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WWE Smackdown 6/20/14 Results and Review Coverage

Posted by Michael Roche Friday, June 20, 2014
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Follow along with ongoing coverage of tonight's episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown for June 20th, 2014 including full results of what goes on and a review synopsis of the event. SmackDown is coming to you from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. Keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage. Make sure to tell us what you think about this episode by leaving a comment below or talking in the chat room on the sidebar!

Tonight on Smackdown, expect to see the situation with the now full WWE World Heavyweight Championship Title Match at Money in the Bank. Also, Dean Ambrose vs. Kane will be going one on one later tonight, and you can count on Seth Rollins to be there watching.

Smackdown is coming to you tonight from the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio. This week on Main Event, Seth Rollins announced a Money in the Bank contract match, only to be interrupted by Dean Ambrose, who started beating on Rollins. Kane came out to intervene, leaving a match between the two tonight on Smackdown!

A replay of the Stretcher Match between John Cena vs. Kane this Monday on Raw airs.

The main event for tonight is announced.

John Cena comes out into the ring and "pleases the crowd". He goes over the history of the title since SummerSlam and does some cheesy jokes. But he eventually says what we knew why he was out here; that he is going to win the match.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and says John Cena should worry about him, and that it will be ADR that will win. He calls him Juanito... and then Sheamus comes out, mouthing that Alberto Del Rio is boring, nobody cares about him, and that it will be the Celtic Warrior who will win the title.

After that, Paul Heyman and Cesaro emerge. Paul guarantees that the 3 people in the ring won't be the new champion, it will be his own client, Cesaro. Apparently, the party has open invitations, as Roman Reigns comes out to join the 4 with a microphone. He says that ever since the breakup, he has had trouble trusting people, but there isn't a man in this ring that can't stop him now, directing his attention to John Cena. Suddenly, Randy Orton disrupts them, saying he is still the face and Roman won't run through him and "his championship". Reigns charges Orton and they battle on the ramp.

Back in the ring, Cesaro goes after Sheamus and Alberto goes after Cena. Cena and Sheamus go over on the two. It is clearly every man for themselves in the upcoming title match.

Next on Smackdown, Seth Rollins goes against Kofi Kingston, and later, Dean Ambrose is pitted against the Demon Kane.

*Commercial Break*

This Monday, an announcement regarding the Contract Ladder Match will be made.

A replay regarding Dean Ambrose's attack on Seth Rollins airs.

MATCH: Seth Rollins vs. Kofi Kingston

The two lock up. Kofi splashes on Rollins for the two count. Kingston bangs on Rollins in the corner, but he is reverses by Seth. Rollins wears down Kofi in the center, but Kofi gets out of the headlock and hits a few clotheslines, followed by a dropkick. Kofi hits the cross body for another two count. Kofi goes to town on Seth but is brought down by a botched move. Seth takes advantage by splashing on Kofi in the corner. Kofi gets in place for the curb stomp, and that is exactly what Seth does.

WINNER: Seth Rollins via. Pinfall

Seth gets on the mic and says that he will win the contract match. Dean Ambrose gets on the Titantron and says that after he wins against Kane, he will focus on Seth Rollins, and putting him where he belongs; hell.

Next on Smackdown, Dolph Ziggler goes one on one with the IC Champion, Bad News Barrett.

*Commercial Break*

Bad News Barrett trashes the USA soccer team, even though England did alot worse.

MATCH: Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett

Barret pounds hard on Ziggler, but Ziggler reverses a few clotheslines for a dropkick. Ziggler is then kicked out of the ring by Barrett after missing a corner splash.

*Commercial Break*

We come back with Ziggler reversing Barrett's clutch. Barrett hits a huge splash for a two count. Barrett is almost DQed, and blasts Ziggler to the outside of the ring. Barrett spikes Ziggler into the timekeeper's area and throws him back into the ring for a two count. Barrett stretches Ziggler's arm but Ziggler reverses him. Dolph hits a huge elbow and beats down on Barrett, but Mr. Bad News hits the Winds of Change for a two count. Barrett warms up the Bullhammer, but Ziggler send him to the corner and beats on him. Barrett picks the showoff up for a powerbomb, but Dolph reverses into a rollup for the 3.

WINNER: Dolph Ziggler via. Rollup

After, Barrett hits a jealous Bullhammer on Dolph, sparking a possible fued.

Tonight, a 4-on-3 handicap match pits Roman Reigns, Sheamus, and John Cena against Bray Wyatt, Cesaro, Alberto Del Rio and Randy Orton.

*Commercial Break*

A replay of Kevin Hart being a Rosebud airs.

MATCH: Titus O'Neil vs. Adam Rose

Adam Rose prances around Titus as the universe sings the theme. The two lock up in the corner, and Titus goes to town on Rose. Adam Rose is flung into the corner, but ducks under Titus O'Niel for a 3-count roll up.

WINNER: Adam Rose via. Rollup

Titus O'Niel insults Adam Rose and demands a rematch.

MATCH: Adam Rose vs. Titus O'Niel

Adam Rose slaps Titus and rolls him up for another quick victory.

WINNER: Adam Rose via. Rollup

Next, Dean Ambrose goes one on one against the Demon Kane.

*Commercial Break*

Seth Rollins joins the commentary crew as Dean Ambrose and Kane come out.

A replay of the attack on John Cena during his stretcher match airs.

