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Top 10 Survivor Series Teams of All Time (so far)

Posted by Bodeen Green Friday, November 13, 2020

While the idea of brand supremacy may seem meaningless in modern Survivor Series pay-per-views, due to constant drafts and superstar trades, Survivor Series still remains to be an exciting and anticipated show for fans, especially with the champion vs champion matches. However, one match that is always highly built up is the traditional 5 vs 5 elimination tag match.

Over the years there have been certain teams that have stood out over the years. Whether it was a mix of heels and faces teaming together or a mix of veterans and rising stars, these ten teams have stood out over the years.

10. Team Lesnar (Brock Lesnar, Big Show, A-Train, Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones)

Whilst the 2003 Survivor Series team featuring Brock Lesnar, Big Show, A-Train, Matt Morgan and Nathan Jones may not have been the most talented of teams inside the ring, the sight of seeing five of WWE's biggest men at the time teamed together was great to watch and gave team Lesnar a sense of power that was never seen before.

In a great match that would help contribute to the legendary Lesnar and Angle feud, both teams would look strong, with neither team outnumbering the other for too long. Eventually team captain Brock Lesnar would submit after Chris Benoit applied the Crossface, leading to Big Show being eliminated by John Cena.

Despite losing, the five-man group still looked strong, being the biggest Survivor Series team in history. The match also helped their opponents look strong, especially John Cena who was starting to look like a future main-eventer.

The Biggest Survivor Series Team In History

9. Team NXT (Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Tommaso Ciampa, Damian Priest and WALTER)

Survivor Series 2019 was the first time in history that NXT added to the Survivor Series card, with NXT wasting no time in creating an amazing team. Team NXT was a perfect mix of big men, veterans and future stars with Matt Riddle, Keith Lee, Damian Priest and WALTER being led by team captain Tommaso Ciampa.

Due to it being a 15 men match, the action was chaotic and hectic with eliminations constantly happening with all three teams. Perhaps the most shocking elimination in the match was Matt Riddle eliminating Randy Orton from Team RAW after Riddle countered the RKO into a roll-up to eliminate Orton.

The chaotic match would continue until it was just Keith Lee and Roman Reigns from team SmackDown remaining after RAW team captain Seth Rollins was eliminated by Lee. In one of the most exciting 1 on 1 battles in Survivor Series history, Lee would push Reigns to his limits before eventually being eliminated.

The First NXT Survivor Series Team In History

8. Team Triple H (Triple H Kane, Rey Mysterio, Jeff and Matt Hardy)

Despite Matt Hardy being taken out before the match due to a kayfabe injury, the 2007 team of Triple H, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Jeff Hardy still remains one of the best teams in Survivor Series with all four men being major stars during the ruthless aggression era

Facing off against the 5 man team of Umaga, Mr Kennedy, MVP, Finlay and Big Daddy V, Team Triple H start off on the wrong foot after Kane was eliminated by Big Daddy V and Rey Mysterio was eliminated by Umaga, leaving Jeff Hardy and Triple H with a 2-5 disadvantage

Triple H and Hardy would then fight back eliminating MVP, Mr Kennedy and Big Daddy V to even the numbers. Triple H would then finish things off for his team eliminating Finlay and Umaga to win the match for his team.

5 Of The Biggest Ruthless Agression Stars

7. Team Angle (Kurt Angle, Hardcore Holly, John Cena, Bradshaw and Chris Benoit)

Led by 2 of the greatest technical wrestlers of all time in Chris Benoit and the team captain Kurt Angle, Team Angle which was consisted of Kurt Angle, Hardcore Holly, John Cena, Bradshaw and Chris Benoit, team angle was the perfect mix of babyface veterans and rising stars, with the biggest rising star in the team easily being John Cena.

Apart from Hardcore Holly, who was eliminated after he pushed the ref, for seemingly no reason, this match would help the members of Team angle, in particular, John Cena and Bradshaw before he became JBL.

The Biggest Underdog Team In Survivor Series History

6. Team RAW 2016 (Braun Strowman, Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens)

Before it felt like superstars swapped brands every week, the 2016 edition of Survivor Series felt special, with 2 of the most talented teams in history facing each other. Team RAW was a mix of faces and heels consisting of big man Braun Strowman, Veteran Chris Jericho and three of RAW's top stars in Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens.

Team RAW would gain the early advantage after Braun Strowman eliminated Dean Ambrose, only for Braun to be counted out soon after to even the numbers. Team RAW would continue to lose numbers after Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho were eliminated leaving shield teammates Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins alone. Team RAW would then fight back after eliminating Shane McMahon thanks to a brutal spear from Reigns. Styles would then be eliminated next making things equal.

Reigns and Rollins would continue fighting until Rollins was eliminated by Randy Orton, leaving Reigns by himself against Orton and Bray Wyatt. Despite being outnumbered Roman would fight back and seemed to have the advantage until Orton took a spear for Bray, leaving Bray to hit Sister Abigail and win against arguably one of the greatest teams in Survivor Series history.

