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Mailbag Q&A June 2018 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, June 20, 2018
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from Howard

Question: "If you could create your very own legendary Money In The Bank participants from the 1980's, Who would you fill in the slots and who would you want to win?"

Answer: Without knowing the limit of how many I can put in there, I'll go with 10, and I'd pick Randy Savage, Roddy Piper, Jake Roberts, Mr. Perfect, Ted DiBiase, Jimmy Snuka, Rick Rude, Ultimate Warrior, Ricky Steamboat, and either Tito Santana or Sgt. Slaughter, assuming Ric Flair and Sting are in WCW at the time and Hulk Hogan is the champion. As far as a winner, probably DiBiase just for the namesake, but if not him, Savage or Perfect.

Sent in from Peter Piccininni

Question: "What do you about IHop changing its name to IHob?"

Answer: So stupid. There are how many burger places out there, versus how many breakfast places? Unless they stumbled upon the secret to making the literal best burgers on the planet, I can't imagine it's a good idea. Even if it's just a temporary thing, it's mostly gotten people to laugh at IHOP and when they change it back, people will go "see, I told you it was a bad idea" and hurt the company's image.

Question: "What do you think of Dallas and Robo WWE's new Youtube Red series?"

Answer: Haven't seen it.

Question: "What do you think of all the 2X Hall of Famers? WWE Ric Flair, TNA/WWE Sting, Angle, Team 3D and Jarrett and Mark Henry is Olympic/ WWE Hall of Fame, maybe others IDK"

Answer: I hate the idea that Flair is in the WWE Hall of Fame twice. It makes no sense to me. Sting makes sense, as do all the others. They did enough in WWE and elsewhere to justify it.

Question: "Why do you think WWE is teasing Paige Vs Sonya or Mandy when they know it won't happen?"

Answer: I think they're just relishing in the idea that they can have that kind of interaction because it's different from them all being chummy together, but it's not going to lead to anything.

Question: "Do you think WWE planed a Tag Money in the bank? Do you that's why Authors of Pain went to everyone's favorite show Main Event, Sanity hasn't been called up and Jason Jordon hasn't returned to team with Gable?"

Answer: It certainly seems that way, doesn't it? They did those tag team vignettes for a reason and it never manifested. I'm curious who would have been booked to win it, if it did happen.

Question: "What is your best back in my day you have? Easy for me back in my day there was only 151 Pokémon"

Answer: Back in my day, we didn't have cell phones and everything that came along with it. Back in my day, porn was a bitch to find on the internet, too hahaha. And still, somehow, back in my day, people were happier.

Question: "On Total Bella's at Cena/Nikki Engagement party John gave the speech. Then Brie got up, yes, she was drinking and pretty much said fuck your wedding our sister in law is pregnant. The next scene was the “breakup”. This baby and Birdie played into the breakup, but not her first niece. Do you think Brie did the right thing and why didn't Nikki wakeup on the first kid?"

Answer: I think this whole thing is Total Bullshit and manufactured for headlines. I'm not buying anything into this kid situation until I see Nikki Bella with a baby bump.

Question: "Do you really think Dario Cueto is dead? What do you think of Antonino Cueto? I think Lucha Underground is doing some magic angle with that glove and their the same person, not father and son"

Answer: No idea who that is.

Question: "When was the last time you forgot wrestling was kayfabe and lost yourself in the moment? My last two Aztec Warfare Lucha Underground's Royal Rumble when Tommy Dreamer and Chavo Guerrero Jr showed up and Royal Rumble 18 when Rey Mysterio Jr showed up"

Answer: One of the times that springs to my mind is when Brock Lesnar was fighting John Cena at Extreme Rules. Another was Mark Henry's retirement speech.

Question: "Which Superstar do you think TNA pulled off better than WWE? Honorable mention Lucha Underground Johny Mundo, Doc The Director of Chaos aka Luke Gallows, Lashley The Destroyer, conquer of the streak ending Eric Young's win streak after winning world title at 21-1win streak in 14 and squashed Kurt Angle in his farewell match, WWE something about sisters and Roode not even Beer Money Roode, Roode in generally. TNA Roode not getting over as face call Storm reform Beer Money, hide weaknesses in team, WWE ignore the problem hope it Gloriously works out"

Answer: Roode for sure. EC3 until proven wrong in the future. Supposedly Lashley, but I didn't see it. Samoa Joe was better in TNA than what WWE is giving him to do, too.

Question: "Do you think Vince McMahon Jr hates Father's Day since a PPV is always on Father's Day?"

Answer: Hahaha is that true? That's weird. Maybe it's just because Father's Day tends to get no attention in comparison to other holidays.

Question: "What do you think of the news that Chris Benoit's heart was swelling up making it 3 times larger than the normal heart meaning at the time of his death he would have been dead in the next 10 months?"

Answer: That's very interesting, and it's a shame Benoit didn't have it in him to avoid doing what he did. If he would have died within the next 10 months, he would have died a martyr in a much more positive light and still could have helped out the cause with concussions and safety, without being erased from history as a murderer. He could have been revered like Eddie Guerrero and Owen Hart and other untimely deaths, rather than going out in a shroud of evil actions.

Question: "If WWE told you to breakup all the tag teams who is face and heel of the two superstars, do teams have clean breakup staying friends?"

