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WWE Trade & New Superstars!

Posted by Anthony Mango Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Recently, the WWE decided to trade 15 names between the rosters and bring several FCW wrestlers up to ECW through the Superstar Initiative. Let's take a look at the changes:


Evan Bourne = I'm a little worried about how Bourne may fair on Raw, seeing as how they have an abundance of faces. Will he be able to survive with 10, potentially 12 (if Henry and DiBiase turn face) other faces competing with him? Still, there's a possibility it could work. If MVP is able to move up to a main event slot, it leaves Bourne with Kofi, seeing as how Santino and Festus seem to just be jobbers and many of the others (Batista, HHH, HBK, Cena) are main event talent. We'll see.

Jack Swagger = Could be a great move for him. If he isn't competing and potentially winning the United States title, I'd be surprised. Look out for a Swagger/MVP feud.

Mark Henry = He had a good reaction and I've always thought he was a nice guy. He's limited in the ring, but he could help out the roster. Again, we'll see where he's placed.

Gail Kim = With Mickie and Kelly, they needed a third face diva that can perform, so Gail fits the qualifications. Nice draft.

Alicia Fox = She may not be great in the ring, but she's nice to look at, and she could play third fiddle to Maryse and Beth.


The Hart Dynasty = Natalya deserved a spot as number two for Smackdown divas and she'll most likely be the person to take the title from whomever Michelle drops it to. Smith is far too green to really make that much of a splash yet, and although Kidd has budding potential, he's not quite there yet. Still, Smith and Kidd have a chance to get into some nice feuds with the likes of Cryme Tyme, Mysterio, and R-Truth.

Finlay = Not a fan of him, but he could be a decent midcard jobber for the face side. We never had a proper Knox/Finlay feud, and we can also have Finlay/Ziggler now, plus he can lose to the likes of Kane and CM Punk and make them look good.

Matt Hardy = Despite how I don't like him at all either, he's no doubt the best person to fill the void of "top of the midcard" on Smackdown. I'll be very surprised if Matt doesn't win the IC title from Rey Mysterio (unless they choose Ziggler for that). Matt has a lot of feud options here that will be fresh, including Finlay, Truth, Mysterio, Morrison, the Undertaker, and even a rematch with his brother Jeff.


Goldust = The replacement for Finlay. Essentially, an older guy that will help with the younger talent. He can still go in the ring, and his gimmick is weird enough that it fits the SciFi network.

William Regal = Another older guy that is there to help with the younger ones. He'll probably have a short feud with Tommy Dreamer and Christian, which is understandable and different. Could be ok.

The Bella Twins = Very pointless for them to be on ECW. They serve no purpose there.

Shelton Benjamin = Without a doubt, my favorite trade. Shelton has an opportunity here to be THE heel on the brand, and since its a "big fish vs small pond" scenario, he can really shine. I'm very excited about the possibility of Shelton holding the ECW title and feuding with Christian.

Yoshi Tatsu = The first of the new ECW stars, and there's nothing to criticize yet, seeing as we have nothing to applaud either. The guy has only come out to really weird music, kicked Shelton once, and scored a stupid pinfall victory in the process. He looks too much like Funaki for my tastes.

Abraham Washington = Wow...this guy TANKED tonight. Talk about a shitty debut. First, he doesn't even seem like a wrestler. It looks like they just saw a guy that resembled the Rock, spray painted his hair on, set him up with a Conan O'Brien ripoff for his intro music and logo, and told him to be as unoriginal as possible. Is he a face or heel? He makes heel statements, then says he's just playing. Either way, the fans could not give a shit, as the only thing that had any reaction throughout this 10 minute piece of crap was when one of the Bellas said they were 100% natural. I really hope they didn't expect him to be a huge success, cause if they did, someone's sanity needs to be checked out.

Sheamus = Another flop. He comes out looking Irish, with a fake name to make him sound more Irish, and he talks Irish...so they give him generic rock music for his entrance? Why not some sort of Irish twist to it? Another "is he face or heel" situation, as he looks so ridiculous you have to laugh at him, and he's smiling like a retard, but dominating in the typical WWE booking fashion of "bad guy must squash nobodies as we have no clue what else to do".

Tyler Reks = I don't know what to say about this guy yet, outside of the fact that he has no personality. Can't judge him in the ring until I see him.

That's about it right now, but we've still got Smackdown to look towards, and we still need to find out the aftermath of these new trades on next week's shows.

Tony Mango is the head writer, host of Smack Talk, and founder/CEO/director of operations for Smark Out Moment as well as all branches under A Mango Tree including Fanboys Anonymous. He is a writer, creative director/consultant, media manager and entertainer. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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