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WWE SmackDown Live 8/30/2016 Results Coverage

Posted by Unknown Tuesday, August 30, 2016
Tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown for August 30, 2016 is coming to you live from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. Follow along here for ongoing coverage of the results of the show to find out what happens as things occur and chat with fellow WWE fans in the comments below!

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We finally have our main event for Backlash! The WWE World Champion, Dean Ambrose, will take on AJ Styles! The SmackDown Tag Team Championship tournament will continue as we build towards the final at Backlash. I'm sure that Shane McMahon will have a retort to Paul and Stephanie's moment on Raw where they talked about Brock Lesnar "crossing the line" by F5'ing him at SummerSlam, and finally I'm hoping we get more of Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton! Also, Daniel Bryan responds to the INCREDIBLE promo that The Miz dropped on him on Talking Smack last week.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They replay The Miz's EPIC promo on Talking Smack last Tuesday.

PROMO(Backstage): Shane and DB are backstage after watching that promo, and Shane says that Bryan owes Miz an apology. Shane feels that Daniel provoked the talent last Tuesday, even though he agrees with what his GM said. Daniel says that feels a little ironic coming from someone who has beef with Brock Lesnar.

PROMO (In-Ring): The Miz starts off the show in the ring with his lovely wife, and he says that he is tired of the disrespect and complaints thrown his way. He is the guy that the WWE calls to do interviews, red carpets, and of course do big promotions like the new WWE-KFC partnership where Miz stars as the chicken. He is then attacked and called out by Dolph Ziggler saying that if he wants prove people wrong then he should fight him. The Miz and his wife promptly leave.

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MATCH: The Vaudevillains vs. The Hype Bros

This match is part of the SmackDown Tag Team Championship tournament!

RESULTS: The Hype Bros win via pinfall and advance to the semi-finals.
THOUGHTS: I can't beleive that The Vaudevillains knocked off Breezango last week. I'd rather see Breezango than The Hype Bros.

PROMO (Backstage): AJ Styles is walking around backstage with his new John Cena headband saying he is the face that runs the place. He then comes up to Apollo Crews and acts like he forgets his name, and Crews reminds him by spelling it out. AJ essentially says that he doesn't care, because he is the face that runs the place.

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PROMO (In-Ring): Out comes AJ Styles, who is now being announced as "The face that runs the place". I love that, and the fact that he is wearing the John Cena headband. He reminds everyone that he beat Cena at SummerSlam, and that he plans to do the same thing to Dean Ambrose. Dean will be laying on his back looking at AJ being crowned the new WWE World Champion. But before he can continue he is interrupted by a familiar face in Apollo Crews. AJ tells them to cut the music, and he is not happy about the interruption. Apollo comes in and says that he got permission to challenge him to a match. Right now.

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MATCH: AJ Styles vs. Apollo Crews

RESULTS: AJ Styles wins via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: Great match. Apollo is a very impressive guy that can do some unreal things at his size. He deserves to have a big spot in this companies future. But right now, its all AJ Styles baby.

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PROMO (Heath Slaters home): Renee went to Heath Slaters "house" which is a trailer. She meets his wife, who is clearly an actor, and all this is to make it seem like he needs a contract and needs the money. Rhyno is also there, and she brings up not being drafted. He says that it isn't that anybody didn't want him, but that it was merely an oversight. Then his wife says that she found a box of pizza crust for dinner... Renee asks what was going through his head when he went toe to toe with Lesnar and Orton. He says he will do whatever it takes to be in this business. Heath says that he is lucky to stand with Rhyno as his partner and its all for his family. He says his goals are to upgrade from his trailer to a doublewide for his kids.. Who're outback picking up cans and bottles.. This entire segment was fantastic.

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PROMO (In-Ring): Bray Wyatt is back to talk more about Randy Orton. Bray, sitting in his chair, says he does not fear snakes, monsters, or any man. Simply because he is fear. He thinks of Randy as just a man, not some viper. He may believe he has venom in veins, and that excites Bray. He's sick, and he is excited about that. Lesnar exploited all of Orton's flaws. He had no fears, he thought he was untouchable, but he came out of that match as a damaged man. He prays the voices in his head are telling him to run. But, Randy invites himself to the ring instead! Randy says that the voices in his head are actually asking him, "Who in the hell does this guy think he is?". Randy says he has been damaged a long time, so from one damaged man to another he has his attention. Bray says that he admires his courage. Covered in scars but still no fear. Bray is the predator now. What is it that a predator does best? He kills. At Backlash, Bray cuts the serpents head off and will hang it on his mantle like the trophy that Randy is. Randy says that he has played this game for years, and he is still standing. From Cactus Jack and The Undertaker, there are scars. He says the scars he should worry about are the ones inside. He knows that Bray has his demons too. Bray Wyatt wants Randy Orton at Backlash... You got it. Randy says he isn't afraid of a man that calls himself a god, and he isn't afraid to kick that mans ass right now. Randy charges the ring, but the lights go out and it all ends.. Odd. I'm assuming Randy was standing in an empty ring, but they didn't show it.

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MATCH: Alexa Bliss & Natalya vs. Becky Lynch & Naomi

Nikki Bella is on commentary.

Carmella comes out of nowhere to attack Nikki. That distracts Becky for Alexa to get the roll up win.

RESULTS: Alexa & Natalya win via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: I'm not a Carmella fan, but I'm liking the build up between her and Nikki. The build up for the women's six pack challenge has been great.

VIDEO PACKAGE: They play a video package of The Headbangers and what they provided in the Attitude Era as they make their return tonight.

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MATCH: The Headbangers vs. Heath Slater & Rhyno

More tag team tourney action! The winner of this match moves on to the semi-finals to take on The Vaudevillains.

RESULTS: Rhyno & Heath Slater win via pinfall.
THOUGHTS: Give Heath and Rhyno the belts please. Let American Alpha chase the belts a little longer, and secure Heath on SmackDown. He has been the unsung MVP of the entire WWE since the draft.

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PROMO (In-Ring): Some guy is in the ring saying he was promised a fight, but there is no one to fight him. But he isn't leaviing until he gets his fight. I think he called himself a milkman.. He completely removes his suit down to his tighty whiteys.. Out comes Kane! The Milkman then tries to get dressed as quickly as possible.. He gives up and suffers a chokeslam from the Big Red Machine.

MATCH: Dean Ambrose vs. Baron Corbin

AJ Styles is on commentary for this one.

AJ gets up to give Baron some support, and Baron gets right up in his face to tell him to go sit down and that no one tells him what to do. Dean takes advantage hitting both men. Styles then intervenes by hitting Baron.

All three men brawl with Dean standing tall.

RESULTS: Baron Corbin technically wins via DQ.
THOUGHTS: I love Baron being in the main event against the champion. I think he has a big time future in this business and I've thought that since I first saw him in NXT. He just has... IT(in my best Chris Jericho impression).


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