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WWE Hell in a Cell Results & Review

Posted by Anthony Mango Tuesday, October 6, 2009
Review's a little late, but hey, better late than never. Hell in a Cell....one of my favorite gimmick matches. Would it become one of my favorite ppvs?

World Heavyweight Championship (Hell in a Cell): Undertaker def. CM Punk (c)
Way to book Punk to look like he isn't championship material. This guy's a three time world champ and every single one of his reigns has consisted of him winning matches by default, DQ, count out, or cheating. He can't just beat someone. This match was nothing to write about as it basically consisted of burying Punk. Where do they go from here? There's nobody in line to face Taker, who has a lighter schedule and won't work house shows really. I'm really questioning the logic on this.

Intercontinental Championship: John Morrison (c) def. Dolph Ziggler
Very solid from top to bottom. These two put on a match that wasn't specifically stellar and nothing memorable happened in it, but I can't think of ANYTHING to complain about in it. They wrestled as if they're veterans. I do, though, think that this feud needs something more than just Morrison calling Ziggler "Mr. Ziggles" to boost its value, but as far as this match, very good overall. This time last year, Ziggler was a jobber, and now he's IC material while Morrison could hold a world title.

Divas Championship: Mickie James (c) def. Alicia Fox
Ok so the match sucked, but really, did you expect anything different? It wasn't as bad as the Mickie/Rosa one, though, which is a step up. But the most important thing here...both of these girls looked HOOOOT. They stepped it up for the cameras this night and looked extra sexy.

Unified Tag Team Championship: Chris Jericho & The Big Show (c) def. Batista & Rey Mysterio

This really felt too standard to pinpoint anything, except one particular moment in the match: the ending. Between the two of them, Jericho and Big Show have about 10 finishers. Why do they have to constantly use just Show's punch as the finish to their matches? They need to start thinking up some different ways for JeriShow to retain their titles, as they should be keeping them for a long time.

WWE Championship (Hell in a Cell): Randy Orton def. John Cena (c)
Really, what the fuck is the purpose of all these short title reigns? Its annoying the hell out of me. This match was, like the rest of this card, bland, and I ask you...what during this match should I have been excited about? What was so great that I should talk about it here? If you can think of any answer, I'd like to know.

Drew McIntyre def. R-Truth
Waste of time on a ppv. McIntyre is being pushed to the moon basically, and I have no clue why, as he's boring and looks and sounds weird as hell, and annoying. Pretty bad when I like R-Truth better than a guy, as I don't like R-Truth at all.

United States Championship: Kofi Kingston (c) def. The Miz & Jack Swagger
I hate that Swagger's been thrown into this title situation. Its unnecessary. He feels out of place. It should just be the Miz, who, by the way, stole the show in this match and proved that he is going to be a world champ one day. Kofi is looking damn good as a champion with all his defenses and clean wins and stuff. Fun match, except Swagger was slowing it down.

Hell in a Cell: DX def. Legacy
You start the final match with a jump? Wouldn't that have worked better in the middle of the card to shock the audience back to waking up after the bore of all the repetitive promos and commercials? Interesting keeping HHH out of the cell. Something different, at least. Legacy came out of this looking really calculating and evil, which is good, as they are the ones needing the push in this feud and it feels like the job has been done. Now, Creative needs to follow up on it and not just abandon it by forcing them into some lame ass feud with Cryme Tyme or someone again.

After this ppv ended, I can't help but think that it didn't feel like I watched three Hell in a Cell matches. It felt like three cage matches. Way to waste your gimmicks, WWE. Useless. And what the fuck was up with the organization of the matches on this card? Why was it so haphazard and out of order? I don't know.

Hopefully Bragging Rights is better.

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