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WWE Over the Limit 2011 Results & Review Coverage Live

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, May 22, 2011

Over the Limit's card looks like it could have some decent wrestling but that the predictability of the outcomes for these matches could sour them in the process. Do they have enough surprises in store for us to counteract this?

It's nice to see them run a tribute graphic to Randy Savage at the start of the ppv.

R-Truth vs. Rey Mysterio
It appears as though they haven't figured out a song for R-Truth yet, as he comes out to just the words "the truth shall set you free". Truth gets on the mic and says Seattle should boo themselves, not him. He says "it's all about parking lots". He didn't have a parking spot at the arena today but deserves better than to be parking with everyone else. So far they've followed the standard Mysterio match outline of Rey hitting kicks and reversals and nothing really more while the opponent looks dominant, so as I've said before, "if you've seen any recent Rey Mysterio match, you've seen this before". I'll be sure to point out if anything impressive happens, though. Nothing really does happen out of the norm, though. Truth hits his finisher and that's it.

WINNER: R-Truth via pinfall.
Standard Mysterio match.

After the match, Truth gets a bottle of water and drinks some, then hits Rey with it. The atmosphere feels kind of weird without any kind of music playing post-match.

Backstage with the Miz
Todd asks what Miz meant by his strategy to have Cena quit. Miz says it's something everyone has overlooked. He's proven everyone wrong before and he'll do it again. Anyone else think the only way they'll have Cena lose is if Miz threatens a fan or something and Cena has to quit to prevent them from getting hurt? That way they'll say Cena didn't really lose but was just being nice and all that other nonsense. I'd rather see that happen and Miz win the title than just the normal "Super Cena survives it all and wins" scenario.

Intercontinental Championship: Wade Barrett (c) vs. Ezekiel Jackson
The match hasn't even started yet and someone in the crowd is chanting "boring". Why not give it a chance? It's a nice change of pace that Gabriel and Slater aren't ringside. Ezekiel dominates for the first part of this match until Wade plays possum and feigns an injury to get the jump on him. Zeke starts the multiple body slams (which the crowd seems to get behind - do we have a new Three Amigos on our hands?). Zeke then puts Wade in the torture rack. Before he can submit, Gabriel and Slater break it up and cause a disqualification.

WINNER: Ezekiel Jackson by disqualification.
It's a shame this had to end with a TV style DQ.  Pay-per-view matches shouldn't really end with disqualifications in my mind, at least not frequently. The match itself before that was pretty decent. I'd like to see a rematch - hopefully in a way that doesn't end with a count out or DQ or something lame.

The three of them continue to triple-team Zeke.

In the back, Punk is talking to Ryan and giving him tips. They go to their locker room and they see that Kane and Big Show had beaten down Otunga and McGillicutty. Punk says he cares more about winning the titles than those two, which Ryan calls him out on. Punk tells Otunga and McGillicutty to walk it off.

Sin Cara vs. Chavo Guerrero
There's an interesting spot when Chavo back body drops Sin Cara onto the ropes/apron but Sin Cara bounces off the ropes into a hurricanrana. Lots of high-risk stuff so far (moonsaults, etc). Sin Cara splashes Chavo on the outside and Chavo holds his leg. Sin Cara wins the match with a hurricanrana that leads to Chavo landing face-first. Either it was a botch or it was a variation, I can't tell for sure.

WINNER: Sin Cara via pinfall.
Not bad at all. I do think Sin Cara needs to add a little more to his moveset so he doesn't do too many arm drags and hurricanranas in such a short time span, but for this match, it worked.

Backstage with Christian and Randy Orton
Christian says he isn't mad at anyone. He'd have done the same thing himself. Later on, he'll win it back. Orton says Christian is a a great competitor but when he fights a feel-good story, there's no happily ever after.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and gets a microphone. He wants to talk about destiny (again?) and immigration (?). He's not upset about being in the title match because he knows he could easily make Cena or Miz quit with his armbreaker. It's only a matter of time before he becomes champion. He's interrupted by Kane and Big Show. Kane says he's already angry since the rapture didn't come yesterday. (Speaking of which...) He was looking forward to it. If Del Rio doesn't leave the ring, his destiny is to end up like Otunga and McGillicutty.

