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Belt or Bury: Should Cody Rhodes Be Champion or Released from WWE

Posted by Anthony Mango Friday, April 26, 2013
Welcome to the first installment of BELT OR BURY, a specialty segment wherein you must choose between two different options for a particular wrestler in question: a) should they be given a push to a higher spot on the card and possibly a championship or b) should this wrestler become a jobber or possibly even get released?

Cody Rhodes wins WWE Championship Cody Rhodes World Heavyweight Championship

When picking between the "push or pink slip" type options, keep in mind everything from the wrestler's past as well as their potential future. Is this someone that has nothing to offer the world of wrestling and should step out of the limelight or are they being underutilized and should be rewarded for their efforts?

Seeing as how there's been a discussion going on in the chat room on this website, why not keep the discussion going and have our first entry be...


HISTORY: As of this article, Cody Rhodes has been on the main roster since 2007 where he was rather quickly given a tag team championship reign with Hardcore Holly. He moved on to turn heel and join up with the Legacy faction where he twice more won the tag team championship alongside Ted DiBiase. Cody has been a heel ever since, changing his gimmick a few times in the process to include the "Dashing" persona and the subsequent face mask. There was a forgettable tag team championship reign that he had with Drew McIntyre before he won the Intercontinental Championship. Many consider this title reign to be one of the best Intercontinental title runs in recent times. After dropping it to Big Show in his third midcard match at WrestleMania (his first being with Legacy and his second being against Rey Mysterio), he's since floundered around. Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow formed "Team Rhodes Scholars" but have been unable to obtain the tag team championship. Instead, Cody was only able to grow a mustache and have his match cut from WrestleMania.

CURRENT STATUS: At the moment, Cody Rhodes isn't looking very good. As mentioned above, they cut his WrestleMania match which was a time-filler to begin with rather than being given some focus like previous years. Usually, Cody performs on Raw and Smackdown in tag team matches but even in the singles matches, he rarely wins them and they almost never are worth anything when he does. They've pushed him to the backburner and there doesn't seem to be any reports indicating that this is because of a suspension, injury, or any kind of action-based punishment.

PROPOSAL: I've been saying for quite a while that what Cody Rhodes needs is a face turn. He's quite good at reinventing his character and I think he needs something fresh. Along with the fresh face turn means a renewed push, naturally, as no face/heel turn will be successful without being given some wins and some screen time - just ask the Miz. Some may want Cody and Sandow to win the tag titles, but I disagree. Instead, I would like to see Cody Rhodes feud with Damien Sandow to elevate both of them back into proper midcard status. Cody can then move on to feud with Wade Barrett, taking the Intercontinental Championship back. In the mean time, the issue of the Money in the Bank comes up. This time last year, I thought that by this year's Money in the Bank, Cody Rhodes would have been a shoe-in, but due to the lack of a push he's had over the past few months, I no longer think that's the case. We can save those two briefcases for Wade Barrett (having dropped the Intercontinental title in order to carry this instead) and perhaps Kofi Kingston...unless WWE would be willing to put a lot of eggs in Cody's basket by having him hold BOTH the Intercontinental Championship and the Money in the Bank briefcase. I'd actually like to see that happen, where he could be pulled in multiple directions and essentially excuse his lack of cashing in opportunistically because he's too focused on retaining his Intercontinental Championship as well - which he would naturally eventually drop before cashing in the briefcase.

BELT OR BURY = BELT. In no way, shape or form do I think Cody Rhodes is eligible for a "Bury". He's far too talented even at a young age to be ignored. He has more than enough time to convince the powers-that-be to give him the championships that he deserves and I think a face turn will be what propels him back into the upper midcard scene. It may not be time for him to win the WWE Championship or World Heavyweight Championship, but he should at least be given the United States or Intercontinental as well as another chance to prove himself as one of their most overlooked assets.



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