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Mailbag Q&A January 2019 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, January 30, 2019
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in by Ben W

Question: "What would be your wrestling related porn star name?"

Answer: Fruit cocktail? Peter Johnson?

Question: "What’s more dead, Finn Balors body fat or Bayley’s career?"

Answer: Bayley's career

Question: "Best & Worst wrestling show you’ve seen live"

Answer: Most disappointing was probably WrestleMania 29, in the grand scheme of things, with the best being TLC 2011 maybe.

Question: "Go To snack when watching wrestling?"

Answer: Usually, I'm too busy working to eat much outside of quickly scarfing down dinner on Mondays and Tuesdays, but if I were to get a bit of free time to just actually enjoy it all, I'd go with pizza, for sure.

Sent in by Howard

Question: "Whatever became of "larger than life" characters these days? Remember the days when you had guys like Hogan, Warrior, Andre The Giant and Macho Man Randy Savage? Which person would you could consider "larger than life" in 2019? One person that might come to mind is probably Brawn Strowman, other than that person I can't think of anyone."

Answer: Braun Strowman's definitely the first person who comes to my mind. Other than that, The Miz isn't physically larger than life, but his character can be. If you're talking just muscles and size and such, there's Bobby Lashley, Brock Lesnar, Lars Sullivan, Nia Jax, Rowan, Harper, etc. If you're talking character, there's also The Ascension, Bray Wyatt...

Question: "Since being a wrestling fan for a little over 30 years, I'm not getting most of these gimmicks from what I see on television. For example, Ember Moon is her gimmick supposed to be a shewolf and if so, why is it when the moon rises in her entrance she does her scream? And also for Rosemary on Impact, what is her gimmick supposed to be and what the heck is a "Demon Assassin"? What is one gimmick you don't "get" today ?"

Answer: Ember Moon is definitely a good pick for this. I still don't quite understand what the deal is with The Authors of Pain and Drake Maverick, The Empress of Tomorrow, for that matter I still don't fully get what Velveteen Dream is all about, what are The Forgotten Sons, some people from NXT UK and the performance center...

Sent in by Marco from CA

Question: "If Triple H didn't marry Stephanie, would NXT have thrived how it is now?"

Answer: Nope. I don't think NXT would even exist without Triple H.

Question: "Same type of question, if Meltzer didn't tweet at cody with the arena sellout challenge, would have AEW been born?"

Answer: It wouldn't shock me if Cody had plans to start a promotion of his own for years, but I don't think it would be starting now by any means, or have any bit the same hype. He probably would have just opened up a generic wrestling school.

Question: "Thoughts on tagging the hype bros with Matt Riddle?"

Answer: Mojo Rawley and Zack Ryder should never tag again, let alone put Riddle in the mix. But there should be a backstage segment of Ryder and Riddle at some point.

Question: "If the three of you were in a horror movie, which stereotype would you fall into?"

Answer: I think I'd be the guy that you think is the killer the whole movie, but then he dies and you go "oh shit, I guess not". According to Caroline, "You would be the skeptic for sure. The last one to truly believe something paranormal is going on because you would try to rationalize everything and the paranormal stuff wouldn’t be happening to you and then when it finally did, then you would believe. Now if it’s a slasher horror movie, you would be the one who sacrifices himself to help someone else."

Sent in by Declan McAree

Question: "I'm not sure if I have mentioned before but Dean Ambrose is my favourite wrestler. After the reports came out that he was wrapping up his time in WWE either after Wrestlemania 35, or some have said he could leave before then, do you think the rumour is true, it's based on him putting over Alestair Black, Nia Jax and Seth Rollins, what do you think he will be doing at Wrestlemania, RAW sure teased that it will be heel Dean V a face Triple H, and if he does leave what does he do next? He is one of those guys that you could literally never hear from again due to how private he is."

Answer: Part of me thinks WWE will do what they need to in order to keep Ambrose, if this is even true. Another part of me isn't surprised at all, because Ambrose has done nothing but complain as a character for months and the Chronicle special, if it's a shoot, really did make him seem bitter and frustrated. If he's leaving for sure, they're not giving him a featured role at WrestleMania and he's probably just in the ATGMBR or in another multi-man match. He loses, no matter what. And if AEW scoops him up, that's a MAJOR steal.

