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WWE The Bash PPV Results & Review

Posted by Anthony Mango Sunday, June 28, 2009
The following are the results and a review of WWE's latest ppv, The Bash.

ECW Championship (Scramble): Tommy Dreamer (c) defeated Christian, Finlay, Mark Henry, and Jack Swagger
I was a little annoyed when Finlay scored a pinfall, as I don't like him at all, but thankfully Tommy Dreamer retained. I'm not a big fan of him either, but it feels too soon to take the title away from him. Good to see Mark Henry get a pin. He gets a bad reputation I think. Swagger as well is starting to win me over a little, so I'm glad he won twice in it. This was far more entertaining than it would have been with a simple singles match, and even though it wasn't fantastic, it was good for a curtain jerk.

Edge Promo
Edge wants to be a part of the ppv. Blah blah blah.

Intercontinental Championship: Rey Mysterio defeated Chris Jericho (c)
I can't tell you what was different about this match in comparison to the other matches they've had. Literally, I think it was so similar that they might as well have just put the recording of their other matches and tried to convince us it was something new. Same old spots with Mysterio, same old reversals. How that guy is popular, I have no idea. There were some decent false finishes, though, I'll give them that. And I'm glad Mysterio won, as it hopefully will lead to a feud with Shelton or Ziggler for Night of Champions.

Donald Trump Recap
You're supposed to be paying for the ppv because all of this stuff has been built up and you want to see the consequences, right? So why do they feel the need to STILL show you rewinds despite how they show it more than 4 times a week as it is? To say I hate that is an understatement, and its something that makes it very hard for me to watch the WWE. Thank God for DVR which allows me to skip 50% of each show.

No Disqualification: Dolph Ziggler defeated The Great Khali
Very glad that they allowed Ziggler to get some offense in. That will help him a lot. When Kane came down, you could basically hit a fast forward button, as you knew it would mean he'd start a feud with Khali and Ziggler would get the win from the interference. I'm not looking forward to Kane/Khali, so hopefully, its short and doesn't have much of a focus. I am looking forward to where Ziggler goes from here, though, and like I said above, I hope its a feud with Rey Mysterio.

Vince & Teddy Promo
I don't care about this probation angle.

12 Rounds Commercial
As if you haven't already decided months ago that you'd never watch it! Just give up. Nobody gives a shit about this film.

Unified Tag Team Championship: Edge & Chris Jericho defeated The Colons (c) and Legacy
Well that sure came out of left field lol. I liked this match primarily for its psychology. It makes perfect sense that nobody would want to tag Edge or Jericho into the match, as they can't win if someone else gets a pinfall. Decent back and forth, and I'm curious to see what they do with these new tag team champions. I thought it was pretty funny that the fans were chanting for Christian to team with Edge lol.

Women's Championship: Michelle McCool defeated Melina (c)
Knew Michelle would win. Nuff said. Melina is better, though, and probably the best overall diva in the WWE outside of Mickie James. I hope they don't give Michelle the mic at any time as she's terrible at trying to be a heel and cut a promo. First, she sounds like she can't remember her lines, and second, did you notice how she received NO heat whatsoever when she came out? Dead silence. Good looking chick, decent wrestler for the women's division, but she offers nothing else.

World Heavyweight Championship: Jeff Hardy defeated CM Punk (c) via disqualification
I liked the idea of having the 3-count get reversed, but what I didn't like was how they handled everything after that. The second after the 3-count, everything went downhill. The ref took so long that it makes Hardy look stupid for not just jumping back on Punk, beating the shit out of him, and getting another pin victory. Then, they take the credibility that Punk was sort of holding onto, and give it another shot in the face when he has to get himself disqualified to retain. Someone backstage probably thought it'd be a great way to turn him heel but keep the tweener idea, but really, it just makes Punk look weak again. I'd have preferred Punk to win legitimately about 2 or 3 minutes after the false finish, cause then he can continue his "I'm right, whether you want to admit it or not" type of speeches, by saying that Hardy DID NOT beat him, as he had his leg out of bounds, and Punk DID cleanly defeat Jeff.

Teddy Segment...Again
Still don't care about Teddy losing his job.

John Cena defeated The Miz
Such a wasted opportunity. The match felt like it was 3 minutes long, and they naturally had to make Miz tap out to the allmighty Cena. They really need to fix this tomorrow night and have Miz beat Cena without interference, even if its a roll-up or something. I don't know why the bookers have such a problem with having John Cena and Triple H just simply lose a match due to being bested. Its not like nobody will buy Cena merchandise anymore if he loses ONE match to the Miz clean.

WWE Championship: Randy Orton (c) defeats HHH
So naturally, HHH loses the first fall in a way where he DOES NOT lose it. That guy has such a huge ego. Its disgusting. I paid virtually no attention to this match, and you know why? Because I've been tired of seeing it MONTHS ago. I do not, under any circumstances, give a shit about this feud whatsoever. I hate it. I would even be more interested in a HHH/Matt Hardy feud by now, despite how much I dislike both of those performers. Orton can't beat HHH without the help of 2 other men...in which HHH still almost wins...SURPRISE SURPRISE! WOW, I HAVEN'T SEEN THAT BEFORE!!! Oh wait, I have amnesia. Apparently, I've seen that nearly every fucking week for the past year! I really am getting dangerously close to just not watching Raw anymore. HHH needs to get injured again.

Coming up next...Night of Champions...

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