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Saturday Smack Talk: 2/26/2011

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, February 26, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?

  • Linda's considering running for office again. I think I speak for every wrestling fan when I say I hope she doesn't.
  • A high school kid, after losing a wrestling match, hit his opponent with a chair. Response #1) WTF?, response #2) fucking awesome!, response #3) what a sore loser, response #4) it probably still is better to watch than TNA.
  • So apparently the Chaperone did so poorly at the box office that it didn't even make $1,700. On average, movie tickets tend to be about 10 dollars a piece, which means less than 200 people saw it. OUCH. Is anyone surprised, cause I sure as hell am not. Look at the trailer. 1700 seems like too much.
  • WWE rehired Scott Armstrong. Why did they fire him in the first place? Second, it's kind of odd that immediately after rehiring him, they put him as the ref in the Elimination Chamber main event. Quite a promotion.
  • Trish Stratus is a trainer on Tough Enough. I hope she doesn't cut any more promos like she did at Elimination Chamber. If she goes out there and just looks hot, then I'm all for it.
  • Bill DeMott is going to be a trainer for Tough Enough as well. Meh. I would have much rather had William Regal take that spot.
  • Some CZW guy was trying to claim that he was connected to the 2-21-11 videos. Really? If WWE doesn't want to raid the talent pool of TNA or ROH, they sure as hell don't want to stick their hands into CZW - especially not with this PG environment, considering how CZW brands itself on being essentially a more chaotic ECW. 
  • Hacksaw will be in the Hall of Fame. Worthy of the spot in my opinion, when you look at the older guys left. Others rumored to be in the mix are the Legion of Doom, Sunny, Abdullah the Butcher, and Bullet Bob Armstrong. Honestly...I was hoping for two bigger names than Butcher and Armstrong. LOD, Sunny, and HBK are strong choices, and I guess the best way to put the Hacksaw nod would be that it follows his career as a solid midcarder from the old times, but Armstrong and Abdullah aren't going to get any kind of mainstream feel to them. I was hoping that the previous idea of Luger, Simmons, and Arn Anderson would have been replacements for those. Still, it's just a rumor until they announce them for sure. 
  • Back to back, Jillian Hall announced that she's pregnant, and Candice Michelle announced that she had a miscarriage. Congrats on one, a shame for the other. 
  • Al Snow was quoted to say that the term "smart mark" is an oxymoron. While I agree with him on his comment that fans that aren't directly involved in the business AREN'T total authorities on the subject as if they were sitting in on production meetings, I disagree when people act like the idea of fans knowing it's a work and hearing backstage information is something abhorrent. If you can watch behind-the-scenes footage for films and comment on the writing, acting, direction, etc, why can't you do it for wrestling...especially when they so often try to pass themselves off as being not just a sport, but entertainment? Fair's fair. If it's not a sin for people to know that a TV sitcom is fake but be willing to suspend disbelief despite watching the actors talk out of character on talk shows and such, it's the same for wrestling.
  • They supposedly haven't decided on an announce team for WrestleMania, as it is complicated by the Cole/Lawler feud. I sincerely hope they go with Jim Ross, or at the very least, the trio of Mathews, Striker, and Cole. They can't give Booker one of only 3 spots, if they want the ppv to come off decent. He's just too bad right now.
  • Marijuana use in the WWE is down. In my opinion, good. I know that's an unpopular opinion to have...spare me the circular argument lol.
  • WWE clearly has big plans for Mistico if they're going to be rushing him through FCW and they've announced his signing as a huge deal. That could mean one of two things: he gets a roster spot very quickly and they put a lot of focus on him and he succeeds, or he gets a roster spot very quickly, they put too much focus on him, and he flops and they go crazy.
  • TNA does a rainy video of someone's boots that ends with 3-3-11 as a shot at WWE's 2-21-11...they really need to stop piggybacking off WWE. That's the type of stuff WCW would do that got them nowhere, like the Oklahoma character. If you constantly set out to remind the audience of the competition, they're more aware of the competition! WWE's doing it right by not acknowledging TNA at all when they do those things. Why give them free publicity? Is that what TNA is doing, trying to get WWE to respond by saying TNA and thus, giving them exposure to the WWE crowd that isn't aware they exist? I doubt it'll work. Oh, and didn't Dixie hype this up by using her go-to phrase of "shocker of the year" or "will change the face of wrestling forever" or whatever? Good lord, if she ran a restaurant, every single burger would be "the burger that defies all logic and is the best of all time, ever". Damn near every week, TNA tries to tell you something that will inevitably fail is going to be the biggest thing in the world and when it comes and it sucks, you want to bash your head against the wall for how stupid it was. WWE does the opposite...they do something right, and then just sickeningly remind you of it until you want to bash your head against a wall from being so tired of hearing about it. Dixie won't shut up about something she's yet to do and builds it up to subsequently fall - Vince does something, then won't shut up about it until you no longer care about the accolade (ie Longest Running Weekly Episodic AAHHH STFU) 
  • So why do they feel the need to keep firing and rehiring people on Smackdown? Nobody ever really expects them to be real.


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