Sent in by Peter Piccininni

Question: "Have you ever not had a pet? Only this last month for me, it's been a hard one."

Answer: I'm pretty sure I've always had a dog

Question: "Did you tell your pet you loved them as I requested after we put Rosie down? I didn't think I'd get as much support when I posted that in the group but thank you. Specially thanks to Ross and Carolin for the best nice words in my opinion. I can't consider you guys friends after that you are a family to me. You think this Smarkout moment fan base is family to you?"

Answer: It's always tough to lose a loved one and pets like dogs are sometimes even harder to lose than people. And yeah, there's a venn diagram / concentric circle type thing in my brain and there's a Smark Out Moment family concept in there, for sure.

Question: "Do you think El Bunny the alive El Torito, not the one from the midget division in 90s the one with Primo and Epico is doomed to play animals forever? I mean he is a team with Paul London and The White Rabbit he is an animal and teams with animals"

Answer: I have no idea what this means haha

Question: "I was playing with Sarah Logan in the game. Sarah is pretty much as athletic as Naomi. Do you think WWE should let her show off her skills more?"

Answer: Having not seen her work outside of NXT and WWE, I'm not entirely convinced she's not maxed out her potential, but if that's not the case, all parties should figure out how to fix that. I've never been impressed by her and I'd love to see her do better.

Question: "Do you think Dean threw Renee's phone to Cole because there are nudes on them?"

Answer: Nope, just avoiding the fees of a new phone.

Question: "If the NXT call ups are not on roster by now where would you like to see them? Do you think WWE is stupid enough to put Cross on Raw away from Sanity? Heavy Machinery and Lacey Evans Raw and Nikki Cross and EC3 to Smackdown, Lars Sullivan to NXT"

Answer: Ultimately, I don't think it matters where they go right now, as the Superstar Shake-up can change it in a few months, but I think Cross needs to stick with SAnitY, Evans should go to SmackDown as well, Heavy Machinery should go to Raw, EC3 I'm not sure about and if Sullivan is having these panic attacks, he shouldn't go to the main roster at all and his spot should be taken by Aleister Black so Black and EC3 need to be on separate shows.

Question: "Do you think Vince sees Heavy Machinery as the new Jesse and Festus?"

Answer: That makes so much sense. I can totally see that being the case.

Question: "Rob, Callum would you ever consider doing a podcast without Tony about other companies? Like predictions for a New Japan Show"

Answer: n/a

Question: "What do you think of Zack Ryder being the longest reigning male champion in WWE with the Internet Title? He won it 4/28/11 according to Twitter meaning I am a longer reigning champion winning the World Wrestling Drama title on 4/27/11 lol"

Answer: HOF.

Question: "Do think Zack Ryder will leave WWE? I just can't see it because his girlfriend Reklusa is singed to WWE, but I also said The Revival quitting was false because I thought they were winning the titles"

Answer: Since Chelsea Green is in NXT and he's teaming with Curt Hawkins again, I don't think Ryder's leaving any time soon.

Question: "Do you think Aiden English will always have a home in WWE because of his father in law Eddie Guerrero? Do you think he should join his wife Shaul Guerrero in Lucha Underground?"

Answer: It wouldn't shock me if he left WWE once his contract was up. I don't think they have any plans to ever use him and this commentary gig is a last ditch effort to find something for him until both parties just call it quits.

Sent in by Frankie DiCalogero

Question: "Are you okay with R-Truth as United States Champion?"

Answer: I'm withholding some judgment until I can see where they're going with all this. Right now, I'm not a big fan of it.

Question: "Do you think we'll be getting a Elias vs. Jeff Jarrett match?"

Answer: Somewhere down the line, I can see that happening, but they might have just figured the two spots we saw already are good enough.

Question: "What do you see Undertaker be doing at Mania? I really hope he's there because I'm going and he's my favorite of all time. I just can't picture no Taker at Mania."

Answer: I don't think he'll be wrestling at all, actually.

