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Mailbag Q&A October 2016 Inbox

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, October 19, 2016
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from truewwechampion

Question: "Who should be the man to stop Brock Lesnar?"

Answer: Cesaro would be my pick. Nothing would legitimize him more than beating Lesnar.

Question: "Who should beat Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship?"

Answer: Definitely Finn Balor, and hopefully that can happen with a Royal Rumble and WrestleMania path.

Question: "What is your top 3 favorite game series of all time?"

Answer: Mario, Kirby and Pokemon, even though my favorite singular game of all time is GoldenEye.

Sent in from Silent Wind of Doom

Question: "You guys have expressed frequently the desire for Hell in a Cell to be a storyline event rather than a PPV. If the PPV was never a thing, what feuds over the last three years and beyond would you like to have seen go into the cell? Which if any women would break that barrier?"

Answer: No women would have qualified in my mind. If we look back to 2009 when the pay-per-view was created, the only ones that we've had that I think were justified were Randy Orton vs John Cena, Kane vs Undertaker, Triple H vs Undertaker, Seth Rollins vs Dean Ambrose and Brock Lesnar vs Undertaker.

Question: "Since you guys really don't do this often, and it can be fun, how would you book the Royal Rumble? The match itself and the title match only if that makes it easier."

Answer: I'm still firmly against the brand split, but since WWE is so convinced it was a good idea, I'll force them to put their money with their mouth is. Give us a 60-man Royal Rumble which includes Raw, SmackDown and NXT. If he's available, Finn Balor wins the Royal Rumble so he can beat Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania while John Cena wins the Elimination Chamber to get a shot at AJ Styles. If not, then Cena wins the Royal Rumble and we switch to give Balor that extra month. In the meantime, Kevin Owens should have a throwaway match with Cesaro, who earns the title shot by beating Sheamus at either Survivor Series or Roadblock.

Question: "I honestly don't know a friggin' thing about Harry Potter, but everyone's asking what everyone's patronus is. If you know what that is, what's yours?"

Answer: I've watched all the movies and read 3 of the books, but I don't remember how that whole deer hologram thing works. Apparently, according to the Pottermore quiz thing, it's a pheasant, which seems dumb. I want a hedgehog or something like that.

Sent in from Peter Piccininni

Question: "Did you know Summer Rae is out on neck injury?"

Answer: That would explain why she's been completely MIA, but then again, they've never really used her since calling her up to the main roster to begin with.

Question: "Do you think miz or dolph ziggler will 9 or plus ic champions?"

Answer: Nope, I think Chris Jericho's holding the record for a long while.

Question: "I got YouTube red for a movie I wanted to watch. Me not watching commercials would it be affecting your pay?"

Answer: Yes and no. All YouTube channels still get paid even if someone is using YouTube Red, but it changes from a per-view/click basis to a proportional percentage based on view time. With the YouTube Red model, I don't make as much in general, it seems, although at the same time, less emphasis needs to be put on click-bait that people only watch a few seconds of.

Question: "If this is before hell in a cell did you realize new day ties punks 434 reign on hiac?"

Answer: I'm still holding out hope that they beat Demolition's record.

Question: "If, when Paige leaves wwe can we strip her of the sexiest woman's title?"

Answer: As much as I'd like to see Paige stripped in various definitions of the word, nope. She won fair and square as far as I'm aware, and even though I totally disagree with the outcome, that's just how it played out. If she leaves WWE, though, then I'm predicting Alexa Bliss has a major chance at winning the next tournament.

Question: "Do you consider yourself a celebrity/famous?"

Answer: Nope, not at all. I'm not even "internet famous" yet. If a D-list celebrity is reality TV level and YouTubers would be a few steps lower than that, I'm probably N-list or something lol.

Question: "What is the first thing you think of for your co host Tony Paden wago drew callen. Can you say something nice and bad about the other?"

Answer: I should definitely pull a random word association thing on whoever is doing the podcast edition of this, shouldn't I?

Question: "Did you see the commentator rude a long? Do you think we will see a current commentator ride along? How would a ride along go with Tony Paden wago drew and callen? "

Answer: Poor Byron Saxton. I felt bad for him after watching that. WWE seems to be really lax on the Ride Along episodes, so I wouldn't put it past them to not have a more current lineup of commentators on the episode, but they should definitely do more. As far as a Smack Talk panelist Ride Along, I'd assume it would play out a lot like the podcasts where we'd be busting each others' balls the whole time, except nobody would probably be able to agree on any music, too.

Question: "Do you think the following will win the triple crown/grand slam title big e (world/us) cesaro (world/ic) Kevin Owens (tag/us) kofi Kingston (world) Roman Reigns (ic) Seth Rollins (ic) Dean Ambrose (tag) jack swagger (ic/tag) Zack Ryder (world)"

Answer: I still think it's super dumb they don't recognize the United States Championship as being on par with the Intercontinental. I like the IC better, but they should be equals. That being said, Big E and Zack Ryder won't win world titles to finish their list, and I don't think Kofi will either, but I think he stands a better chance among the three. Cesaro has a good chance if he sticks around. Kevin Owens and Dean Ambrose could definitely win a tag title. Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins probably won't win the Intercontinental since they're past that point. Jack Swagger is screwed on both fronts.


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