambrose

The Lunatic Fringe has had his sights firmly set on getting revenge for Bray Wyatt for his antics at Hell in a Cell. But that hasn't deterred him from inflicting damage on anyone else that stands in his way. This includes Cesaro, who Ambrose defeated on RAW for the second match in a row. And on SmackDown, as part of Christian's Peep Show, Ambrose confronted Wyatt and showed no fear in calling out the vicious cult leader.

5. Tyson Kidd

In arguably the greatest week in the Dungeon survivor's stint in WWE, as he took his resurgence in NXT and showcased it on the main shows. This began with a massive scalp on RAW, as Tyson Kidd exploited his wife Natalya to help earn a count out victory over Sheamus. Although he was hit with a Brogue Kick swiftly afterwards, a win is still a win. This was then followed up by triumph over his former NXT rival Sami Zayn on Main Event, as he used the tights to roll-up his energetic opponent.

4. Ryback

Ryback continues to dominate in his return to WWE, as the crowd eat up the reemergence of his 'Feed Me More' gimmick. He started this week with a quick victory over another powerhouse in Titus O'Neil. His run of victories have attracted the eye of the Authority, a clear sign that Ryback is back on track. This was cemented with a victory over Cesaro on SmackDown, as he continues to rise up the ranks.

3. Dolph Ziggler

The Intercontinental Champion continues to stand against the machine, as he refuses to bow down to the pressure of the Authority. Yet, with John Cena's absence he would have to face their threats on his own, and was thrown into a title defense against Seth Rollins. Due to interference from Rollins's stooges, Ziggler looked to be suffering a loss, until Randy Orton came to the rescue by taking out his opponent. But on SmackDown Ziggler did get a hard-fought win, defeating Kane in a steel cage match to show the Authority he won't be pushed around.

2. Seth Rollins

The leader of Team Authority was all over RAW this week, and that certainly wasn't a bad thing. His performances alone would merit a high place on this list, but the results came with it. Rollins first took on Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental Championship, and looked close to winning the belt if not for the interference of Randy Orton. He was then told to take on Orton later in the evening, and despite pulling double duty, he picked up a huge win over his former ally. When it looked like they would reconcile post-match, Rollins suffered another RKO for his troubles. But he got the last laugh, stomping Orton's head to the announce table and ring steps to leave him being stretchered out of the arena.

1. Rusev

New United States Champion Rusev defeats SheamusRusev takes the top spot this week as he captured his first piece of championship gold. And, to add spice to this moment, it was the title that represented the American culture that he and Lana rally against constantly. On RAW, he dispatched of Zack Ryder without any problem. But, following this typical squash, he achieved the biggest victory of his career thus far, as he defeated Sheamus for the US Championship. He locked the Irishman in the Accolade, forcing him to pass out, and captured the title whilst the Russian flag provided an ominous background.

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