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WWE Elimination Chamber 2011 Results & Review

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Roadblock to WrestleMania's 16 tons of steel can mean only one thing: ELIMINATION CHAMBER time!

Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston
Alberto gets on the mic and says people from Oakland are low-class and Kofi is a piece of trash. The match is worked so far in a way that lets you know that Del Rio is the one to watch, even though it isn't quite a squash. Good spot occurs when Del Rio counters the crossbody by putting his knees up. Awesome reversal into a DDT from Kofi, and the ref is distracted by Ricardo Rodriguez, preventing Kofi from getting the win. Kofi hits the SOS and Alberto kicks out. Alberto struggles to lock in the cross armbreaker, but once he gets it in, Kofi taps.

WINNER: Alberto Del Rio via submission.
For an opener, not bad, but it was basically nothing above the match you saw on Smackdown.

Backstage with Edge
Todd puts over Del Rio and asks Edge to run over what's going on with the title. He points out that nobody has walked out the chamber the champ if they went in, but he's just the guy to do it. McIntyre interrupts and blames Edge for Kelly's firing.

World Heavyweight Championship [Elimination Chamber]: Edge (c) vs. Kane vs. Wade Barrett vs. Drew McIntyre vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show
Everyone I was watching this ppv with were upset that Christian wasn't the filler spot. I'm just annoyed that Mysterio's in the match and starting it off, because that means he'll be in it quite long. At least he's starting off with Edge. McIntyre's banging on the chamber pod. I guess he doesn't realize he has at least a few minutes left to wait. Wade Barrett is the next out. Edge nails Mysterio with a kick before he can hit a 619 (though of course, you know we'll see it soon enough). The next out is Kane. All 3 others kick Kane in the head and pin him one after another, and he kicks out each time. McIntyre comes out next and immediately throws Mysterio into the glass. McIntyre then kicks the ropes to low-blow Barrett, then throws Barrett through another pod. The audience is loving it. Mysterio gets thrown into the glass again by Kane (in a way that might not have been planned). Big Show comes out and cleans house. Show pushes Wade into a pod and then gives him a series of slaps to the chest. Wade Barrett gets pinned by Big Show and is the first eliminated. Mysterio starts climbing the pod. He hits a West Coast Pop on Big Show, but Show kicks out. He then hits the 619 on him and Show gets speared by Edge. Kane chokeslams Show and eliminates him. Kane then eliminates McIntyre. Edge spears Kane and eliminates him. Back to the first two people. Kane then decides to attack them despite being eliminated. Edge catches Rey before the 619 and puts him in a modified sharpshooter. Edge hits the spear. Two-count. Mysterio hits the 619. Two-count. Edge hits the spear while Rey jumps off the top rope. Rey Mysterio is eliminated.

WINNER: Edge via pinfall.
Not bad. Not the best chamber match, but not bad. Everyone had a chance to look strong, which was good. McIntyre especially came out of it looking better.

Del Rio comes out to attack Edge. Christian makes the save.

Backstage with Lawler
Striker's been demoted to backstage interviews while Booker contributes nothing to commentary. Ouch. Lawler's talking in his serious voice. He runs down the usual stuff.

Booker T in the Ring
For some reason, Booker was brought to the ring. He announces that Trish Stratus is going to be a trainer on Tough Enough. Trish comes out and still looks hot.

Tag Team Championship: Santino Marella & Vladimir Kozlov (c) vs. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater
Slater twists into the ring and Kozlov puts up his knee, but they no-sell it. That's odd. Cobra to Gabriel. I guess that means they lose the tag titles. Slater hits a reverse DDT onto Kozlov and Gabriel follows it up with a 450 and the pin.

WINNERS (and new tag team champions): Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater via pinfall.
I guess we're looking at the Corre and Nexus including the tag titles at WrestleMania. Big fan of that. Not a bad match for Raw and such, but for a ppv it could have been better.

Backstage with the Miz
Grisham asks Miz how nervous he is. You know how these things go. He says he'll win and such.

