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WWE Total Divas Season 2 Episode 2 Review & Synopsis

Posted by Brad Garrow Sunday, March 23, 2014
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What happened this week on Total Divas? Welcome to the full results breakdown and show review for Total Divas season 2 episode 2 , which was broadcast on March 23, 2014.

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Total Divas season 2 premiere last week was a very eventful one. Eva Marie told her family that she went and got eloped, spoiler alert it didn't end well. We saw the beginning of the season of Summer Rae, she will definitely be the break out star. We saw the beginning of the planning of Brie and Daniel Bryan's wedding. The biggest story line of the show was what will happen between Nikki Bella and John Cena. Throughout the show they had very little contact with one another until John called her and said he was flying to San Diego to see her and have dinner. The episode ended with Nikki meeting John for dinner and saying "well I'm here".

Season 2-Episode 2 Synopsis

The episode starts with a recap of last week leading us up to the meeting between Nikki and John. John says he's been thinking about them, says he's a different man and she makes him better. He says Nikki is right and she sacrifices for him and he wants to make more of them for her. He says there are major things down the line he would be willing to discuss and asks to have her back, which of course is a yes. 

Eva then comes on explaining her and Ariane are tight because they didn't wrestle on the indies. Nikki brings Brie on John's tour bus which is nicer than most houses. Brie thinks Daniel should get a bus, of course she does. The divas are all going to brunch and the bus discussion comes up again. Brie wants D Bry to get one and to invite all the girls along. Nattie doesn't think she can go on the bus if Summer Rae is on the bus. Summer Rae comes to the table and says her and Eva need to leave for a photo shoot. Eva tells Summer about the bus idea and how Nattie isn't sure about the other girls which prompts Summer to talk trash about her. Eva tells Nattie and Ariane she is going to go do tribute to the troops, this annoys Ariane who explains  Eva needs to be more humble. We get highlights very a divas match on raw which Nikki took a huge kick to the face and knocks her tooth out. 

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Nikki is meeting with the doctors about her tooth. She is upset and wonders what John will think and doesn't want to see him and wants to go on Bries bus so John doesn't see her like that. First night on the bus with all the girls. Bryan explains the rules, No pooping and No sex and if anyone gets annoying they get booted off the bus. Nikki says she likes Johns bus a lot better because its nicer. The girls want to play truth or dare. Summer gets asked if she ever slept with anyone at work, there are rumors she has. Summer asks Nattie's husband if Nattie is the best sex he's ever had, he smartly say's "only sex he's ever had". Things are heating up between Nattie and Summer.

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Ariane announces she gets a magazine shoot and Eva one ups her saying she's in Maxim 100, which is well deserved. Summer is making a snarky comment how Nattie doesn't have a photo shoot in the morning. Ariane went searching for Eva's past and found some scandalous photos. Ariane is going back stage showing everyone the photos of Eva. Nikki is hiding from John so he doesn't see her missing tooth. Summer finds out that the photos are circulating in back and says she is going to tell Eva that Ariane is showing people.

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Brie say's Nikki needs to go talk to John so he can be by her side. She shows John her tooth and he's not surprised say's that he's proud. Back on the Divas bus Summer tells Eva what Ariane has dug up about her. Eva then confronts Ariane about what she has been doing, this leads to a big argument. Ariane say's shes been doing it to shut Eva up.

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We continue with the fight, Ariane is defending what she is doing. Eva says she is done riding on the bus and leaves. Eva says the pictures bring back a bad past for her where she was abusing alcohol. Trinity talks to Eva to make her feel better and says don't let it get to her.

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Summer and Eva get off the bus and get a hotel. Eva and Summer are bonded over the trash they get from the other Divas, Eva says it's game on. Trinity questions Ariane why she brought up Eva's past. Trinity tells Ariane that Eva was crying which actually makes Ariane feel bad. Fandango asks Eva about the photo which means everyone in the locker room has seen them.

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Summer opens raw with Fandango which makes Nattie jealous and mock her. Ariane comes up to Eva to talk and apologize. Ariane apologizes and Eva does not accept the apology and explains how unprofessional it is to end the show.


If you were to rank the story lines on tonight show NCAA tournament style Summer Rae & Eva vs the rest of the Divas would be the number 1 overall seed. I feel like going forward this will be the focal point of the show and Summer Rae will be the star of the entire feud. Eva had every right to be upset over Ariane did and came off as very sympathetic. Summer Rae came off as the best person in all of this by alerting Eva of what Ariane did. Those two things surprise me as Summer and Eva are supposed to be the heel divas of the show. What happened between Nikki and Cena was not surprising at all and pretty anticlimactic for a week long cliffhanger. Nikki being afraid to tell John she lost a tooth seemed highschoolish. Brie pushing for Daniel Bryan to get a bus and invite the rest of the divas seemed way to contrived and just a back drop to push more story lines. It was a pretty good show, pushed some new angles I'm going to really enjoy the pairing of Summer Rae and Eva. 


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