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Turn Up The Heat: Where Will CM Punk be Sunday During Payback?

Posted by Anthony Huether Saturday, May 31, 2014
Number 13... CM Punk Stanley Cup Champions
There is an interesting development in the world of one CM Punk. As many of you know, CM Punk is a proud Chicagoan and he loves his Chicago Blackhawks. With the Blackhawks winning Friday night, they have forced a game seven in Chicago Sunday night at the United Center. At the same time, roughly 35 minutes away from the United Center at the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, WWE has their Payback pay-per-view.

There have been speculations, made up stories, and some well-done theories circulating the internet that CM Punk should and will show up Sunday at Payback. Probably a week ago, when the Blackhawks were not playing so well against the Los Angeles Kings, I would be 100% behind all of the speculations, stories and theories. However, with the Blackhawks winning Friday, who knows now.

CM Punk's whereabouts Sunday could potentially break Twitter. A simple CM Punk WWE search in Twitter could reveal several stories and pictures of him going to the United Center for the Blackhawks game or him going to the Allstate Arena for Payback. I am expecting several stories and theories of how Punk will manage just to do both in one night. Start at the Blackhawks game, leave early and arrive during the last hour of Payback—almost close to how Cory Matthews and Shawn Hunter needed to be at both Topanga's birthday party and be at ringside of Vader's match against Jake "The Snake" Roberts all in one night. Yes, that is a Boy Meets World reference, unfortunately I could not find a YouTube clip of this to help drive my point. But this is very exciting.

Biebering is not allow in ChicagoI believe that when all is said and done and the clock strikes 7:00 pm, CM Punk will not show up at Payback and he will be on the glass at the Blackhawks game. He recently did an interview with The RedEye out of Chicago, and he admitted that he was enjoying retirement and was actually commissioned to do a painting for the Chicago Cubs.

In addition, he has been in a Twitter war with the Kings mascot, Lion. If you have not followed, you must. It is hilarious. Punk is tweeting pictures of Lion photoshopped next to Justin Bieber and calling it "Biebering". Anything related to Justin Bieber is not allowed in Chicago, during hockey.

Justin Bieber stood on the Blackhawks logo in their locker room last year (as the picture below shows). This is not allowed, and he became an instant foe to all die hard Blackhawk fans. The logo is consider sacred and standing on it is deemed disrespectful.

Standing on the Blackhawks logo is not allowed
Justin Bieber disrespecting the Blackhawks
Finally, he is getting married to AJ Lee sometime in June and his contract is coming up. He might have found the person he wants to be with for the rest of his life and potentially have enough money saved up to live comfortably for a while, so what is the point of coming back? He has several other projects and interests going on in his life to keep him busy, so he wouldn't be going stir-crazy at home like some others who have left the business.

Where do you think CM Punk will be Sunday night? Will he show up at Payback? Will he be in attendance for the Blackhawks game? Do you think he'll be somewhere else? Leave a comment below and buckle up for one heck of a CM Punk rollercoaster ride.

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