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WWE TLC 2010 Predictions

Posted by Anthony Mango Thursday, November 25, 2010

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For the record, I'm totally against the idea of the TLC pay-per-view concept. They've only done it once before, but I think it cheapens the gimmick and it was done very poorly the first time. Ladder matches are cool. Tables matches are generally stupid and best served as something for the undercard of the Extreme Rules ppv. But the worst of the bunch is the whole "chairs match" shit. That was just awful.

WWE Championship [Tables Match]: The Miz (c) vs. Randy Orton
The Miz will retain in a fluke fashion, unfortunately. The match probably won't be that fantastic. I like both of these guys a lot, but I'm being realistic. It'll consist of Orton dominating with the Miz somehow cheating to win.

PREDICTION: Look up there. The Miz retains, via fluke win, kind of like how Sheamus won last year.

World Heavyweight Championship [TLC Match]: Kane (c) vs. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio
The Kane/Edge feud has been shit. At first, it was mildly interesting, but then they got lazy and it turned into roughly 30 solid minutes of Edge carting Paul Bearer and a dummy version around while he goes "KAAAANE!" and Kane, the monster, looks like a pussy. It was boring as hell and I hope to God that it doesn't continue. On that note, even though I haven't been incredibly thrilled with the Mysterio/Alberto feud, it feels like it is too soon for it to end, especially in a multi-man match. I'm expecting Edge to come out of this match with the title and Del Rio to challenge him at the Royal Rumble, because of the standard "push a midcarder for a title match" thing they have going on there...as well as simply putting an end to the Kane/Edge feud. Kane in the meanwhile may start a feud up with Big Show or something, but hopefully not Mysterio. If Mysterio is truly injured like rumored, then they'll keep him from doing anything fun in this match. The same will go for Edge because of his injuries from the past, and Kane for his inability to pull off big stunts. That means this match has a huge potential of flat-lining and being bland. 

PREDICTION: Edge wins the title.

Chairs Match: Wade Barrett vs. John Cena
While I hate the idea of it being a chairs match, at least it is better than just another normal match between the two. Still, something needs to happen here. I'm not particularly excited about it, but they could prove me wrong. They most likely won't...but there's a shot.

PREDICTION: John Cena definitely wins.

#1 Contender's [Ladder Match]: Sheamus vs. John Morrison
YES! I commend them so much for putting this match on the card. It is the type of booking they should be doing on a regular basis. Why? Because all realms of it make perfect sense. Sheamus and Morrison are in a feud, so make sure to put them on the card. They both have a win, so you make it the rubber match. Morrison is great with ladders, so that also makes sense. What do you have hanging up? A contract, which makes it so the win actually has consequences and MEANS something. And then on top of it, when John Morrison wins (and if he doesn't, it's fucking ridiculous), he'll be facing the Miz at the Royal Rumble. I've talked about this before, that Morrison is the perfect opponent for the Miz at the RR because it gives JoMo some main event experience, gives the Miz someone he can beat, and they don't have to worry about buyrates.

PREDICTION: John Morrison BETTER win.

Intercontinental Championship [Ladder Match]: Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger
Very good addition to the card. All three of these guys could pull off some fun with a ladder. Kofi's the high-flyer, Swagger is the power, and Ziggler balances them out. Plus, they've built on this feud a little bit. It should be a good match, even though they'll DEFINITELY tell them not to do much with the ladders because as we all know, they don't want them to upstage the other matches later on in the card. So if you go into this expecting it to be a masterpiece, you'll be let down, but it should still be a good match. Now the question here is, who wins? The IC title gains nothing if Kofi wins. He's proven himself to be worthy of title reigns, but his reigns are always boring. Swagger could win it, but I don't know, I'm not seeing it. Ziggler's been doing such a great job that I think and hope that he retains.

PREDICTION: Dolph Ziggler squeaks out a victory.

Tag Team Tables Match: Natalya & Beth Phoenix vs. Lay-Cool
God knows why they think these women can pull off a tables match without getting hurt, but hey, maybe they'll twist the rules like they do with everything else. A battle royal for the men involves being thrown over the top rope, but for the divas, they just need to leave the ring. Maybe instead of having to be thrown through a table, the rules for this match will be that they just need to be within the vicinity of a table? Hahaha. I'm expecting this to be a sloppy mess.

PREDICTION: Natalya and Beth Phoenix put Layla through a table.

This card is stacked. The tag team championship doesn't need to be defended, especially since nobody is built up as potential challengers. The US title isn't getting much focus, but they have enough going on here that DBD can take a night off. Therefore, no more matches.



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