Answer: Babyfaces would be Sonya Deville, Fandango, Heath Slater, Sami Zayn, Bray Wyatt, Rusev, Viktor, Curtis Axel, Harper, Cesaro, Peyton Royce, Jimmy Uso, Titus O'Neil, Gentleman Jack Gallagher, Kalisto, Otis idea for The New Day, Authors of Pain, The Revival, The Riott Squad, SAnitY, The Undisputed Era, The Mighty, War Raiders, Street Profits, or Lorcan and Burch.

Question: "Who do you think needs to turn, which heels would you turn face and which faces would turn heel?"

Answer: Since this is a loaded question, I think I'll save this for a future podcast down the line when we need a main event.

Question: "Before I type I think All In is awesome thing. Did All In set out what it was supposed to do? As far as I understand All In is an Indy show and the challenge was for ROH or TNA to sell 10,000+ when originally proposed"

Answer: It certainly seems like they accomplished their goal and then some.

Question: "When are we getting A Snack Talk Podcast?"

Answer: Practically every mailbag haha.

Question: "Since you record the podcast in the same room why don't you do punishments when you get more PPV match predictions wrong on PPV prediction? You jump out a plane or be buried alive something like that something like that"

Answer: We don't record the podcast in the same room; not even the same states.

Sent in from Frankie DiCalogero

Question: "When is Velveteen Dream getting called up? If he isnt called up in like a week or so, then I could see him doing a short stint as a baby face against Kona Reeves at Takeover, because its like the Finest vs The Dream. PS Im not a fan of Reeves yet."

Answer: Even though I'd like to see him get called up soon, I'd rather be patient and have him come up when they have a true plan for him. The last thing I want to see is for him to come up too fast, flounder, and then WWE loses interest in him.

Question: "Do you think WWE could make there own Bullet Club esq faction, with the Undisputed Era, by having there be new leaders when their called up and such?"

Answer: That would be pretty interesting, and maybe even a feud between The Undisputed Era and The Club with Styles, Balor, Gallows, and Anderson.

Question: "Thoughts on the Big Brother 20 cast?"

Answer: Since the interviews aren't out there to view without All Access, I haven't been able to check them out (or had the time), so I don't know any of their personalities or anything. However, just from a quick glance of their pictures, Rachel is the hottest, then either Haleigh or Angela. I'm sure I won't like Angie or JC. No idea who I would root for.

Question: "Thoughts on Ziggler winning the IC Title? I Hope Callum is on for this because I would love to hear his rant, even though I don’t dislike Dolph, but he SHOULDNT have won."

Answer: It should have been McIntyre.

Question: "Would you be cool if Ellsworth/Asuka had a Intergender Match?"

Answer: Meh, I'm over Ellsworth. I don't really want to see him back into the fold in any capacity.

Question: "Time for my first food question, do you like bacon mashed potatoes?"

Answer: Hell yeah.

Question: "If CM Punk never left, what do you think he would've done in that span and where would he be at now?"

Answer: I think he'd be a mainstay in the main event scene like Randy Orton, would have had another title reign or two, and he'd be competing on SmackDown, not Raw.

Question: "When do you think The Bar will break up?"

Answer: I'm hoping sometime this year. I'd like to see the two of them in singles competition again and I think SmackDown needs it.

Question: "Favorite type of steak?"

Answer: Medium well, slightly more on the medium side than the well side.

Question: "If you are in a bad mood, do you prefer someone cheering you up or leaving you alone?"

Answer: Ideally, helping me fix the problem that's bugging me. Placating my emotions is the second best option, but it doesn't fix the source issue, and ends up just being more of a waste of time.

Question: "If a genie granted you 3 wishes right now, that you could make happen in the WWE this year, what would they be?"

Answer: Turn Roman Reigns heel, take the title off Brock Lesnar by having Braun Strowman beat him clean and really be put over, and give Triple H veto power on par with or over Vince McMahon so we can have a trickle down effect of multiple other great decisions.

Question: "What are some names you would like to see for the Mae Young Classic 2? I would LOVE to see Lo Shirai, aka the greatest womens wrestler in the world, Madison Eagles, Sienna, Mandy Leon, Chelsea Green, and Taeler Hendrix"

Answer: I'm not too familiar with any women on the indies. Deonna Purrazzo should be a guarantee. No idea if Amber Nova is good, but she's attractive, so throw her in there. I'd love for Jazzy Gabert to come back, and Mercedes Martinez, Santana Garrett and a few others. Chelsea Green, I agree.

Question: "Have you tried blood sausage? Do you like it?"

Answer: Never tried it and doubt I will.

Question: "What is your all time favorite moment from The Simpsons? For me, it is when Sideshow Bob gets bested by the rakes."

Answer: There are so, so many, but I'll just name a few. The exploding lie detector, "Batman's a scientist", "my cat's name is mittens", "Hi Super Nintendo Chalmers", "Wanna see my grammy?", "Sorry it's not in packets", "Ow, my eye, I'm not supposed to get pudding in it", "upon closer inspection, these are loafers", man getting hit by football...I could go on and on.

Question: "Were you a fan of The Office? If so who was your favorite character and moment? For me Michael is the best, and the fire Dwight caused."

Answer: I've only seen a few episodes and it just didn't click with me for some reason.

Question: "Thoughts on Charlotte being in Body magazine for ESPN?"

Answer: I'd much rather it were Alexa Bliss or some other women doing that photo shoot, but hey, good for her. Weird timing with the ruptured implant, though.


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