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WWE Legends House Season 1 Episode 2 Review & Synopsis

Posted by Ed Raj P. Thursday, April 24, 2014
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What happened this week on Legends House? Welcome to the full results breakdown and show review for Legends House season 1 episode 2, which was broadcast on April 24, 2014.

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Last week we were introduced to the entire cast of Legends House. The show concluded with a forlorn Rowdy Roddy Piper roaming the new neighborhood.

Piper finally returns to the Legends House and is welcomed by Hacksaw Jim Duggan. He explains his lonesome experience to Jim Duggan and seems to be over feeling melancholy.

The next morning the Legends are surprised by a cleaning lady. Hillbilly Jim is shocked to be awoken. While other members of the house play cards and chat Tony Atlas meditates, writes, and comments on his disagreement with Hacksaw from last week's episode. Jimmy Hart approaches Hacksaw to have a heart to heart about the topic. Hacksaw seems unaffected by the mouth of the south's advances. Simultaneously Hillbilly Jim and Tony Atlas are pounding protein shakes and discussing the same subject in the kitchen.

Ashley shows up to give the Legends their exciting next mission; "The Polo Challenge." All you hear in the house are crickets as she continues by naming the team leaders. The red team is captained by Hillbilly Jim and the blue team is captained by Hacksaw Jim Duggan. Each team leader is privileged to pick their squad for this particular mission. The Legends are given golf carts instead of horses to play this wacky game of polo. This will be interesting...

The red team is first to score by the mouth of the south, Jimmy Hart! Hacksaw next ties the score for the blue team. The ol' timers rough house with one another as they continue to compete WWE style. The blue team scores again and the game goes to halftime. The score is 2-1 with the blue team in the lead. Some of the Legends tease Jimmy Hart who is "whining and crying" according to Hacksaw and the blue team. The game gets intense with the blue team still in charge. Tony Atlas scores for the red team and the game is tied again! The game goes to a penalty tie-breaker. Hacksaw is first to score in overtime taking the blue team to victory!

The Legends had a nice dinner set for them on the golf course. They ate and exchanged past wrestling stories and experiences. They seem pleased to take a stroll down memory lane with one another after such a competitive game of golf cart polo. Ashley arrives and hands the losing red team each a pair of boots. Their penalty for losing is to clean stools in a stable of race horses! Gene Okerlund's sarcastic mean streak can clearly be seen in this clip from Legends House.

We are entertained the next morning at Legends House by Jimmy Hart taking careful time and consideration to do his hair. He takes forever. He believes it's important for fans to see him as they grew to love him as a WWE Superstar and Legend. Gene Okerlund and Pat Patterson sit outside and become bored with Tony Atlas' story telling. As the morning continues Howard Finkel exercises in the yard and tennis court. It is a comical sight although you have to admire his determination to shed numerous pounds. Ashley arrives to give the Legends their next invitation. She asks them to join her at the gym to join her workout. The Legends enter a Gold's Gym full of women. Ashley introduces them to a zumba training class. Here comes the excitement. Here comes the entertainment. Laugh out loud! The ol' timers are working hard to impress the ladies while Howard Finkel worked for his own benefit. Good show Fink! The other Legends present their special dance moves to further electrify the ladies in class.

For dinner the Legends decide to thaw some great looking steaks and fire them on the grill. Other Legends are bewildered by the thought of cooking frozen meat? After a minor debacle they decide to not eat, go outside to play cards, and drink more. The Legends are starved and Piper has the amazing idea to call a restaurant and have them deliver. Tony Atlas and Hillbilly Jim seem to still be attempting to salvage a BBQ. Piper and Hacksaw are disappointed when the delivery plan fails, but seem to be keeping their composure through jokes between one another. As the other Legends grill out Jimmy Hart approaches Hacksaw and Piper to see if they cared to join. The Legends House is in great spirits as they all enjoy a wonderful meal together. Tony Atlas and Hacksaw seem to be bonding and coming around to one another. As it appears they are 'burying the hatchet' the other Legends seem pleased. The two enemies shake hands and seem to brush off the previous week's beef. We are encouraged to "beware" of what might still pop off between the two Legends by Hillbilly Jim as the show concludes. Tune in next week to hear what happens next!


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