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Mailbag Q&A November 2017 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Thursday, November 30, 2017
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from Peter Piccininni

Question: "What was the most seen and best costume you saw from Halloween? Saw Evie daughter of The Evil Queen from Snow White and Mal daughter of Maleficent from Descendants. Best was Mal Mom a mom was rocking Maleficent"

Answer: Actually, I didn't see any good costumes this year.

Question: "Any one see Pokemon I choose you movie? I think as a stand alone movie it was pretty good. But as one of 20 year fans who saw the Easter eggs thought it was a middle finger to us and can say in Comic Book Guys voice worse movie ever"

Answer: I haven't seen it, but it definitely looked like a total retcon to me. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I might have to check it out.

Question: "Who do you think is the better commentator David Outunga or Booker T?"

Answer: Booker T, for sure. He's crazy and strange, but at least he's entertaining, while Otunga offers nothing.

Question: "Do you think Booker T dislikes Jason Jordan because Booker is kayfabe Jason's real Dad?"

Answer: Hahaha nope, but he does seem to have an irrational hatred toward him, which is weird.

Question: "Who is the better "Indian" champion the man that was world champion and competed in the Punjabi prison 10 years ago or the man who was champion this year and competed in the Punjabi prison this Jinder Mahal?"

Answer: Jinder Mahal is the better wrestler, but Khali was the better choice for the champion because at least he had the look of someone who was very imposing.

Question: "Who do you think Kurt Angle and Triple H will face at Mania? We can see HHH Vs Braun, Shane or Kurt and Kurt Vs HHH or Jordan I think"

Answer: Part of me is a little suspicious that Daniel Bryan might be cleared to wrestle and face Kurt Angle, while Triple H vs. Angle is a much more likely possibility. If we get Angle vs. Triple H ahead of time, then Triple H faces Braun Strowman and Angle faces either Bryan or maybe Jason Jordan...I'm not sure...

Question: "Do you think if James Strom returns to WWE in the rumble we could possibly see Storm vs Roode at Mania?"

Answer: I think if he returns, he'll go back to NXT at least for a little bit, and we won't see him pop up on SmackDown until after WrestleMania at the earliest.

Question: "Why did Braun Stroman get out of a white and go into a red garbage truck?"

Answer: Wizard did it.

Question: "Does the Universal title not have a rematch clause? Ballor, Owens and Goldberg never got a rematch"

Answer: I think that just goes to show how little WWE thinks things out for the future and how they prioritize certain things over logic and balance. It was SO important to them to put the belt on Goldberg that they just didn't care about anything else.

Sent in from Frankie DiCalogero

Question: "Who is the most underrated and overrated wrestler, on the mic right now and all-time?"

Answer: The more time goes by, the more I think Kurt Angle is overrated as a talker, which could really apply to both. Underrated, Jerry Lawler.

Question: "Apples or Grapes?"

Answer: Apples, particularly if they're really crispy, cold, and slightly sour.

Question: "Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks?"

Answer: I'm not a coffee drinker, so that skews my point of view and pushes me toward Dunkin Donuts by default since Starbucks doesn't have as many things I'd order, even though the quality of their stuff is better overall.

Question: "What's your favorite kind of candy? I would go with Kit-Kats, M&M, Hershey, and Crunch."

Answer: Reese's peanut butter cups and Nutrageous are probably my favorites, along with the Oreo Milka bar and Mr. Goodbar. Fifth Avenue is up there. Generic Hershey's is still awesome. Butterfinger is great...

Question: "Now I watched Total Divas cause I wanted to see what Nia Jax and Alexa Bliss were up to. And the episode had Jax and Maryse getting into an argument. Maryse says that she has much to do with the Women's Revolution than any woman, because she had to climb her way through to get time on matches. What's your opinion on that?"

Answer: I think there's certainly an argument for that. The Women's Revolution was a group effort, not just one or two people. If that were to be the case, Lita and Trish would have pulled that off years ago. In fact, I think more than anyone, the revolution is dependent upon the Four Horsewomen breaking that final barrier and Triple H willing to pull the trigger.

Question: "Would you rather make out with Braun Strowman or the Big Show?"

Answer: Oh God, that sounds horrible. I guess Strowman, but I'd be worried that he would say he wasn't finished with me.

Question: "Do you know the YouTuber Velena? She's very dumb and annoying."

Answer: No idea who that is, but I tend to find most YouTubers annoying, so I'm not surprised to hear that.

Question: "Have you been anywhere out of the United States?"

Answer: Sadly, not yet.

Question: "Have you ever been to DisneyWorld? If so, what is your favorite ride?"

Answer: I went to Disney World twice, once as a child and once for my senior trip in high school and loved it both times for different reasons. If I remember correctly, my favorite ride was the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster.

Question: "Do you watch The Walking Dead?"

Answer: Nope, I gave it two or three episodes and couldn't get into it. Zombies aren't my thing and it felt like it was a show that revolved around getting you to tune in next week rather than actually giving you much story.

Question: "Are you a fan of pickles?"

Answer: Absolutely 100% hate them in any fashion with anything. If Chick-Fil-A puts pickles on my chicken sandwich, I send it back.

Question: "I know I might be asking something radical, but what's your opinion on Trump?"

