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Mailbag Q&A January 2017 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Friday, January 20, 2017
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from bobby lesnarg86

Question: "Who was your favorite Royal Rumble winner?"

Answer: The most excited I was for someone to win the Royal Rumble at that time was probably Steve Austin in 1998 or The Undertaker in 2007, although if we go by favorite person to ever win a Royal Rumble, then it's definitely Shawn Michaels.

Question: "If you could take all the championships currently and give them to anyone on the main roster and isn't injured (as of 1/5/16) who would be champions and why?"

Answer: If I go with relatively recent things instead of going back months and booking things differently, I'd keep most of them the same. My lineup would be this:

Universal Champion = Kevin Owens
WWE Champion = AJ Styles
Intercontinental Champion = The Miz (I'm okay with Ambrose but I'd rather keep it on The Miz)
United States Champion = Roman Reigns (I love Jericho but I want Y2J vs Owens for the Universal at WrestleMania and for Reigns to be in the midcard instead)
Raw Women's Champion = Sasha Banks (setting up a heel turn and match against Bayley at WrestleMania; screw Charlotte, I'm tired of her)
SmackDown Women's Champion = Alexa Bliss
Cruiserweight Champion = Neville
Raw Tag Team Champions = Cesaro and Sheamus (so they can lose it to Anderson and Gallows)
SmackDown Tag Team Champions = The Wyatt Family (I would want to wait a little longer before American Alpha dethroned them)

Sent in from Wolf Jones

Question: "Now that we are in the middle of January, have you guys stuck to your New Year's resolutions? If so, what are they?"

Answer: I never really have a resolution outside of just trying to be a better person all around. So far, I think I'm accomplishing that, even if I'm not able to check anything off the list of what things I can improve on. At the very least, I have the right mentality of not succumbing to hopelessness, which is a start haha.

Question: "Do you guys have any advice on how to gain confidence? Are you afraid of what people think of you?"

Answer: I'm definitely afraid of what people think of me, but only depending on certain circumstances. If someone's opinion means nothing to me, then they can think whatever they want and it doesn't rattle my cage so long as they don't start spreading their b.s. to try to convince other people of the same thing to ruin my reputation. Naturally, though, I want everyone to think as highly of me as possible in all situations, but that's pretty much impossible. The only advice I'd have in regards to gaining confidence is to start off in situations where you're skilled and to branch out from there. If there's something you're good at or you enjoy a lot, try to find a club based around it where you might be able to stand out as a well-respected and liked member of that community and then that will in turn give you a boost in confidence that lets you take more risks outside of it, and then it's a snowball effect where the more risks you take (within reason), the more chances to succeed you get, which give you more confidence and it repeats.

Sent in from Silent Wind of Doom

Question: "Blonde, brunette, or redhead?"

Answer: Brunette, then dirty blonde, then blonde, then auburn, then red.

Question: "Who hurt Shaun to make him start hating women recently? I don't know if Shaun is gonna be around, but I expect everyone to throw in their own theories."

Answer: Shaun needs Will Smith to give him some love life advice, essentially.

Question: "We had the discussion about best heels a couple months back, but we mostly talked about authority figures. Who's the best heel wrestler? Flair? DiBiase? Helmsley? Hogan?"

Answer: Overall, I think Ted DiBiase takes the cake as he pulled off both the in-ring heel character as well as being a great manager to transfer heat onto other people. Flair and Triple H are definitely up there in contention, too. While Hulk Hogan's heel turn was immense, I'd argue that he didn't pull off the same type of characteristics as being on par with some of the others. Some other great ones were JBL, Iron Sheik, and Roddy Piper.

Question: "Favorite band and favorite solo artist?"

Answer: I don't ever seem to like any bands or particular musicians, just individual songs. There are a few people that I have more than one song from, but I have no association to them as performers. Typically, I don't even know what those bands and singers even look like, so any kind of brand devotion or culture that goes along with it is lost on me.

Question: "What WWE merchandise do you own?"

Answer: I have a Randy Savage Funko Pop (by the way, if you like those, enter the contest) and a Hulk Hogan Halloween costume, but that might be it, actually, outside of my old action figures packed away from when I was a kid. I still have my photos and my signed beer can from Sandman and whatnot, but I don't buy anything from the WWE Shop or at live events. I'm continually tempted to purchase a WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, though...

Sent in from Peter Piccininni

Question: "What kind of Money in the Bank do like better? WWE 7-9 guys climb a ladder get a contract with a year time cash in. TNA 4 of the 6 post have a briefcase with a world, mid-card, tag-team and pink slip with at least 15 guys. Lucha Underground 7 competitors get medallion have a 7 way for The Gift of the Gods title the belt must be cash in a week in advance to advertise"

Answer: I like WWE's simple and more effective way the best. The surprise factor of being able to cash in at any time is imperative to the gimmick's success, and I like it best when there's only one briefcase that can be all-powerful instead of multiple different ones—however, I wouldn't mind if WWE did a Women's MITB and maybe a tag team MITB along with the two world titles one.

Question: "Do you think the rumble should be bigger with the two brands?"

Answer: I actually have an article up right now about how moving to 60 men could work out well. They should never split it and have separate branded Royal Rumbles, but a 60-man would be cool to see at least once.

Question: "If this is before Rumble who would you like and who do you think will be surprise entrances in the Rumble? I think Shaqu, Batista (Gut feeling) and Triple H"

Answer: I don't think some of these have any chance to happen, but I'd like to see Kurt Angle, Shelton Benjamin, Samoa Joe, Tye Dillinger (as #10), MVP, Carlito (and I'd like him to return to the main roster to form a stable with Epico and Primo afterward), Kenny Omega, and maybe Finn Balor but I'm okay with him sitting this out and returning after WrestleMania.

