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Getting Over: The Pros & Cons of The Streak Ending

Posted by Stephen Wadelin Sunday, April 13, 2014
"Eat, sleep, and weep about The Streak" has pretty much been the bulk of what pro wrestling fans have been doing as of late. On the one hand, The Undertaker's streak is undeniably something special and treasured by most fans. At the same time, it's added a sense of predictability in all of Undertakers Mania matches.

Was it right or wrong to end The Streak? That's entirely up for debate, but what I can do is list the pros and cons of The Streak ending.

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PRO: The Streak was ended by a legitimate threat.

I hear people bitching and whining that it wasn't some young up-and-comer that ended The Streak. They believe that it should have been used to make someone's career and that Brock Lesnar is just a "part-time guy".

While I can appreciate that, I'd like to bring up a counterpoint. There have been so many young guys that WWE got behind in the past, only to drop like a bad habit. There is a high possibility that whomever else could have defeated The Undertaker may have fallen out of favour with the powers that be. However, with Brock Lesnar it's a non-issue. The guy is a million dollar box office draw in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts in addition to being the top guy in the WWE before leaving—and still is.

CON: The streak is over.

Let's face it: even though the predictability was there, The Streak was something that we all looked forward to, because nine times out of ten, the match delivered above and beyond what we expected. In addition to that, it was almost as if the WrestleMania card was built around The Streak. In more recent years, it's become a big attraction, and not having it anymore will definitely leave a gaping hole in future events.

PRO: The predictability factor has gone.

A lot of the same people complaining about The Streak ending were also complaining about how predictable it was. Well, you can't have your cake and eat it. It's one or the other. Be it John Cena, Sting or any other member of the WWE roster, if The Undertaker decides to wrestle again, there is going to be a different feel to the match. I personally welcome the change to the atmosphere and look forward to the future.

CON: The match sucked!

Some people are quicker than others to jump to the defense of the quality of this match. I'm not one of those people, because I loathed it. It was slow, clunky and downright embarrassing when you compare it to the matches from the previous years. There are stories floating around that it sucked due to The Undertaker getting injured, but when it comes down to it, the final match of The Streak was shitty. This is the hardest pill to swallow, when you think about how it all wound up coming to an end.

PRO: The beast is back!

Brock Lesnar had some major damage done to his character when he returned against John Cena. He never really recovered the same, even with wins against Triple H and CM Punk. Being the guy to end The Streak is a step in the right direction. If WWE books him like he should have been the first time round, by having him run through every big babyface, he can put someone over big time at WrestleMania.

The more I think about it and let it digest, The Streak ending isn't that bad. By no means do I support the decision, but I can live with it. Do you guys agree with my thoughts? Let me know in the comments below, or Nancy Grace will report Bruiser Brody's death being due to steroid abuse.

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