MATCH: Kane vs. Dean Ambrose

Dean gets some offense on Kane, but he is dominated with a sidewalk slam for a one count. Dean is out of it as Kane pounds on him in the corner. Dean finally reverses a corner splash and hits a dropkick from the top turnbuckle. Dean hits a huge clothes line and pounds on Kane in the corner. Kane goes for the choke slam, but Dean reverses it and plants Kane with a DDT. Ambrose sends Kane out, only to splash on him and start beating down on Seth. Kane intervenes and throws the dazed Dean Ambrose into the ring, hitting a chokeslam and winning the match.

WINNER: Kane via. Pinfall

After, Seth Rollins hits a curb stomp on Dean Ambrose and receives many "You Sold Out" chants.

A replay of the beginning of Smackdown plays.

A handicap match for the main event of Smackdown is later tonight.

*Commercial Break*

Zeb Colter comes out, saying Big E's distraction with Lana was unfair, and claims that Big E is in cahoots with Lana.

MATCH: Jack Swagger vs. Big E

Swagger goes to town on Big E, giving him brutal knees and a clothesline to the outside, but Big E explodes on Swagger with huge hits. He hits a quick Big Ending on Swagger for the win.

Winner: Big E via. Pinfall

Next on Smackdown, Bo Dallas goes one on one against Fandango.

Backstage, Fandango is waiting for Layla in the bathroom. Summer Rae comes up, saying that Layla doesn't love him and starts making out with him. Layla comes out and sees. Devastated, she slowly goes back into the bathroom.

*Commercial Break*

Fandango comes out with no partner, but soon enough, Summer comes out and does her thing.

Match: Fandango vs. Bo Dallas

Layla comes out and attacks Summer. Fandango goes to intervene, but Layla accidentally kicks him in the face. Bo goes to help Fandango, but instead hits the Bo-Dog for the win.

WINNER: Bo Dallas via. Pinfall
Bo is very happy and tells Fandango there are plenty of fish in the sea, and all he has to do is Bolieve.

The Wyatts come out and give an excellent promo, with Bray saying he is the King and some other things no one listens to. He says he is going to take the titles at Money in the Bank, and finishes with "run".

*Commercial Break*

4-on-3 Handicap Match: Roman Reigns, Sheamus, and John Cena vs. Alberto Del Rio, Cesaro, Randy Orton and Bray Wyatt

Sheamus and Cesaro start it off locking up. Sheamus is almost DQed, but Cesaro retaliates by pounding on Sheamus. He embarrasses Sheamus, but quickly tags out to Wyatt. The two pound on eachother in the corner, but Wyatt hits a huge clothesline when Cesaro distracts Sheamus. Cesaro is tagged in, but can do nothing to hurt Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior plants Cesaro and tags in Cena. Cena hits a huge boot to Cesaro, but the King of Swing tags in ADR. Del Rio wears down on Cena, but Cena counters with an elbow throw. Sheamus is tagged in and dominates ADR for a one count. Cesaro is tagged in and hits many uppercuts on Sheamus. Cesaro hits a suplex and goes for a splash, but Sheamus reverses into an Irishcurse Backbreaker and the ten beats to the chest.

*Commercial Break*

We are back with ADR hitting a suplex on Sheamus for a two count. Del Rio wears down on Sheamus, but he reverses into a rolling senton. Cena and Orton are both tagged in. Cena goes for the five moves of doom, but Orton grabs onto the ropes and is launched outside. A full out brawl occurs outside with all the competitors, and Orton hits a second rope DDT on Cena. Orton pounds on Cena in the corner, and Wyatt is tagged in. Wyatt dominates Cena with a huge corner splash, and goes for another one but is reversed by Cena. Wyatt comes back, bringing Cena to the mat for a two count. ADR is tagged in and delivers many devastating kicks to John. Del Rio goes for a huge moves, but Cena rolls out of the way as ADR is driven out of the ring. Orton is tagged in and delivers a scoop slam. Cena is out of it as Cesaro is tagged in. Cena is given many uppercuts and a huge vertical suplex for a two count. He is beaten on by the King of Swing for yet another two count. Cesaro wears down on Cena but John brings Cesaro to the mat.

Cena goes for the tag but Cesaro gives a huge European Uppercut from the air. Cesaro pounds on John in the corner as Reigns looks desperate to get in. Del Rio is tagged in and catches him with the insigurry for a two count. Many punches later and Cena has taken a huge amount of punishment. Del Rio goes for a top rope move but Cena hits the dropkick. Cena, not able to get tagged in, is hit with the huge kick by Del Rio. Cesaro is tagged in but is launched over his shoulders. Cena tags in Reigns as the former Shield member dominates the other team. Reigns counters many finishers and finally hits the spear on Alberto Del Rio for the win.

WINNER: Roman Reigns, Sheamus, and John Cena via. Pinfall

The winning team gather in the ring and look up at the championship amorously.


Holy crap! What a great episode of Smackdown. If I didn't know better, I would have said this could have been a great episode of Raw. The main event of this evening was amazing, as was the building up for Money in the Bank. Oh, how I hope this title match will be a contender for match of the year, because, and yes, pardon my french, even ADR is a good performer, along with the rest of the participants in this match. I think this is good for Del Rio, and his character is really starting to build up. I like what they are doing with Bo Dallas, and I love the character. They built up next week's Raw fantastic, and I have never had more faith in the WWE since Edge won the Royal Rumble.


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