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Why Finn Balor Should be “Reinjured” by Samoa Joe

Posted by Unknown Monday, February 20, 2017
Don't hate me, but Samoa Joe should reinjure Finn Balor. Former NXT Champion Samoa Joe has been on the main roster for less than a month and he's made one of the biggest splashes I've ever seen. It's rivaled only by Finn Balor, who won himself an opportunity to fight for the inaugural Universal Championshipe on his first night.

Even though we saw it not too long ago, Joe's next major feud should be with Finn. In fact, at WrestleMania 33, these two should square off for the first time on the main roster, and that match should only end one way: Joe targets the surgically repaired shoulder of Finn Balor to the point of referee stoppage and puts him back on the shelf for months following. The heat on Joe would be nuclear.

Samoa Joe and Finn Balor NXT Championship match

Of course, it would be a worked injury. Seth Rollins was a total accident, occurring while Joe was whipping him around the ring. For Finn's "injury", it would have to be choreographed to appear 100% intentional. Yes, that's not the easiest thing to pull off without actually hurting him, but these are two veterans at the top of their game. If Finn sells hard, it could look good. Picture Finn on the grandest stage of them all, walking back up the ramp, clutching his elbow and looking out to the crowd with the same look that we saw on his face not too long ago.

Instead of rehabbing, Finn would spend the three months at home or maybe helping out down at the Performance Center. While I'm sure being out of action is the last thing he wants, the benefit will be astronomical. WWE is constantly trying to make an underdog out of him, which is kind of hard when you're one of the most accomplished wrestlers and look like the definition of an elite athlete. But if after all of this, Finn's re-crowning is held off again and he has to fight his way back to the main event while watching other guys pass him by, he could actually properly fill that role. He could also come back with a vengeance. It would do him well to have a bit of an edge to the way he conducts himself, especially towards Joe. Seth didn't mean to injure him after all, but Joe did. Joe made this personal.

Meanwhile, it makes Joe a monster. He's charismatic in a way that other monster heels like Brock Lesnar and Nia Jax don't quite exhibit. His intensity is undeniable, and all of that goes a long way to getting him over. As Triple H's attack dog, he could be protected in a unique way and make it very clear to Stephanie that he doesn't work for her. When Finn Balor returns in the next couple of weeks or so, it makes every bit of sense for him to stand up to Triple H, taking issue with the idea that Hunter somehow created him. We already refer to a certain subset of wrestlers as "Triple H Guys", so make it official. Triple H, knowing what's best for business, could try to smooth relations and recruit Finn as one of his guys, but Finn resists. That's how he gets himself into this WrestleMania matchup with Joe, and Joe becomes his distinct foil.

Then there's the fallout. Seth will be back not long after (assuming Mania is out) and if they continue to draw out his match with Triple H, it will only cause fatigue. Instead, put it on Payback, it could use the eyeballs while SummerSlam will be packed with main event matches, and the name is quite fitting. Upon Finn's return, he and Seth can have an understanding. Maybe they're not best friends, but they're not intentionally getting in each other's way. Throw in a few tag matches, as WWE does, and the stage is set for Samoa Joe vs. Finn Balor vs. Seth Rollins at SummerSlam. Ideally, it'd be for the Universal Championship, but that's a whole other issue.

Regardless, Seth and Finn deserve a redo after the way their match last year went down. Adding in Joe would allow there to be an adversarial character now that Seth is also a face, and add a new dynamic to the match. Will they work together to take Joe out of the equation, or are these two former world champs too proud to buddy up? The build writes itself and the story could act as a return to greatness arc for Finn. He needs something to sink his teeth into, and this lets him play with the idea that sometimes when you fall down, just getting back up isn't enough. It's heartbreaking, but it'll let him push through and find something truly great on the other side. Sure you could slap a belt on him like he never even left, but why not use the real-life story to mold the fictional one?

Finn should be champion again by the end of 2017. He should be treated as the main eventer he is and given every opportunity while they still have him. But by working an angle where Samoa Joe reinjures the Demon King, everyone's stock can go up. It'll give him a new arc, a journey he didn't expect to have to go on. It gives Seth a chance to shine as a face, having had just gone through that journey himself. Finally, it makes Joe the biggest, baddest heel in WWE without a doubt.

Culminating at SummerSlam, these three have all of the tools to steal the show, if not put on a match of the year. All it will take to knock it out of the park will be for these experienced competitors, who have a total 47 years in the ring combined, to be given long leash. Creatively and physically, give them room to do what they know how to do, and this can be a defining moment in three careers.

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