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Back in July, WWE ushered in the New Era with a revamped draft that included the entire roster splitting it up for Raw and SmackDown. Since then, the two shows have been separate with the rosters not crossing over to the other show, unlike the disaster from before with the Monday Night Raw SuperShow specials.

With the fourth pick in the draft, SmackDown Live selected AJ Styles who has been one of the show's top stars since then and consistently in the world title picture. With the first pick in the second round, Monday Night Raw selected Roman Reigns, who has been selected as the next superstar to face The Undertaker at WrestleMania. We have become accustomed to seeing these two extravagant wrestlers on their respected shows, but rumors may have these two involved in a trade.

There is said to be a new draft coming in June 2017, but Vince McMahon wants to see one or two big trades before then. One rumored move is to switch AJ Styles over to Monday night. The work that the Phenomenal One has done so far on SmackDown Live has caught the attention of McMahon and he wants to build Raw around Styles. We may very well see this transition in the upcoming weeks, as Styles was fired by SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan after attacking Shane McMahon. There has been rumors of giving SmackDown one of Raw's top stars to balance out both shows, with the names of Reigns and Seth Rollins being tossed around. However, former Raw tag team champions The New Day have also been in the mix to make the move over to SmackDown.

The Case for AJ Styles for Roman Reigns

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AJ Styles is all but certain to show up on Raw soon, but SmackDown needs another top star to replace him. Roman Reigns is rumored to be traded over for Styles, in order to freshen up the shows' rosters and feuds. This makes sense for both men to be moved over to the opposite show to balance things out. Roman Reigns has been highlighted as Raw's top babyface, despite push back from the WWE Universe. On SmackDown, he will be better suited as a heel. He can also be better booked with new, fresher feuds. On Raw, AJ Styles can take over Reign's spot as the top babyface, assuming a turn for both of them is also in the works for the trade off. Things pan out differently if Reigns were to remain a top face but on SmackDown while Styles stays a heel and just goes over to Raw as-is.

A trade and a turn seems like a no-brainer for both superstars, who have exhausted their time on their current shows. Goldberg won't be the champion forever on Raw and may very well lose the belt to Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania. If so, AJ Styles can be a fresh face for Lesnar for the title. On SmackDown, Reigns can enter the title picture depending on how the Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt feud plays out. Plus, worst case scenario, if the trade turns out to be a bust, the rumored draft in June can fix it. With that said, I see it working out in the long run for both men and both shows—top star for top star.

The Case for AJ Styles for The New Day

WWE New Day stable

Another lesser known rumor is that The New Day may be switched to SmackDown Live before the draft. Raw will undoubtedly be better with someone like Styles on the roster, but SmackDown will have one less star to run the show if they acquire The New Day. On top of that, John Cena is rumored to take a hiatus after WrestleMania to focus more on his acting career.

I am not hating on The New Day, who broke the record as WWE's longest-reigning tag team champions. However, since dropping the titles to Cesaro and Sheamus, things haven't been pretty for trio. They seem to have lost some of their mojo when they dropped the titles and have been in some poor storylines. This can't be blamed on the group, as they have exhausted all their feuds on Raw, which makes the move to SmackDown a great choice. They can make a run at the SmackDown Tag Team Championship, all the while having fresh matches with new faces. The Revival and The Authors of Pain could make the jump to the main roster soon and The New Day can welcome them. If Matt and Jeff Hardy finally make their return to WWE, then they can have a great storyline with the trio, assuming those two go to the same brand.

I have a concern with this trade, though. The New Day can return to the top of the tag team ladder, but will they? There had been rumors of possibly breaking up the group. The group's comedy act seems to becoming a little stale as of late and honestly, the group has reached their peak. They will never beat their own record for the longest reigning tag team champions. We could possibly see a Shield-like break-up, with Big E betraying his team and going for singles gold.

Xavier Woods leaked Paige photos
On top of the rumor of the breakup, Xavier Woods may come under fire from WWE after compromising leaked photos and videos involving himself, former women's champion Paige, and former superstar Brad Maddox. There has been rumors that The New Day may be left off the screen for a while as this situation is straightened behind the scenes. With more cons than pros behind The New Day, I would advise against this trade. Perhaps they can still make it to SmackDown in the next draft.

Either of these trades could happen in the next month, but which scenario would you prefer to see? The New Day disban? AJ Styles move to Raw and battle for Universal Championship? Roman Reigns battle Bray Wyatt again? Comment what you want to happen from these rumors. We might just see it play out.

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