Question: "If Brock Vs Goldberg, Cena Vs. Taker, Roman Vs Braun or Big Show Vs Shaqu are going to have the world title match at Mania who wins the rumble and the gold? I pick Shaqu to win the rumble with Show entering as champ"

Answer: At the moment, I've narrowed my Royal Rumble winner picks to The Undertaker, Braun Strowman, Samoa Joe and maybe Chris Jericho. I'd rather the Universal Championship match be Jericho against Owens and for Jericho to win the Royal Rumble, but I'd also be cool with The Undertaker winning it to challenge either John Cena or AJ Styles and Samoa Joe facing the other one (between Cena/Styles) who isn't champion, but as much as I like Braun Strowman, I do not under any circumstances want to see him win to face Reigns for the Universal title. Those two should have only feuded for the United States title instead, and Strowman should've been the one to beat him for it.

Question: "If Batista came back and won the Universal title would he rename it the Galaxy title and say he is the Guardian of the title?"

Answer: Drax would be pretty literal about it and say that he was now the actual champion of the universe, that's for sure.

Question: "On Total Divas Nikki said I am or I am going to be (I forget) a bigger star than John Cena that's ridiculous right?"

Answer: Absolutely ridiculous. Nikki Bella has become a far bigger star than I ever imagined as her looks and her twin gimmick with her sister as well as their career path have been very beneficial, but there's no way she surpasses Cena either inside the wrestling world or beyond it. Absolutely no way.

Question: "Is it just me or does Big Cass look like Tarzan?"

Answer: A s-a-w-f-t-er version.

Question: "When do you think Emmalina will debut? I think the year 3000 (Joke) night after Mania"

Answer: At this pace, never. I don't know why they're dragging this out, but it's gotten to the point where I don't really care anymore. Now, they have to do more work to get me invested again than if they had just put her on the show 2 months ago.

Question: "Is Sheamus and Cesaro the new Hell No? Have they been given a name if not what name would you give them?"

Answer: They really do need to give them a team name of some sort, but I can't think of anything decent.

Question: "Do you think that Elsworth is going to take over the comedy role and be more like Santino?"

Answer: Very much so, just not as entertaining and long-lasting.

Question: "When Seth teams with Roman (No Dean) do they boo Seth by association and does that hurt Seth?"

Answer: I don't think that has any real effects on Seth Rollins. People seem to be fervent in their distaste for Reigns specifically instead of carrying that over to anybody associated with him.

Question: "Do you think the Hype Bros were supposed to beat the Wyatt's for the tag titles, drop them to some team like Vanscention (English/Viktor) or Roper (Rowen/Harper) and American Alpha was supposed to win at Mania"

Answer: I think The Hype Bros were going to be fed to The Wyatt Family to drag things out for another few weeks or months before American Alpha would have dethroned The Wyatt Family just as they did. My guess is WWE just decided to fast forward.

Question: "If New Day didn't have the record to break do you think The Club would have been have been tag champs by now?"

Answer: Oh definitely. I think it's for the better, though. The Club haven't really been worth a damn since AJ Styles split from them and if they would have been given a tag title run, they would have just sullied the championship rather than using it to propel themselves to the next level.

Question: "With the U.K tournament do you think WWE is looking to bring the territories? Maybe a Japanese, Mexican , Germany, Italy, France etc"

Answer: Not so much full-on territories like the old days, but I think they're looking to expand where they basically stamp the WWE branding on other markets to make money in avenues that are harder to get the live show revenue in.

Question: "Is Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte Flair the female rivalry of John Cena Vs. Randy Orton?"

Answer: It sure seems like it, as it just keeps happening over and over again.

Question: "Have you noticed Carmella is announced from Staten Island only? Did Staten Island become a state or is WWE being lazy not saying Staten Island New York?"

Answer: I think it's just one of those little choices they make to try to simplify things for the audience. They care more about people knowing she's "The Princess of Staten Island" rather than being from New York in particular, so they just announce that so it stands out more.

Question: "I heard DDP and Rick Rude are rumors, but I can't think other than Vader. Who would you like to see go into the WWE Hall of Fame this year? Do you think the Muppets will go in for celebrity and their creator Jim and his son Jon (Both dead) Henson for The Warrior Award? I mean if Trumps in the Muppets are well deserving"

Answer: Shaq could go in for the Celebrity Wing, or maybe Muhammad Ali, or Cyndi Lauper, Andy Kaufman, there's still a few options for that. There's so, so many people not in the Hall of Fame yet...

Question: "Who did better in UFC Ronda Rousey in her return match or CM Punk in CM Punk's debut? Which one is more WWE bound?"

Answer: I actually didn't even bother to check out Rousey's latest fight but I heard it was pretty awful. At least she has a history of success to back herself up, while Punk failed right out of the gate. At this point, I think we're more likely to see Rousey in WWE than Punk, though.

Question: "6 mailbags ago you ask me to ask you the same question 6 months later so what do you think of the draft?"

Answer: I'm really annoyed with how much they're stretching some of these stories out. They've specifically said in interviews that this was a game plan they specifically wanted to do and I think it's a mistake, as I find myself not paying attention to any of the content that I've seen for the past bunch of months. For example, why are Becky Lynch and Alexa Bliss still feuding? Why is Emmalina STILL not here after over 3 months? I could use that WrestleMania influx of talent to spice things up.


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