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Turn Up the Heat: WWE Needs a United Kingdom Stable

Posted by Anthony Huether Sunday, June 8, 2014
Stables have become the latest trend in the WWE. There's 3MB, Evolution, The Shield, The Wyatt Family
and if you want you could include Los Matadores, be my guest, but please remember El Torito is actually their mascot.

A heel stable I wish the WWE would create right now actually happened in one of their video games. In the storyline mode for WWE '12, there was a stable called the United Kingdom. It had William Regal as the leader along with Bad News Barrett, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus. They were competing for both heavyweight championships and the unified tag team titles. But the United Kingdom stable in WWE '12 could be an elite heel stable in the WWE, right now.

If I was on the WWE creative team, I would force everyone to look at and create the United Kingdom with Bad News Barrett, Cesaro and Sheamus. Currently, they're all feuding with each other (and Rob Van Dam) for the United States and Intercontinental championships, held by Sheamus and Barrett respectively.

WWE United Kingdom stable membersTo introduce the United Kingdom, I would have another triple threat match between Bad News Barrett, Cesaro and Rob Van Dam. Towards the end of the match, Barrett and Cesaro turn their attention to Van Dam and start beating him up, causing the fans to believe Barrett and Cesaro are teaming up and RVD needs someone to help him defeat them. Sheamus's music hits and he runs down the ramp, still a face, to save RVD. Sheamus enters the ring and stares down both Barrett and Cesaro, he eventually turns around and starts beating up RVD. This instantly makes Sheamus a heel as he joins Barrett and Cesaro.

Paul Heyman then enters the ring and proclaims that Barrett and Sheamus are his new clients and they are officially announced as the United Kingdom, representing the prestige and heritage that comes with being a European. This is then promptly followed up by one of Heyman's epic mic work promos. He states that his clients are underutilized, shoots on how the WWE needs new stars and he has them and if they don't get what they want, they will take it because as their advocates, he gets them what they want.

Let Heyman do all their talking. The man knows how to draw real heat from the fans. He is an asset and he could even do an angle announcing duel citizenship with another European country and have fans go crazy on him for doing that.

The United Kingdom would have to be a very snotty, rugged, stylish, intelligent stable—close to what Evolution looked like. But I would go more towards to the 2014 Super Bowl commercial from Jaguar about how villains in movies are always played by Brits and it is good to be bad. I would roll with that. Base everything the United Kingdom could potential do off of the commercial.

WWE would need to let them have a significant run together and allow them to become the heels of all heel stables. They should be allow to outdo the mental games against The Wyatt Family, sneak attack The Shield (if they ever get a third member again) constantly, and the ultimate move is to outsmart and outplay Triple H and Evolution. More dominance like Evolution and less like job workers of 3MB.

How do you think the United Kingdom would fare if they existed? Is there another potential powerful stable the WWE is overlooking? Leave a comment below.

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