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Getting Over: Brock Lesnar as WWE Champion - Stop Complaining

Posted by Stephen Wadelin Monday, August 18, 2014
WWE Wrestlers as Simpson Characters downloadYour winner and NEW WWE World Heavyweight Champion...Brock Lesnar. While Lesnar didn't quite accomplish his task of leaving John Cena in a pile of blood, urine and vomit, he did remedy the match from Extreme Rules. This bout at SummerSlam was no clinic, but I didn't find myself ever getting bored, either. It was pure gold watching WWE's Superman go from hero to zero. Between the sixteen German suplexes to laughing at the Attitude Adjustment, it was truly a sight to see. In fact, it almost turned John Cena into an actual babyface! The fans got behind him, wanting him to finally come back, but to no avail. However, following such an epic moment, it didn't take long for the Internet Wrestling Community to take issue with it.

"So who's ready to see their WWEWHC twice a month?"
"how can you build a fued for the strap when the champ does 2 shows a month"
"Oh god another part time champion"

Those are just a few actual quotes that I've come across on Facebook and in various forums, and I find it ridiculous. When it comes to your champion, you don't need them on every single show every single week. The very reason people want to boo and change the channel when Cena comes out is because they're sick of seeing him! Halfway into his first run on Raw, people were tired of it, so why would you want to do that with one of your special attractions and biggest PPV draws?

Hulk Hogan didn't need to be on each show during his reigns as WWF champion, yet the business was booming. Now, I've heard people complain that WWE has more shows and more pay-per-views, so it's a different era and different rules apply. Fair enough. But news flash: overexposure of your champion is not going to help with an oversaturation of your product. If WWE can't give you something interesting to latch onto with their 40+ other roster members, that's not a problem that falls on Brock Lesnar's shoulders to fix.

Brock Lesnar defeats The Undertaker WrestleMania Youtube DownloadWhat we have in Brock Lesnar is a legitimate champion—the Lesnar they've built up as a beast no longer ailed by diverticulitis. He's conquered The Undertaker's undefeated streak and now he's destroyed John Cena. I can't think of a champion in the history of the company who has this type of legitimacy.

When the day finally comes and someone beats Lesnar, they will be conquering the conquerer. Their career will be made in the same fashion as if they'd have been the guy to end the streak. This person is likely to be Roman Reigns and as far as this wrestling fan is concerned, that's what's "best for business."

Lesnar has had multiple Match of the Year candidates since his return. Going to a PPV that features him should (and will) feel special. Perhaps you're worried that his absence will hurt the hype to his matches? I wouldn't be, as we have Paul Heyman to back that up. Neither Lesnar nor Cena showed up much for this feud's build, yet it was just fine.

I sometimes feel as if The Rock vs John Cena feud focusing on real life beefs as opposed to the larger than life characters hurt the perception of these "part-timers". It seems ever since Cena started taking jabs at The Rock's schedule, the IWC has ran with it and let it taint their enjoyment of these big names coming back. In the end, it seems like mindless complaining and bitching and if the WWE Universe wants to complain about having people crammed down their throats, they shouldn't also be complaining about never seeing them enough. You can't have it both ways.

What do you feel about Brock Lesnar becoming champion? Let me know in the comments below!

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