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WWE Hell in a Cell 2010 Predictions

Posted by Anthony Mango Tuesday, September 21, 2010
Last year, Hell in a Cell became a pay-per-view and wasn't exactly banging on all cylinders. This year around, it doesn't look like it'll be able to pull out all the stops either. That being said, naturally, there's always the possibility that they prove me wrong, so we'll see.

WWE Championship [Hell in a Cell Match]: Randy Orton (c) vs. Sheamus
I think it's a safe bet to say that Randy Orton will retain the title against Sheamus. Now, that doesn't exclude the possibility that the Miz will cash in his Money in the Bank contract and defeat Randy Orton after the Hell in a Cell match. I don't necessarily think that will happen, but I'll tell you what...with Miz losing the US title, the HIAC being a brutal match that lends itself to picking off a champion, and Orton definitely not continuing a Sheamus feud after this ppv, the Miz could assuredly be his next feud and this would start the whole thing with a bang. Either way, Randy Orton walks out of THIS match with the title.

PREDICTION: Randy Orton retains the title and possibly drops it immediately afterward to the Miz.

World Heavyweight Championship [Hell in a Cell Match]: Kane (c) vs. The Undertaker
This feud takes a big step forward with the reappearance of Paul Bearer and the fact that Kane/Taker originally started at the first Hell in a Cell, oddly enough 13 years ago almost to the day. I think I'm not alone here in expecting the Undertaker to win the title here. I wouldn't be surprised at all to see them have a third match, with Kane pulling his rematch clause out to face Taker at Bragging Rights, possibly in a casket match. Either way, this should be a great match and Taker should come out on top. Now the only thing this feud is missing is for Kane to put back on his mask...but I don't think they'll be doing that.

PREDICTION: Undertaker wins the title in the main event of the night.

John Cena vs. Wade Barrett [Stipulation: If Cena wins, Nexus disbands. If Barrett wins, Cena joins Nexus]
I don't really expect John Cena to lose to Wade Barrett due to the stipulation involved and how apparently, Nexus isn't allowed to interfere. If Wade's loss wasn't met with the end of Nexus (or if this were earlier on in the Nexus's history) then I'd think Cena has a chance of losing, but now it's been long enough that the Nexus could end and be done with it all. I just hope that Justin Gabriel doesn't get lost in the shuffle as I think he has a lot of potential. Slater, Tarver, and Otunga (whom I used to be quite fond of but has proven himself unable to improve) can all go as far as I'm concerned, but Gabriel and Barrett need to stay. That being said, the next pay-per-view is Bragging Rights and right afterward is Survivor Series. Both are built around tag team units. Because of that, there IS a chance that Cena does lose, but just keeps screwing the Nexus out of stuff from the inside-out. I hope that isn't the case, though, as we've already had multiple "once and for all, the Nexus is over with" stuff, and we certainly don't need 2 more months of it with tag matches. Speaking of which, wasn't there supposed to be some sort of greater plan? Yeah they dropped that aspect once they realized they had no idea what to do. Thumbs up, Creative.

PREDICTION: John Cena ends the Nexus.

United States Championship [Submissions Count Anywhere]: Daniel Bryan (c) vs. The Miz vs. John Morrison
I'm a bit curious as to why they threw Morrison into this feud, but I'm assuming the stipulation is built solely around him doing some crazy stunt backstage. They've been showing the parkour stuff recently, so I guess we'll see something like Morrison jump off something and miss, putting himself out of the match, or maybe the Miz trying to do something and failing. It's too early for Bryan to lose the title and I don't think Morrison will be turning heel, so I'm assuming this just ends up with Bryan retaining and moving on to feud with someone else entirely.

PREDICTION: Daniel Bryan retains.

Unified Divas Championship: Michelle McCool (c) vs. Natalya
Lay-Cool isn't going to lose the title(s) yet...especially to Natalya, who hasn't been built up at all. I have no clue why they haven't been giving Natalya any real chance in the divas division since her original debut, but with her track record, they'll be continuing to shaft her (and not in the same way Tyson Kidd does, if you catch my drift).

PREDICTION: LayCool retains.

Depending on how long they want the HIAC matches to be, the card's hard to predict. I wouldn't expect more than 2 others to be added. One of these could possibly be a tag team title defense and the other could possibly be an Intercontinental title defense (most likely Ziggler facing MVP) however they could also throw CM Punk, Big Show, and others onto the card somehow. Edge doesn't have a match right now, and I don't think they'd really want to keep him off, so we'll see. There's also the possibility they'll do Alberto Del Rio against Rey Mysterio, but I hope not.

For the results and my review, click here.

What are your predictions for the pay-per-view? Leave your comments below.

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