Question: "What is the most overrated place to eat in your opinion?"

Answer: Shake Shack comes to mind. Any place that is expensive for a tiny amount of food. Not a fan of Chipotle. Five Guys. Cracker Barrel.

Question: "List some of your favorite and least favorite Actors/Actresses. Tom Hanks, Jennifer Lawrence, Rami Malek, The Rock, Chadwick Boseman, & Michael B. Jordan are some of my favorites."

Answer: I've actually always struggled with this question. Some people are good in everything, though, like Christian Bale, Kevin Spacey (despite his horrible personal life issues), etc. I don't know if I've ever had a favorite actor/actress, though. Gotta love Samuel L. Jackson.

Question: "This question is probably only for Rob. What do you think about Riverdale for Season 3? I like this whole supernatural stuff. I think the Gargoyle King is a cool concept and appearantly they are trying to be more alike Sabrina The Teeange Witch. Do you think that was actually the Gargoyle King from last episode? Who do you think shot Hiram? I think the owner of the Farm is the Gargoyle King, and I don't know who shot Hiram. This will be a monthly thing now just like Big Brotha, haha"

Answer: n/a

Question: "Have any of you been to a NXT event in your life? I have been to 2 Takeovers (the Brooklyn one in 2016 & 2017)"

Answer: Never been to one, yet, sadly.

Question: "Would you be shocked if Kacy Catanzaro gets a major push as far as NXT goes?"

Answer: I'm expecting it, actually.

Question: "How mad would you be if Wyatt returned with Harper, and its Wyatt vs Bryan for the Title?"

Answer: Uuuuugggh....please, no...

Question: "If you were on creative, how would you handle Roman Reigns returning? Meaning how would you book me?"

Answer: If Ambrose is still around, I'd probably have Reigns feud with him upon his return. If not, I think I'd have him come back and actually not get involved in any feuds right off the bat. I'd have him just cut a promo thanking everyone for their support and let people enjoy the moment before moving onto something else the next week or so after gauging reactions.

Question: "What are some of your most annoying commercials? I'm assuming Flo from Progressive might be one."

Answer: For the most part, I hate every single commercial I tend to come across, but I really hate those Little Lungs commercials a lot in particular.

Question: "Would do you think about Shane Strickland coming into WWE?"

Answer: I know nothing about him.

Question: "This is probably only for Tony, but are you FINALLY starting to warm up to Bryan as heel? I mean he really is such a good heel, and the things that he says are true"

Answer: I'm still withholding judgment until I find out what the plans are for him at WrestleMania.

Question: "Is WWE going to have Curt Hawkins break his losing streak by winning the RAW Tag Titles with Zack Ryder, possibly at WrestleMania, like the Pre-Show?"

Answer: I don't think so, but I wouldn't be shocked if the losing streak ended because of the tag team stuff in general

Question: "What do you think about Matt Riddle on the mic?"

Answer: He's got a different aesthetic about him that I think cushions him from the criticism that he'd get if that wasn't his gimmick, cause he's not good, but that's not supposed to be his strength.

Question: "When do you think Punishment Martinez is going to get a bigger look for NXT?"

Answer: Post-WrestleMania after the rosters shift.

Question: "What would you do with Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn when they return?"

Answer: If Rollins wins the title from Lesnar, I'd put Owens on Raw and Zayn on SmackDown, turn Zayn babyface, and let Owens be a top contender for the universal title. It all depends on the Superstar Shake-up, actually.

Question: "If Ric Flair was wrestling RIGHT NOW, in his prime, where would WWE put him as?"

Answer: I think he'd be in the top tier somewhere, wrestling an upper-midcard match at Mania, kind of on par with where they'll book McIntyre or so.

Question: "Would you rather have hiccups for the rest of your life nonstop, or would you rather have to sneeze for your whole life but it won't come out?"

Answer: That depends on how badly I have to sneeze.

Question: "Would you rather fart popcorn, or have everyone see your browing history on your phone"

Answer: I've got nothing embarrassing on my phone's browsing history, but I'm also intrigued about how I'd fart out popcorn.

Question: "Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity?"

Answer: Yup, fun game.


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