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Cheap Pop & Cheap Heat of the Week in Wrestling: 8/14/2014

Posted by Ross K Foad Thursday, August 14, 2014
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Welcome to another edition of Cheap Pop and Cheap Heat from Smark Out Moment!

Each week, we break down the world of professional wrestling and examine two of the polar opposite ends of the spectrum: one thing that was by far the worst thing (Cheap Heat) and the best thing (Cheap Pop) to happen over the past 7 days in sports entertainment. So, what went down this week that we loved and hated about the business?


As of last Friday Night SmackDown, it looks like the tag team division could be getting a LOT bigger, and I don't just mean the number of teams.

Fresh from filming on the movie Vendetta, The Big Show returned to team up with Mark Henry, scoring a pin fall victory over RybAxel. Normally when three titans clash (and I should add, Curtis is hardly tiny), the results are either painfully slow, or hard-hitting high caliber. Thankfully, this bout was the latter, and the crowd clearly responded very positively to the pairing.

While it is not 100% clear if this is a new team or if it was a one-off, Michael Cole's comments about wanting to see them teaming up again and the obvious friendship they shared in the after-match interview seemed to indicate it could be on the cards.

Together, Mark Henry and Big Show have over 30 years experience in WWE. I think this could be a great slot for them, as it keeps them relevant and helps add  more competition into the division. The Usos are outstanding as a team, but how would they fare against men who singly weigh more than they do combined? It could make for some great matches. The Usos would have to pull out all the stops to overcome them.

When it comes to the Tag Team Championship, Big Show is notable for being a "tag team whore" having held 8 titles with 4 separate partners, but interestingly Mark Henry has never held a WWE tag team title. He has been in a handful of  teams over the years with the likes of D'Lo Brown, MVP and Evan Bourne, but never has he actively pursued it that seriously. Perhaps it is time he had one?

Putting these two WWE veterans together makes sense for the both of them. They are both at the age where slow down is expected (and neither are speedy men to begin with) but still have a lot to give. A tag team will help them keep on top of this and could have a big impact on the division.

Worlds Strongest Man The Giant Paul Wight WWE Tag Team Smackdown


Normally WWE and good old "Magel Cole" can't get enough of telling us who and what is trending.
Last week, however, they wisely decided to keep this one quiet.

After a disastrously poor match on NXT against Bayley, Eva Marie began trending, something typically reserved for wrestlers that do an exciting promo or pull off an exceptional match. Eva, however, achieved neither of these accolades.

Her trending was in respect of her awful in-ring performance and the sheer animosity the crowd at Full Sail University held against her. Normally, an uninspiring Divas match will pass with little comment or rumblings on the Twittersphere, so for this to reach such a level, you know it must have been really bad.

The message from the WWE Universe was very clear, with the likes of AJ Lee, Paige, Fox, Natalie, Layla and Charlotte Flair in the WWE/NXT ranks, model turned divas that are still not getting to grip with the ropes really are not what the viewers want.

There is still plenty of time for Eva to improve. She is young in service, having only signed to WWE in 2013, but a lot of this has been spent on filming Total Divas. Perhaps further training and in-ring experience will allow her to grow.

Being so social media savvy, WWE cannot have failed to notice this. Let's hope they take it on board.

Hopefully, it will serve as a sharp reminder. It does not matter how easy on the eye someone may be, it means very little when you have to look away cringing in embarrassment.

WWE Total Divas NXT Bayley Twitter Trending

So there you have it, my two choices for the week. What do YOU think are the Cheap Pop and Cheap Heat this week in professional wrestling? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Ross K Foad is a writer, actor, YouTuber and founder of the Sherlock Holmes website No Place Like Holmes. He has been a published writer since age 13 with a comic strip in a regional newspaper and a wrestling fan since the Rock 'n' Wrestling era. You can follow him on Twitter


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