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WWE Superstars 4/3/2014 Results & Review Coverage

Posted by Ed Raj P. Thursday, April 3, 2014
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Follow along with ongoing coverage of tonight's episode of WWE Superstars for April 3, 2014 including full results of what goes on and a review synopsis of the event. Superstars is coming to you from the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. Keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage. Make sure to leave your comments below or in the chat room on the sidebar and share this page, Tweet it, and tell your friends to follow along here!

Last week we watched Emma defeat Summer Rae in a divas match! We were filled in on what happened the previous week on Raw. We witnessed a rematch between R-Truth & Xavier Woods vs. 3MB (Jinder Mahal and Drew McIntyre). R-Truth and Xavier Woods ran away with yet another win against 3MB last week on Superstars.

We are accompanied in our nation's capitol this evening by commentators Byron Saxton and Tom Phillips.

MATCH: Kofi Kingston vs. Heath Slater

Slater is accompanied to the ring by the rest of 3MB. The crowd cheer and enthuse Kingston. Kingston starts the match by hitting a "Vacay-ston" on Slater, and he ties him into a serious arm-bar. Slater reverses and sends Kingston onto the bottom right tunbuckle. Slater begins to taunt Kingston to be met by a counter! Kingston hits Slater with a crushing 2nd rope spine splash, and regains momentum in the match. Jinder Mahal looks dissapointed. Slater is getting worked in the ring. Kingston misses a trouble in paradise special move. He begins taunting the entire 3MB outside of the ring. Slater slows down the pace and brings the match closer to his liking until Kingston turns it around! Slater is wrapped in another locked arm-bar. Slater takes Kingston to a turnbuckle challenge. Kingston reverses Slater to obtain a top rope move that results in connection! Slater then hits a serious reverse roundhouse to Kingston's neck! Near pin-fall and Kingston kick out! Slater hits an abused Kingston in the stomach with a side-kick. Slater hits a ferocious forearm to the back of Kingston's head. Slater chokes Kingston on the bottom rope with his knee and gets the crowd going! He continues to take his time. 3MB cheers him in his corner. Kingston reverses, creates space and then Slater lands a neck-breaker out of nowhere! Another near pin-fall! Slater chokes Kingston on the ground and sends him into the turnbuckle. Kingston reverses with a dropkick out of the corner and creates some breathing room for himself. Both Superstars are grounded. Kingston regains momentum of the match. Kingston sequentially begins his "Five Moves of Doom" to connect with a spinning cross body off the top rope and rolls Slater into a pin! Kick-out!! Slater tosses Kingston out of the ring, and Kingston comes back to start feeling it to make the crowd pop. He lands a Boom-drop onto Slater! Kingston goes for his patented trouble in paradise. 3MB interferes and he unloads on the other 2 members. Slater capitalizes on Kingston's disadvantage with a viscous DDT finisher! Slater rolls Kingston into the pin. 1-2-3!

WINNER: Heath Slater of 3MB via pinfall

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WWE Did You Know: If you subscribe to WWE Network you will receive the Hall of Fame induction ceremony as part of your package?

Raw update: the Undertaker delivered a message to Brock Lesnar. Lesnar approached the ring accompanied by Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman returned a message for his client: "Brock Lesnar will defeat the Undertaker's streak." Both competitors taunt one another ring side as the crowd enveloped the arena. The Undertaker accepted an F-5 bomb courtesy of Paul Heyman's client on Raw.

Stephanie McMahon and Triple H sent a message to us; the WWE Universe on Raw this past Monday. They jeer Daniel Bryan. That's the kiss picture you saw of them earlier this week on Twitter and Instagram.

Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena promo. "Legacy" by Eminem; one of the official theme songs for WrestleMania XXX. We are followed up by a replay on Raw: Bray Wyatt vs. R-Truth. Wyatt performs Sister Abigail to defeat R-Truth as a disturbed crowd follows along. Xavier Woods not part of the match tries to help his friend, and the entire Wyatt family demolish his aid. Cena interrupts the Wyatt's celebration in a dark center of the ring in a jumpsuit and lamb mask. He defended his legacy as the family retreats.

Daniel Bryan attacked Triple H sitting commentary at ringside during last week's Raw match, Randy Orton vs. Batista!


Great episode of Superstars tonight, I can't wait for WrestleMania XXX! Heath Slater exhibited talent I knew he always had by defeating a great former Intercontinental Champion; Kofi Kingston. The updates provided this evening were done in true WrestleMania promotional marketing fashion. Tune in next week as we dissect more matches of your favorite WWE Superstars!


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