Vickie Guerrero to the Ring
Vickie says Dolph has an uncontrollable anger problem and that the attack on Teddy was a crime of passion. She pleads for the WWE Universe to petition for Dolph's rehiring. Teddy comes out and tells her to shut up. He says he's in a hiring mood, but not for Ziggler. Instead, he's rehired Kelly. Kelly attacks Vickie and LayCool makes the save. Trish comes out to make the save for Kelly.

WWE Championship: The Miz (c) vs. Jerry Lawler
The Miz retains. Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself. We'll get back to that in a few minutes. Lawler gets a few quick two-counts. Lawler kind of botches a superplex into a Jackhammer. Riley trips Lawler and Chioda sends him out. Lawler throws Miz into Cole. Jerry's in control. Strap's down. Lawler hits the punch from the top rope and Miz gets his foot on the ropes. I have absolutely no idea what Booker was just saying but I think he just mentioned Snoop Dogg. The Miz hits the SCF and we're back to square one, with Miz retaining.

WINNER: The Miz via pinfall.
I wish they'd have had the Miz look better than they did. He's really being booked like a transitional champ, and it's a shame. But credit where credit is due, Lawler, despite his age, had a pretty good match with Miz.

Backstage with John Cena
..who is eating a bowl of Fruity Pebbles.

Backstage with CM Punk
Punk touts his 3-0 streak against Cena.

Raw Elimination Chamber: John Cena vs. CM Punk vs. John Morrison vs. Sheamus vs. Randy Orton vs. R-Truth
Starting it off are Sheamus and John Morrison. The crowd starts the pro/anti Cena chant war. Orton comes out. Orton throws Morrison (very casually) through the glass of a pod. Orton gives Sheamus his DDT off the rope, but onto the steel grate on the outside. Punk is the next entrant, but is stuck. Orton starts hitting him anyway. Almost immediately after entering the ring, Orton RKOs him and pins him. CM Punk is eliminated already. Wow. Wait a second, the Raw GM noise sounds off. Due to a malfunctioning pod, the Raw GM is negating the elimination, and Punk's elimination is void. LMAO Punk goes back into the pod and sits down. John Cena is the next entrant, but before he can leave the pod, he's attacked by Sheamus. Where's the Raw GM? R-Truth comes out and Sheamus tries to attack him the same way he did for Cena, but it doesn't work. Sheamus kicks R-Truth. R-Truth is eliminated. Orton casually throws Morrison through the glass, again. Slugfest is pro-Orton and anti-Cena. Punk's number is up, and Orton waits for him. Cena goes for the AA but Orton RKOs him on the steel instead. Sheamus then nails Orton with a kick and Punk goes for a cover, but it's a two-count. Punk does Orton's taunt and hits the GTS, then eliminates Orton. Morrison climbs up on top of a pod and Sheamus knocks him on his back. He sets Morrison up for the High Cross from the pod, but JoMo knocks him down. Morrison stands back up and starts climbing towards the center of the dome. He jumps down onto Sheamus and eliminates him. Scott Armstrong counts very lightly on the outside and even Booker points out that he didn't want to hurt his hand. Morrison goes for his knee to the face, but misses and hits the pod instead and acts like he's hurt (kayfabe). Cena picks Punk up for an electric chair and Morrison hits a clothesline from the top rope onto him. Punk slingshots Cena into the glass (which doesn't break). He then slingshots Morrison, but John catches onto the pod, jumps off onto the chains, and hits the Flying Chuck. He then misses Starshp Pain. Punk follows it up with a GTS and eliminates Morrison. Very quickly afterward, Cena pops up and hits the AA on Punk, and eliminates him to win the match.

WINNER: John Cena via pinfall.
Some surprises here and there, some good stuff with Morrison (no surprises for that; we all knew he'd do some cool things), predictable outcome but that was implied from day one. Not bad.

Now, it's time to get ready for WrestleMania...

1. No swerves for stupid reasons happened tonight. All of them made sense.
2. Everyone looking good in the Smackdown chamber.
3. Morrison's performance.

1. Booker's commentary and the Trish Stratus segment.
2. Wasting time with the Kelly and Vickie angle.
3. Although all of the matches were ok, none of them were fantastic.


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