Answer: I think he's a charismatic puppet bafoon who got elected because the DNC were idiots and didn't go with the clear and obvious choice of Bernie Sanders, so it bit them in the ass and other people who would have voted anti-Republican suddenly found themselves voting for the weird option because they didn't like Clinton. Now, everyone's seeing that it's just as bad if not worse and it sucks. I expect him to go down in history with one of the absolute lowest approval ratings ever and to certainly not get elected for a second term.

Question: "With Wrestle Kingdom 12 looking amazing, can you now say that NJPW might be catching up to WWE?"

Answer: I still don't think so, but I'll be tuning in to the event, that's for sure.

Question: "Do you have Snapchat?"

Answer: I do, but I barely ever use it. The same goes for Instagram. I just tend not to take all too many pictures.

Question: "What was your best subject in school? What was your worst?"

Answer: I was always best at computer-related subjects and electives like film and theater. My worst was definitely the harder sciences and maths because there's no wiggle room to bullshit and I'm a master at that.

Question: "Did you watch the Ric Flair 30 for 30?"

Answer: I haven't had a chance to yet, but I've heard it was good from a couple different people, so I have to get to that.

Question: "I'm pretty sure you live near Phily, so are you gonna go to the Royal Rumble?"

Answer: I really hope so, but for some reason, all my friends are sitting on their asses about buying tickets even though I was trying to get some when they first went on sale haha.

Question: "What's your go to for Chinese and Mexican food?"

Answer: Mexican food is pretty much all the same to me, so just give me a soft tortilla with lettuce, cheese and beef and I'm pretty good no matter what the variation. With Chinese, I tend to go with a little bit of a lot of options, like general tsos, pork fried rice, chicken lo mein, steamed pork dumplings, etc.

Question: "What car do you have, and what car would you like?"

Answer: I actually don't have a car right now, and I'm not much of a car guy so I don't know what types I like. Maybe a Kia Optima to be reasonable?

Question: "Chicken Wings or Chicken Tenders?"

Answer: Chicken tenders most of the time, but when you're in the mood for chicken wings, only chicken wings can satisfy.

Question: "Since The Undertaker will return to RAW 25, near Royal Rumble, what do you think he'll do?"

Answer: I'm only expecting him to endorse Roman Reigns as the guy to beat Brock Lesnar or something like that. I don't think he'll be setting up any angles for Mania.

Question: "Who has the most potential. Sonya Deville, Mandy Rose, Ruby Riot, Liv Morgan, or Sarah Logan?"

Answer: I think they all have positives and negatives, but I can see Mandy Rose being the least talented overall and Sarah Logan having the hardest time getting her personality over.

Question: "This probably sounds crazy, but do you think Zelina Vega can beat Ember Moon for The NXT Women's Championship? Taynara Conti is my main guess."

Answer: That's definitely a possibility. They have to know that Vega is more than capable in the ring. She, Conti, and the Iconic Duo are definitely the top four candidates in my mind.

Question: "Should WWE have paired up Paige with the Iconic Duo? Would you have been okay with that?"

Answer: I think it makes more sense for Paige to be with Deville and Rose due to their connection together.

Question: "Do you like the "Rusev Day" gimmick?"

Answer: I think it's already run its course.

Question: "Is Sami Zayn doing a good job as a heel?"

Answer: I don't think so, but that might be partially due to how he's booked like a loser.

Question: "Do you like The Usos promo work now? It's really been impressing me."

Answer: They've been the best they've ever been.

Question: "Do you like salad?"

Answer: Nope, my go-to salad for Saladworks is honey BBQ chicken, turkey, dried cranberries and apple slices. I don't eat tomatoes, cucumbers and other normal ingredients, including dressing.

Question: "Do you like yogurt? I think it's disgusting."

Answer: I hate it. It's so gross and bitter.

Question: "What's your favorite kind of pasta?"

Answer: This is such a tough question that I never have a true answer for. Shells might be my favorite, but I love farfalle, angel hair, and rotini...tortellini...and just so, so many shapes.

Question: "If you were the creator of The Simpsons, What would you change about it from the declining seasons?"

Answer: I think the past bunch of seasons have sucked because they just don't have good enough writers who can think of more subtle ways to implement better jokes.

Question: "Do you watch Stranger Things?"

Answer: LOVE that show.

Question: "When was the last time you played Hide and Seek?"

Answer: It must have been something like 20 years ago.

Question: "What was the craziest thing that ever happened during a game of Monopoly? Asking this because of your War Games Predictions Podcast where you talked about it."

Answer: I actually don't have any crazy stories about Monopoly. No friendships were ever broken because of it or anything like that.

Question: "Would you rather be stuck in a dog cage for a entire year, or be stuck in a maze in the middle of no where?"

Answer: I'll take the dog cage, cause at least then, I have access to other people and some food and water.

Question: "If you were in charge of WWE, how and what match would you build towards if The Undertaker were to return?"

Answer: I'm not sure I want him to return unless he can pull off a fantastic match against John Cena. He had a decent enough send-off as it was, so I can't think of a way to bring him back without ruining that.

Question: "Where's No Way Jose? Would you be interested in a him and Velveteen Dream feud?"

Answer: I'd be up for it. I like both of them quite a bit.

Question: "Who's your favorite singer right now? Mine is Ed Sherran."

Answer: I don't have any favorite singers or bands, ever. I'm weird like that.


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