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WWE SummerSlam 2011 Predictions of Results, PPV Spoilers

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, July 17, 2011

SummerSlam is supposed to be the second biggest ppv of the year - the "party of the summer" as they try to market it (despite how it always takes place at the end of the summer when kids are shopping for back to school supplies...little oversight there eh?) but the past few years, SummerSlam hasn't quite lived up to par and instead, seems to be like the time of the year where instead of having the 2nd biggest matchups, they tend to have one selling point and the rest is all filler. There was a time period where CM Punk faced JBL in a match that nobody cared about and now look at where he is.

WWE Championship: CM Punk (c) vs. John Cena (c)
They definitely needed to do this match. If they have another match like the last 1/3 of their match at MITB was, then this should be great. If they have another match like their first 1/3, then I'm going to dislike it, but I'm really digging the feud so I'm glad they didn't pull something stupid - like involve Mysterio in this. With Triple H as the referee, I can only assume that this goes one of two ways: HHH turns heel and screws John Cena out of the title, or HHH turns heel and screws CM Punk out of the title and John Cena is pissed about it afterward and grants Punk a rematch at Night of Champions. Now, there could be something in the mix with John Laurinaitis seemingly backing Cena and HHH backing Punk, and they keep talking about it being an undisputed champion, so they could have something where it's a draw of sorts, or Laurinaitis does the screwjob for Cena after HHH is knocked out somehow. I wouldn't mind seeing that, especially if it led to them saying that Johnny Ace was the Raw GM and ending that storyline. I liked it, but it hasn't been featured in a while and it will always take a backseat to COO-HHH, so they should just end it. Great promos and an interesting feud to say the least.

PREDICTION: If I had to guess, I'd say Cena gets the title, but I'm not too confident in that guess.

World Heavyweight Championship [No Holds Barred]: Christian (c) vs. Randy Orton
I hope this is their last match. They've had good matches together but I'm tired of this feud, and I was hoping for a better stipulation than just a simple no-DQ. Orton should win the title here as Christian has nobody viable to face as a champion.

PREDICTION: Randy Orton wins the title.

Divas Championship: Kelly Kelly (c) vs. Beth Phoenix
If Beth is indeed dating CM Punk, then I wouldn't be surprised if this is a push to try to appease him, and thus, I wouldn't be surprised if Beth won. However, I don't think it's the time for that to happen. Kelly hasn't hit any stride as champ and I just can't imagine people getting behind a Beth title reign at the moment.

PREDICTION: Beth Phoenix wins or at the very least, Kelly retains via DQ or a quick roll-up.

Mark Henry vs. Sheamus
I don't think it's the best idea to turn Sheamus face because I'm not sure what they do beyond him beating Henry here and then facing Christian after he drops the title to Orton. I fully expect Sheamus to win here as Henry winning would be the same thing that's happened lately. Sheamus wins, Henry gets pissed, squashes a jobber the next episode of Smackdown and bitches about losing to Sheamus, they have some sort of rematch on Smackdown, blah blah blah, Henry loses all clout and doesn't get to challenge Orton for the title with the same momentum as if he would do it if he dominated in this feud.

PREDICTION: Sheamus wins.

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett
I'm not into this feud yet, and I'm hoping that its a means to give the Money in the Bank briefcase to Wade Barrett, as opposed to a means to put Daniel Bryan over and put another nail in Wade's coffin.

PREDICTION: Daniel Bryan wins because Wade kept beating him recently.


Miz against Mysterio? R-Truth against John Morrison? Cody against Zeke? Ziggler against Riley? Kofi against Del Rio? A big waste of time with Cee Lo Green is the only guarantee. They seem hell-bent on not announcing any more matches but you know that they'll throw at least one more onto the card on Sunday. I wouldn't be surprised if that match were Morrison teaming with Mysterio to face Truth and Miz, leaving the others out in the dust to try to continue keeping their feuds alive and have Ziggler defend his title against Riley and Zeke defend against Cody at Night of Champions.



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