Tag Team Championship: Kane & Big Show (c) vs. CM Punk & Mason Ryan
There's a Batista chant that breaks out (haha). After two slaps to the chest from Big Show, Punk tries to cover up and turn around to avoid one. That results in Big Show smacking his back instead. Punk's kind of playing the comedic loser in this match so far, getting his ass kicked and looking afraid at everything. They're putting Mason Ryan over as the star here. Punk climbs to the top rope and imitates Savage but misses the elbow drop to Kane. Kane and Big Show pull off a double chokeslam on Mason Ryan and get the victory.

WINNERS: Kane and Big Show via pinfall.
Not bad. They must be very serious about the future of Mason Ryan's push if they're having him come out of this match looking like the main eventer and Punk looking like the subordinate. Does that say anything about the rumors that Punk might take time off? I hope not, but you never know.

Here's an ad for the next pay-per-view, Capitol Punishment. They've taken clips from an Obama press conference and edited it to seem like a WWE interview.

Divas Championship: Brie Bella (c) vs. Kelly Kelly
The Bella twins are wearing capes now. No, I don't know why. Kelly gives Brie a stinkface. Quite different from when Rikishi used to do it, right? Brie works on Kelly's arm. After a distraction, Kelly ends up being pinned.

WINNER: Brie Bella via pinfall.
Considering the circumstances, the match wasn't that bad. The outcome made it a little pointless, especially since Kharma didn't even come out. I wouldn't be surprised if this were one of those situations where they have a rematch tomorrow and Kelly wins the title on Raw instead, just for the Hell of it.

World Heavyweight Championship: Randy Orton (c) vs. Christian
Booker essentially just said that Christian is always the underdog but you should always expect him to come out on top. Why is he still on commentary? The crowd is pretty split and excited. Orton hits a nice superplex onto Christian. Orton's hand is bleeding for some reason, but not terribly. (I hope they don't stop the match, knowing WWE.) Christian hits a flying headbutt but only gets a two-count. Christian goes for the Killswitch but Orton reverses into an RKO which Christian then reverses into the Killswitch, which is reversed in various other ways and we end up with a modified Boston Crab (with Orton facing the opposite way). Very nice! Christian gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. Christian tries to do that spot where he jumps from the second rope and leads into a pin. Orton tries to go for an RKO beforehand, so Christian stops before jumping. He then goes for it and ALMOST gets the three-count. Orton soon follows this all up with his off-the-ropes DDT. Orton starts pounding the mat. Christian pushes off an RKO attempt. Christian psyches himself up in the corner for a spear. Orton reverses the spear attempt into a slam. Orton goes into the corner and psyches himself up for a punt, but stops himself beforehand. He then changes his mind and goes for it again but Christian hits a spear. VERY close 2-count and the crowd is going crazy! Christian sets up the Killswitch and Orton pushes him off, trying again for an RKO, but Christian reverses. Orton then reverses again and hits the RKO and gets the pin.

WINNER: Randy Orton via pinfall.
That was one hell of a match! Fantastic. I'm actually going to put this in my notes for a potential candidate of Match of the Year in my future 2011 Awards post. Very, very good.

After the match, Orton helps Christian up, but Christian pushes him away and starts to leave. He then comes back in and shakes Orton's hand.

Kiss My Foot Match: Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Michael Cole
Cole comes out in a suit and says he's medically prohibited from competing tonight. He says his doctor says (and he quotes) that his athlete's foot has become infected. Naturally, this doesn't fly and the match begins. Cole's clothes get ripped while Lawler beats on him. Cole ends up sending Lawler into the ring steps which gives him enough time to take his shoe off. Lawler throws Cole through the Cole Mine. Lawler brings him back into the ring, pulls the strap down, and hits a fist from the middle rope. Lawler pins and beats Cole.

WINNER: Jerry Lawler via pinfall.
I'm glad to see that they kept this short. It didn't need to be any longer than this.

