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Though betting on wrestling (WWE) is not a very common occurrence, it is still one of the better ways of making money through a sport. Since betting on the WWE is reserved only for some special events in the world of wrestling like WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble, SummerSlam and the like, it doesn’t really attract the exact masses as the other types of sports do. This gives the WWE bettors a clear edge over the other sports gamblers.

Winning or losing a friendly WWE bet basically depends upon how good the wrestler performs inside the ring. For those who are thinking of the ins and outs of how to wager on sports, you should note that there are many wrestlers in the world of WWE that are known to be consistent performers and, thus, get regular and high stakes pegged to their names. John Cena is one of the most resilient wrestlers in the WWE arena and, perhaps, the best champion that WWE has had to date. The 13-time WWE Champion gives nightmares to even some of the most ferocious fighters in the world of wrestling. However, the fact that Cena has been the champion for quite a long time does trouble some big names belonging to the fighting nation. This is probably the reason why John keeps on earning opponents every now and then at the stake of his championship title and you can bet US fans and those from other countries fond of WWE wrestling are eagerly awaiting the outcome.

With John Cena managing to retain his championship title from the previous encounter, here is a calculated take on who might be the other contenders for the world championship titles in the next few months.

Mark Henry

With Henry announcing his retirement officially and hitting John Cena with the World’s Strongest Slam when he came out to cheer and appreciate him after an influential speech, he managed to put on one of the strongest and the most efficacious promos for Monday Night Raw after CM Punk’s Pipebomb in the year 2011. Henry has been successful in being a superb villainous fellow during his career and had won many titles. However, the shot at the WWE Championship title (which he is yet to win) may be one of the best, emphatic ways of ending a successful spell in WWE. Henry still has a chance to put away Cena from the picture for a while and if it does happen, sports odds are pointing that it would definitely be a part of Money in the Bank, a Monday Night Raw or SummerSlam.

Randy Orton

Randy Orton has managed to put up a fair show in 2013 so far, needless to mention his great win over the Big Show at Extreme Rules, Daniel Bryan and the Shield, along with their tag-team champions, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. It is clear that Randy hasn’t been a part of the title picture for a long while. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see the Apex Predator putting up his best for the championship title during this stage of his WWE career. However, this may only happen at the cost of Cena willing to pick up the great feud from where they left off in 2009. Randy Orton has probably nothing left to prove when it comes to his apex fighting skills. At this point, no one would mind him taking down Cena within a few upcoming months and getting his name written on the WWE Championship belt.

Daniel Bryan

Daniel came off a great win over The Viper at the last night Smackdown and is involved in a great feud with the Apex Predator. He has clearly managed to put up a good show lately and has demonstrated his potentials of becoming a main-event star in the times to come. Believing the rumours, Bryan and Cena are to go one-on-one at Summerslam. If the reports are true, WWE will launch a grand squabble between the two most famous baby-faces the WWE has today.

On the whole, these three contenders are most likely to meet Cena in a one-on-one battle for the championship title anytime in the subsequent months. If the WWE title is to get a new name as the time wears on, it would definitely be either one of these WWE superstars.

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