One Of The Best Survivior Series Teams Of The Decade

5. Team RAW 2017 (Triple H, Kurt Angle, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe and Braun Strowman)

Even though his return was underwhelming to many, seeing Kurt Angle in a WWE ring again was still a great sight. Leading a Survivor Series team featuring both young and old talent, Kurt Angle would team against old rival Triple H, as well as Finn Balor, Braun Strowman and Samoa Joe, another man who has had history with Angle.

Despite team SmackDown also being extremely talented and team RAW showing obvious signs of miscommunication and fighting, Braun Strowman dominated most of the match scoring most of the eliminations for his team.

Triple H would then pedigree team member Kurt Angle, suggesting he swapped sides, before giving Shane McMahon a Pedigree and then pinning him for the win in one of the most confusing Survivor Series finishes in history.

2 Legends With 3 Of RAW's Biggest Stars

4. Team Austin (Shawn Michaels, Booker T, Rob Van Dam, D-Von and Bubba Ray Dudley)

In arguably the greatest Survivor Series match in history, co-general manager Steve Austin would form a team consisting of WWE, ECW and WCW names with perhaps the biggest name being old of Austin's biggest rivals in Shawn Michaels.

Facing a team of the biggest heels at the time, both teams would gain blow for blow in eliminations, before Team Bischoff would gain a 3-1 advantage against Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels would then mount a comeback elimination Christen and Chris Jericho, however, it was not enough, as Batista would cost Shawn Michaels the match, also meaning that Steve Austin would lose his position as Co-General Manager.

After the match, Austin would shake hands with his former rival after his incredible one-man performance, with both men burying the hatchet from their classic WrestleMania 15 match.

The Biggest Names in WCW, WWE And ECW History

3. Team Savage (Randy Savage, Jake Roberts, Ricky Steamboat, Brutus Beefcake and Jim Duggan)

In the first-ever Survivor Series 5 on 5 match, fans would see the team of Randy Savage, Ricky Steamboat, Brutus Beefcake and Jim Duggan, face off against the team of Honky Tonk Man, Danny Davis, Rob Bass, Hercules and Harley Race.

In a match that would set the style and pacing of future Survivor Series matches to come. Both teams would lose a member after Duggan and Race were counted out. Beefcake would later eliminate Ron Bass, before then being quickly eliminated by team captain Honky Tonk Man.

Team Savage would then gain the advantage Ron Davis was eliminated by Jake Roberts followed up by team captain Randy Savage eliminating Hercules giving team Savage a 3-1 advantage. Honky Tonk Man would then be eliminated after being counted out to give Team Savage the win.

The First Team In Survivor Series History

2. Team DX (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy)

Despite the DX reunion feeling lackluster and disappointing team DX dominating team Rated RKO at Survivor Series was a fun moment. Whilst it was a huge surprise that Team DX won in such a dominating matter, perhaps the most huge surprise was the crowd response that CM Punk received. Despite the team having four fan-favorite veterans, CM Punk would receive most of the crowd's attention in what would be a huge sign of things to come in his future.

Team DX would waste no time showing their dominance, with Shawn Michaels eliminating Mike Knox in just a few seconds after Knox was distracted by Kelly Kelly with Michaels casually asking his team who he just eliminated. More eliminations would then follow with crowd favorite CM Punk eliminating Johnny Nitro and the Hardy Boys eliminating Gregory Helms

Team Captains Edge and Randy Orton would be eliminated next with Randy Orton being eliminated last after a Sweet Chin Music and Pedigree combo, in what is easily the most one-sided Survivor Series match in history

Two Of WWE's Best Teams With CM Punk

1. Team WWE (Undertaker, The Rock, Chris Jericho, Kane and Big Show)

Despite the invasion angle being one of the most worst booked storylines in history, due to its over complicated booking and lack of big names from WCW such as Sting and Goldberg, the invasion angle did have a few positive moments. One of these was seeing the 2001 Survivor Series team of The Rock, Chris Jericho, Kane, Big Show and The Undertaker.

Seeing the former rivals unite and team up against a common rival was great to see, especially considering the amount of talent in the team with all five members being world champions.

In a finish befitting of the time, team WWE would win after alliance member Kurt Angle hit Steve Austin with the WWF Championship Belt after referee Earl Hebner was knocked down, leading to Austin's biggest Rival, The Rock to get the pin and be the sole survivor.

Arguably The Greatest Survivior Series Team Ever

With both teams from RAW and SmackDown looking strong in the upcoming Survivor Series, do you think that both teams measure up to the teams above? Do you think there have been other teams in the past that have measured up, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


Bodeen Green comes from Tamworth in Australia and has been a professional wrestling fan since 2006, outside from the squared circle he enjoys studying history and playing and watching sports such as Cricket, AFL and Baseball.


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