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WWE SmackDown Live 10/11/2016 Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, October 11, 2016
Tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown for October 11, 2016 is coming to you live from the SAP Center in San Jose, CA. Follow along here for ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

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After No Mercy, we are ready for SmackDown. Check out everything that happened at No Mercy here, and be ready for the fallout.

PROMO (In-Ring): The new Intercontinental Champion, Dolph Ziggler, is starting off SmackDown! He says that the weeks leading up to No Mercy he let his emotions get the best of him causing him to put his career on the line for the IC Title, but its okay now because he walked away a champ. Last Sunday could've been the last for him, and for the first time he doubted himself and believed he made a mistake. What if he didn't win? But as soon as he stepped in the ring at No Mercy he knew its where he belonged, and he did it. Out comes the former IC Champ, The Miz. Flanked by his wife, Maryse. Both of them enter the ring and leave their heads down, and then shush Dolph when he tries to speak. Saying they are mourning the death of the Intercontinental Championship. The title wasn't just lost at No Mercy, Dolph killed it. He brought the prestige back to the IC Title. Him and no one else, but Dolph winning is a funeral for the belt due to his mediocrity. This is not the end of htis movie however. This is merely the beginning of act two. All great stories have the same ending, the hero gets the glory and the girl, and The Miz already has the girl so he wants his gold back. Dolph is happy Miz is here, and he replays the one, two, three pinfall and The Mizs' distraught face at the end of Sunday night. The Miz isn't pleased, saying this isn't funny as the crowd starts the "You were crying" chants. He says that he did anything and everything to keep that belt, so guess what he'll do to get it back. The Miz says he isn't done with him, and neither is The Spirit Squad. Mikey and Kenny come out and do some BS cheer that ends with them saying they will face Ziggler in a handicap match.

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MATCH: The Spirit Squad vs. Dolph Ziggler

RESULTS: Dolph Ziggler wins via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: I was truly hoping that The Spirit Squad would be gone. I'm okay with Kenny. I can see him having a good singles career as something other than a male cheerleader, but hopefully they aren't around much longer.

After the match, The Miz attacks Dolph in the ring. The Spirit Squad joins in to help, but then out comes the SmackDown Tag Team Champions to save the day.

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PROMO (Backstage): Commissioner Shane-O-Mac and GM Daniel Bryan are out to talk about the 30th annual Survivor Series. The two offer an opportunity for Raw. Five on five traditional Survivor Series elimination match-up. Also the same match for tag teams. Raws five best tag teams vs. SmackDowns five best tag-teams in another elimination tag match, and then finally.. The same for the women! Five of Raws best women vs. five of SmackDowns best women in another elimination tag team match. Thats a big challenge, and I'm sure Stephanie and Mick will respond on Monday.

Earlier in the night, Carmella attacks Nikki Bella after an interview with Renee Young.

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MATCH: Carmella vs. Naomi

During the match, Nikki Bella runs to ringside to distract Carmella.

RESULTS: Naomi wins via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: I continue to be impressed by the women's division on SmackDown. Consistently good stuff.

PROMO (Backstage): Alexa Bliss is asked about Naomi beating her at No Mercy, and she says she was ready for a women's championship match and not Naomi. She says she could beat Naomi any day of the week, and then Daniel Bryan comes in saying she'll have an opportunity to prove that next Tuesday on SmackDown.

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MATCH: Jimmey Uso (w Jey Uso) vs. Chad Gable (w Jason Jordan)

RESULTS: Jimmy Uso wins via pinfall (help from his brother holding him down on pin)
THOUGHTS: Heels winning through heel ways. I like it.

PROMO (Backstage): The Hype Bros are backstage talking about getting the tag belts. Then The Ascension comes in, stares them down, but they say nothing and walk away.

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PROMO (In-Ring): AJ Styles is blessing us with his presence for his victory speech after winning the triple threat match and retaining his title at No Mercy. He knows the crowd lives through him as he is the champ, but he doesn't need them. So he says that they need to cheer for Cena, but he isn't here. So they can cheer for Ambrose, but he is a lunatic loser and calls the crowd pathetic for cheering for him. He beat Cena and Ambrose at the same time, and even though he used a steel chair he found a way to win. He says after such a monumental win most guys would at least take a night off, but not him. He is giving someone a main event type of opportunity. He asks for an opponent, and out comes Dean Ambrose. AJ says that he isn't talking about him, so he needs to leave. Dean says that he consistently finds the easy way out, but AJ says he is just smart. Dean says he isn't going anywhere because he isn' done with AJ yet. He says no one is jumping him on this roster to face AJ, and out comes James Ellsworth!!! YES! He says he feels bad that The Miz beat him up and took his chances to be his tag team partner, so tonight he will face the WWE World Champion in a non-title match. Dean says he is really looking forward to this match and wants a front row seat. AJ says no, but then out comes Daniel Bryan. Bryan says he is the one that makes the matches, but luckily he is a huge James Ellsworth fan and this match will happen. However, Dean won't be at ringside, he will be the special guest referee. If AJ puts his hands on Dean, he will be fined or suspended.

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MATCH: James Ellsworth vs. AJ Styles

Dean Ambrose is our special guest referee.

At one point, Ellsworth was tapping to the calf crusher, but Dean was on the phone and not paying attention. He also had Ellsworth beat with a Styles Clash, but Dean refused to count the three. Then Dean hits a Dirty Deeds, and rolls Ellsworth on top of the champ for a pin but Styles kicks out at two. So he hits another Dirty Deeds and gives Ellsworth a quick three count for the win!

RESULTS: James Ellsworth wins via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: This was incredibly entertaining, and I love James Ellsworth. This guy is living the dream. Dean was great as the special guest ref, and this was super entertaining all around. James Ellsworth has a win over the WWE World Champion.. Amazing!

PROMO (Backstage): Orton and Kane are backstage, and Orton says Kane is the only other one in this building who knows what its like to o through hell. He is tired of living in Brays world, but can Bray live through his? There are no games in his world. Just agony, pain, and voices. There is no way out of his world, and then asks Kane to come along for the ride. Kane agrees, and then says Randy has some serious issues. The two face Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper later in the night.

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PROMO (Backstage): AJ is complaining to the GM and Commissioner about his loss to James Ellsworth, and tells Bryan he should've slapped the taste out of his mouth. Shane jumps in and says he asked for the match so he should be angry at himself. He asks AJ if he understands, and that the loss is official. He says he understands and he will take things into his own hands. As the promo is ending, Daniel says he has an idea for James Ellsworth next week.

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PROMO (In-Ring): Luke Harper says he has seen the light, and Bray says its brighter than its ever been though it still can't pierce the darkness. He tells Randy to bring his monster, because he has his pointing at Luke Harper.

MATCH: Kane & Randy Orton vs. Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper

During the match, the lights go out as Orton goes for a tag with Kane. The lights come back on and Luke Harper is standing there and Kane is gone. Wyatt hits Sister Abagail for the win.

RESULTS: Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper win via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: Hmmm.. Wyatt and Orton feud continuing isn't something I'm overly excited about. I'd rather see Harper vs Wyatt but hopefully thats what we're building towards.


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