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WWE Royal Rumble 2010 Results & Review

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, February 1, 2010
Well, as I said in my predictions, the Royal Rumble is always one of my favorite ppvs, even if the outcomes to the matches are suspect. This year, it followed the same pattern, and it'll be up to time to see whether or not it was great or just good...or possibly a horrible omen that we aren't seeing coming yet.

ECW Championship: Christian (c) def. Ezekiel Jackson
Decent but not spectacular. These guys are talented, but it suffers in that it's been done to death already. There was nothing out of the ordinary that they haven't done in the tons of matches they had on ECW.

Backstage: Cryme Tyme and Company
Cryme Tyme wants in the Royal Rumble, Khali's a gangsta, Tiffany doesn't want to kiss him...uh...that's about it.

Backstage: Orton and Rhodes
The breakup begins.

United States Championship: The Miz (c) def. MVP
An impromptu match and a pretty good one. The Miz was a fan favorite which is funny. When MVP decided to lay him out after losing, the crowd's response was a resounding boo. And why should it be any other way, if you think about it? After all, he's the Miz, and he's awesome.

Backstage: JeriShow and Legacy Revisited
The parallels between Miz and Jericho were good. The Miz is so easily the next Chris Jericho in a way. R-Truth, though, seemed so out of place talking to Jericho as if he was a real main event guy. And when Truth said "bless his heart", I laughed my ass off. As for the Orton section, it just felt like the same false flag that happened earlier.

WWE Championship: Sheamus (c) def. Randy Orton
Was it just me or was the crowd dead? At the very least, they were dead about Sheamus, as the only spirit I could see was when they were cheering for Orton. The match was odd and it felt to me like Orton didn't even want to be there - outside of the part early on when he was damn near humping the ring. Cody attacking Sheamus was a surprise as I figured it would be Ted that screwed things up, but even more of a surprise was how long Scott Armstrong took to rule it a disqualification. The post-match beat downs could have been done better as well. It just seemed too staged and half-assed to me. Maybe Orton was just tired as hell tonight.

Women's Championship: Mickie James def. Michelle McCool (c)
It's a shame Michelle has no clue how to act, because this whole segment revolved around her promo and she is horrific on the mic. Glad to see Mickie win the title again, as Michelle was getting bland and annoying with it. Glad to see it only last a few moments, too, as I didn't want to see through all that. The cake part afterwards was kind of lame and doesn't make too much sense if that's supposed to be the closure of the feud.

World Heavyweight Championship: The Undertaker (c) def. Rey Mysterio
Was there ever any question? The only shock about this match was when Taker's nose started bleeding, if you think about it. Well, that and the fact that Rey lost to one of Taker's secondary finishers instead of his main one. Mysterio attempted the 619 several times and even a 69 pin but it just didn't work, and now he should go back down to the upper midcard where he belongs. Hopefully Mysterio can move onto a feud with Punk or maybe even McIntyre.

Backstage: HHHBKane
The typical blah blah blah.

Royal Rumble Winner = Edge
First off, yeah, I got most of my order predictions wrong. Evan Bourne coming out at number two instead of number one, I'll still give myself credit on that one, and I did get Matt Hardy at number 17, but that's it I think, so there's nothing to be proud of there really haha. One thing that bothers me about this Royal Rumble was that the average life span of a participant was under 90 seconds. Another thing that bothers me is that once again, Triple H was given an unnecessary position of power. CM Punk comes out withstands six eliminations and says nobody can stop him, but then the big bad HHH breaks the stride. Another thing that bothers me is that the addition of Beth Phoenix and Khali was completely unnecessary. When the Miz attacked MVP, it became obvious that they were going back to the old mentality of MVP showing up later on to eliminate himself and the Miz, but that's ok as now their feud has quite a bit of steam behind it. Everyone I watched this pay-per-view with ERUPTED with applause when Triple H was eliminated and we all were bit by the bug of believing HBK would come out on top afterwards, though what was really good about this was that all of the names in the final four had a seemingly equal chance at winning. That made it really tough to guess. Though, to be fair, once someone like Edge shows up as a surprise, it becomes fairly certain that he'll win it. I'm surprised that Shawn Michaels had the most eliminations, as I figured Cena or Triple H would get that distinction. I'm also surprised that Drew McIntyre didn't eliminate anyone, nor did Ted DiBiase. Another huge shocker was R-Truth taking out both Big Show and Mark Henry. But obviously, the biggest shocker was that Edge was able to return so quickly after such a serious injury, and in a way that looks like he has no ring rust at all. Copeland's the man, you've got to admit it.

So all in all, what does this sum up to? Well, we can't be sure. Right now if we take it at face value it would be Edge against either Taker or Sheamus, which in my mind are impossible to happen. I'm still hoping that this doesn't mean HHH vs Sheamus and HBK vs Taker as we all know how those will go. Maybe, just maybe, this is going to start HHH vs HBK and we'll be saved from that crap.

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