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Raw 3-For-All Predictions

Posted by Anthony Mango Monday, June 15, 2009

Might as well, right? Its sort of like a mini-ppv. Here's the lineup for tonight that they've already announced:

1. New Raw GM - Naturally, its going to be Flair, and although he's much better suited to take the position than just hiring some random developmental person, I'm not a fan of Flair. He's been overrated for far too long and he just comes off as a joke. Personally, I'd rather see them go with a different name that hasn't been around in a while. Why not have Randy Savage come back as the GM? Sure, its beyond a longshot, as he's had his falling out with the company and so forth, but you're promoting that DVD coming out, and he's a face we haven't seen in ages. I'm sure the crowd would mark out hardcore (and much more than Flair) if they heard the good old "Ooooooh yeaaaah!!!"

2. Return of Vince McMahon - Vince is always a welcome addition to the show. He's so much more entertaining than Shane and Stephanie. I'm hoping that they keep him a face, as its a breath of fresh air compared to him ALWAYS playing the "evil figurehead".

3. Blockbuster Announcement - Jim Ross said on his blog that this will happen, but don't get your hopes up. Chances are, its just them reminding everybody that next week, Raw will be airing commercial free. Thank God for that, too, since the one thing that bothers me the most about the WWE, outside of HHH refusing to ever put over other people, is the fact that they run way too many commercials, rewinds, recaps, and repetitive nonsense throughout the week.

4. Jericho vs. Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship - Jericho needs to go over here, and humiliate Mysterio, so Mysterio can have a "mask vs title" match at The Bash and win his championship back. I'll explain why in a later post.

5. ECW Championship: Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian - I'm expecting this to end in a disqualification, since the other two world title matches are no-DQ. WWE loves their disqualification finishes. Dreamer retains by default.

6. World Heavyweight Championship: CM Punk vs. Edge vs. Jeff Hardy - Although I'd rather have had this on the ppv, it should be a good match. I'm not sure Punk is ready for this task though, and I have a feeling his second title reign may fall as flat as his first one did. The problem with this one is that they're not fully examining if he's a heel or face yet, and that's hurting him. When the fans don't know if they should boo or cheer, they do nothing, and that lack of a reaction snowballs. If Punk turns heel, then look for John Morrison to be boosted heavily into the main event as a top face, which I would love to see, but I think Punk is still better suited as a face until maybe next year, with Edge and Jericho remaining the top heels. My guess, Punk pins Edge after Hardy hits the Swanton and Punk somehow capitalizes on it.

7. WWE Championship: HHH vs. Randy Orton vs. John Cena vs. Big Show - Whyyyyyyyyyy? Why couldn't we get The Miz or MVP involved in this? Why does it have to immediately go back to these same four guys? God I hate that! You know, this is pretty much a lose-lose-lose-lose situation. If HHH wins, we're stuck with that garbage for the next 6 months as he NEVER loses his title as fast as everybody else since he's so stuck up. If Orton wins, we'll have to sit through another 3-4 month HHH/Orton feud which sucked like hell for the past year. If Cena wins, you know Miz isn't going to be pinning him anytime soon, which is a shame and should happen. If Big Show wins, it lessens the chance that MVP will look like a main event guy if he feuds with him. The best option, I guess, is for Randy Orton to win it and to just do a one month quick finish to his HHH feud, and at Night of Champions, he starts with someone else...hopefully MVP.

Let's see what happens tonight.

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