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WWE Monday Night Raw Results: July 6, 2020 Highlights Coverage

Posted by Dallas Allsopp Monday, July 6, 2020
Tonight's episode of WWE Monday Night Raw for July 6, 2020 is coming to you live from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. Follow along here for ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

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  • Drew McIntyre opens the show and immediately talks about how he allowed Dolph Ziggler to name the stipulation for their match at Extreme Rules. Ziggler comes out and notes his stipulation is a secret and will not reveal it before Extreme Rules. Ziggler taunts McIntyre about being fired in 2014, which McIntyre said is something he embraced. Ziggler raises how McIntyre has stabbed people in the back and left them behind, prompting Heath Slater to come out and explain that McIntyre and he go back a decade. McIntyre is now The Chosen One that he was originally meant to be, but when Slater was released he never received any support from McIntyre unlike how Slater was there for McIntyre in 2014. Slater demands the match which he deserves and goads the WWE Champion into a fight which is duly accepted.
  • Drew McIntyre defeated Heath Slater by pinfall.
  • Dolph Ziggler berates Heath Slater and takes him out before Drew McIntyre returns to save Slater. McIntyre and Slater embrace and they both flash the 3MB hand gesture.
  • Bayley and Sasha Banks are interviewed briefly, with Bayley saying she would rather talk to the world. Asuka arrives and says she is not all alone tonight as she prepares to take on Bayley in a champion vs champion match.
  • As we return from commercial, Bayley is in the ring with Sasha Banks. Asuka comes out to interrupt to say Bayley is not ready for Asuka, with Kairi Sane making her return to Raw to seemingly face off against Banks.
  • Kairi Sane defeated Sasha Banks by disqualification.
  • Asuka attempts to take out Bayley for causing the disqualification, only to be overwhelmed by Bayley and Sasha Banks. Kairi Sane evens the odds by leaping onto the Women's Tag Team Champions to leave them prone on the floor.
  • Aleister Black has been taken out backstage whilst wearing a Rey Mysterio mask. Seth Rollins appears and gloats over what has happened as we go to commercial.
  • The Viking Raiders are joined backstage by The Big Show who says he likes to have fun, but they need to be serious as they are facing Randy Orton tonight. Show slaps both of The Viking Raiders to smarten them up and walks off.
  • Kevin Owens comes out to open up the return of The KO Show. Owens removes the chairs in the ring considering that Seth Rollins is his guest, explaining he has a good reason for inviting such a giant piece of trash onto his show. Rollins comes out and says all he wanted to do is say thank you for being invited onto the show. Owens taunts Rollins' struggles since WrestleMania 36, however Rollins doesn't give a damn about Owens or his show. He wanted a platform to address the now medically cleared Rey Mysterio and challenge him to a match at Extreme Rules to permanently make the lucha legend a sacrifice for the greater good of Monday Night Raw. Rollins suggests that Owens would get more out of joining Rollins than fighting alone, but before Owens can respond, Mysterio comes out with Dominik. Mysterio accepts Rollins' challenge and Rollins taunts Mysterio over Aleister Black's removal from tonight's tag team match. Owens pipes up and offers his services to Mysterio, with the caveat that the winning team chooses the stipulation for the match at Extreme Rules.
  • Rey Mysterio and Kevin Owens defeated Seth Rollins and Murphy by pinfall.
  • Rey Mysterio announces the stipulation at Extreme Rules will be eye for an eye, promising to pull out Rollins' eye in retribution.
  • MVP and Bobby Lashley are interviewed by Charly Caruso, with Lashley noting how he has broken Apollo Crews. MVP adds the future of the United States Championship will be discussed in style next as we go to commercial.
  • Bobby Lashley and MVP come to the ring and unveil a new United States Championship. MVP explains that Apollo Crews has a youthful exuberance which makes him feel invincible, but that doesn't compare to Lashley and how dominant he is. When he defeats Crews at Extreme Rules, it will start yet another dominant reign for the greatest United States Champion of all time. Lashley crowns MVP as the new United States Champion, putting the belt round his waist. Ricochet and Cedric Alexander come out to note that titles need to be earned, and once Crews returns, this fantasy of MVP's will come to an end. Ricochet says The Hurt Business will go Chapter 11, with Lashley taken out of the ring in a combined effort from Ricochet and Alexander.
  • Bobby Lashley and MVP defeated Ricochet and Cedric Alexander by pinfall.
  • Bobby Lashley locks a Full Nelson on Cedric Alexander post match.
  • Ric Flair approaches Zelina Vega, Andrade and Angel Garza and warns them that they will answer to Randy Orton if they lose to The Big Show tonight. Orton personally warns Andrade and Garza that if they get in his way, he will introduce them to The Legend Killer.
  • Charley Caruso interviews The Kabuki Warriors, with Asuka noting after she beats Bayley tonight, they will challenge Bayley and Sasha Banks for the Women's Tag Team Championship next week on Raw. Kairi Sane plays them off screen with her recorder.
  • Randy Orton, Andrade and Angel Garza defeated The Big Show and The Viking Raiders by pinfall.
  • Peyton Royce notes how she is looking forward to Billie Kay defeating Ruby Riott tonight. Riott appears behind Kay and calls The IIconics dumbasses, noting how tonight will be tragic, not IIconic.
  • MVP informs Cedric Alexander that he is impressed with him, however Alexander says he is not falling for MVP's tricks. MVP calls Alexander Ricochet's sidekick and suggests Alexander would benefit from being part of The Hurt Business.
  • Ric Flair revels in the victory over The Big Show, but he is interrupted by R-Truth. R-Truth claims Flair is Akira Tozawa in disguise and flees, with Randy Orton informing Tozawa and his ninjas of R-Truth's location.
  • Billie Kay defeated Ruby Riott by pinfall.
  • Charly Caruso asks if the stakes are higher for Bayley and Sasha Banks now that Asuka has thrown down a challenge for next week. Banks accepted the challenge as she and Bayley believe no one is capable of beating them.
  • Nikki Cross joins commentary despite security trying to remove her. Cross notes she will be well behaved.
  • Asuka defeated Bayley by pinfall.
  • Nikki Cross celebrates behind the plexiglass whilst The Kabuki Warriors celebrate in the ring as we go off air.


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