Lawler goes to take his boot off but decides to call Eve Torres to the ring. Eve hits a moonsault on Cole. Lawler then calls Jim Ross down to the ring. JR pulls out a bottle of barbecue sauce and pours it on Cole's face. Cole leaves the ring and starts walking up the entrance ramp without kissing Lawler's foot. He gets a microphone and says that it may look like he lost tonight, but he didn't. He's not a loser. Lawler, JR, everyone in the stands, they're all the losers. No matter what they do to him, he'll never kiss his foot. Bret Hart comes out and forces Cole back down the ramp and into the ring. Bret puts Cole in the Sharpshooter. Lawler puts his foot out and Cole kisses it.

WWE Championship [I Quit Match]: John Cena (c) vs. The Miz
The bubbly "awesome" letters from WrestleMania are out on the entrance ramp again. I wonder why they did that. Right when the bell rings, Miz gets the mic and reiterates that the only rule is that one of them has to say "I quit". He points out that Alex Riley is legal to be involved in the match as well. He offers Cena the chance to quit without the beat down right now. Cena, naturally, destroys them both and puts Miz in the STF, but Riley breaks it up. If they go through this whole match with Cena beating both of them and winning, I'll be pissed. I've had enough of Cena being unstoppable. Also, if this was their big "never before seen" plan, then that's really a let down. Let's go Cena / Cena sucks has begun. Cena hits the Attitude Adjustment on Miz. Riley hits Cena with the briefcase. Miz and Riley spend the next few minutes throwing him into the security barricade and hitting him with stuff. Then, of course, Cena does the Hulk-Up thing and fights back. They go back to double-teaming. Riley holds Cena while Miz threatens him with a kendo stick. Cena doesn't quit and says he hits like a girl, so Miz starts the attack. They make their way to the stage where there are two cars that will inevitably come into play later on. Miz takes a leather strap out and threatens Cena. Cena says Miz has a leather strap but no nuts. Miz starts whipping him. Here we go with another "Cena no-sells the previous parts of the match and starts beating up two guys at once" crap. Suspension of disbelief is one thing but WWE just completely ignores reality when it comes to John Cena. And now we've got the obligatory referee unconscious thing. Let me guess, someone quits here and the ref doesn't hear it so it doesn't count, right? Miz gives Cena a skull crushing finale onto a chair that was propped up on the ropes. Miz goes to the audience and asks a kid in a Cena shirt to tell Cena to quit. The kid says "not anything" (idiot). Miz yells at the kid, telling him that he's just going to keep punishing him. Cena's lodged in between the exposed security rail. Miz hits the barricade with a chair (as if that's supposed to hurt). Miz tries to use a cell phone to play Cena's "I quit" from Raw and win. Again, if that was the big "no one has ever thought of this" thing, then that's a huge let down as that's the one thing synonymous with I Quit matches. Riley hits Miz with the title belt by accident. Cena hits Riley with the Attitude Adjustment through the table. Cena's magically cured, again. Bullshit. Cena takes his belt off and starts whipping Miz who runs away to the stage. Cena puts Miz in the STF and Miz quits.

WINNER: John Cena via WWE jerking themselves off to him.
Absolute horse shit. The entire match was boring, the "surprises" were two things we've seen before so that's nothing new at all, and the whole damn thing was just a set up for John Cena once again forgetting that he's supposed to be injured and winning at the last second with a handful of moves. John Cena goes through 20 minutes of being beaten down by two men and Miz quits with ONE fucking submission move?

As good as the Orton/Christian match was, that's as bad the Cena/Miz match was. Fucking awful end to the pay-per-view which is leaving me with such a sour taste in my mouth. Ridiculous. I bet backstage, they're thinking that the WWE title match was some epic thing we'll all love and talk about for years to come. When they're stubborn and delusional about something, they really don't listen at all.

1. Randy Orton and Christian put on one hell of a match.
2. R-Truth winning clean.
3. The in-ring action for Lawler and Cole was kept short which was a good decision.

1. WWE championship match. Atrocious.
2. The DQ ending of the IC title matc
3. What was the point of the Kelly/Bella match?



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