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WWE Brand Split 2016 Mock Draft Part 2

Posted by Unknown Wednesday, June 1, 2016
With news that SmackDown will be airing live on Tuesdays and that it will feature a unique roster broken last week, speculation on a WWE Draft ran amok and seem to be confirmed, so Smark Out Moment's Carlos Toro and Callum Wiggins decided to do a mock draft of their own. Callum will be drafting for Raw and Carlos will be drafting for SmackDown. Below is the final 10 picks for each show plus their NXT pick. Here is part 1.

There are a few rules in this draft:

  • All main roster (i.e. Raw and SmackDown, not NXT) superstars are eligible.
  • Tag teams and factions as of May 25th will be drafted as a unit, not as individuals. 
  • While Charlotte can be picked to a team, she will defend her title on both shows as their is only one Women's Championship.
  • This draft will not consider possible future championships that may be implemented.
  • Each brand gets 20 main roster draft picks and 1 NXT draft pick in which they can secure the rights to, bringing each brand a total of 21 draft picks each.

Superstars picked will be in bold.

11. Callum Wiggins

WWE Raw SmackDown Emma wrestling brand split

I knew you were going to pick him up as soon I took Corbin. I'm going back to the women for now and I want a fantastic heel to counter Banks' huge popularity. But I'm not going the direction you might think - I'm picking Emma. I think she's put on some incredible matches this last year as her self-absorbed persona has developed, and I think she should be the definitive heel in the Women's Division and a prominent title contender.

11. Carlos Toro

 WWE Raw SmackDown Dolph Ziggler wrestling brand split

Bold, bold choice since she's going to be gone probably for the rest of 2016. But I have to agree with you that Emma has done great things since going back to NXT to reinvent herself. I'm going with someone that can be versatile as a face and as a heel, can produce great matches and I think he can still be a huge asset and that is Dolph Ziggler. He's another guy that can have a very solid US Title run and revitalize what is definitely the least relevant title in WWE.

12. Callum Wiggins

I didn't even have Ziggler on my list of potential picks due to how irrelevant he's become. For my next choice, I've seen that there aren't that many superstars that can draw by the power of their name alone, and yet still produce great matches. So I'm bringing Triple H to my side, because not only is he amazing on the microphone and still solid in the ring, he's the former WWE Champion for crying out loud! He's got a few years of top quality feuds left in him.

12. Carlos Toro

Triple H did resign as a wrestler for three more years and he has not had a bad match in years. But I think it is time for me to once again give attention to the women and pick Paige. She's a former Divas Champion, has a lot of years to build herself up as a top contender and we have not really seen a Becky Lynch-Paige feud, which would be great if given the proper build.

13. Callum Wiggins

I guess SmackDown is going to be her house now? Well, I've picked up quite a few heels recently, so it seems like the right time to select a plucky babyface. Enter Neville. Might be injured right now, but his match quality speaks for itself, and through his in-ring work he will always be able to elicit a positive reaction from the WWE audience.

13. Carlos Toro

As much as some of my friends don't care about this team, I need a babyface tag team and that would be the Young Buc- er, I mean The Usos (Sorry the superkicks had me confused) Yes they're boring and bland, but pairing them with Roman would continue that whole family thing they got going on, they can continue feuding with Gallows and Anderson, plus they consistently have great pay-per-view matches.

14. Callum Wiggins

I considered them quite heavily, but you're welcome to have them. I instead need a heel tag team to compete against the tandems I've already drafted, so I'll take the Vaudevillains. Yes the gimmick is hokey and I'd much rather it was The Revival on the main roster than them, it's still unique to them and gets the crowd intrigued, so having them in the picture wouldn't be such a bad thing.

14. Carlos Toro

Well let's keep the tag team carousel going and so my next pick is going to be my favorite tag team of all time, The Dudley Boyz. Their run has been very disappointing, but I think that a change of scenery can be good for them and they are still good as either faces or heels. This is also a pick to add depth to the roster and I think they got one more tag team title run left in them.

15. Callum Wiggins

WWE Raw SmackDown Charlotte wrestling brand split

Goddamnit! I wanted them next upset emoticon It's okay, I'll regroup. Time to pick from the crop of women again, and now I need to get the current Women's Champion Charlotte on my team. She might be mooching off the legacy of her father, but she's improving and gaining confidence with the title around her waist. She'll stand on her own feet soon and show everybody exactly what she's capable of, both in the ring and on the mic.

15. Carlos Toro

 WWE Raw SmackDown Dana Brooke wrestling brand split

Well Charlotte is a great pick but SmackDown has a great crop of women that can fight for that title and this next one could soon be in the mix. That woman is Dana Brooke. She has built a nice winning streak and definitely has improved. She is a good heel and is working hard to improve. She can be great in the ring given the right opponent and Paige and Becky can definitely elevate her given the time.

16. Callum Wiggins

Thanks for keeping track tongue emoticon Looking through my roster I think I need some more babyfaces to even the sides out and give my awesome heels some feuds. It's slim pickings as we get nearer the conclusion, so this might be a little left field, but I'm going Zack Ryder. Still popular, still decent in the ring, and can come out of nowhere with a shock title win to keep his devoted legions of fans happy for a day or two.

16. Carlos Toro

Well you can have mister IC Title for 24 hours. I for one got a former World Champion in my sights and that would be Sheamus. I think his time as a main eventer is done but with guys like Styles, Ambrose, Cesaro and Lesnar, Sheamus can have great physical matches which is his strong suit.

17. Callum Wiggins

You're more than welcome to the worst WWE champion of the last five years. I'll instead turn my attention to finishing my tag team division with the exciting Lucha Dragons. They might have lost most of their momentum with the shoddy state of Kalisto's US title run, but together as a unit could produce some great matches and return back to favor with the fans.

17. Carlos Toro

My next pick is going to be none other than the Social Outcasts. No reason other than to add depth to the roster and while it is stupid comedy, it is comedy nonetheless. Plus I'm waiting for Bo Dallas' sick album to release. He beat Flo Rida in rap battle dammit!

18. Callum Wiggins

Haha I'm pleasantly surprised they got drafted. Well I'm going for someone who's as bland as a glass of mineral water, but could be molded into something interesting over time, and that is Apollo Crews. He's young, athletic, explosive and powerful, and given the right motivation and story could become a key figure in the midcard and beyond.

18. Carlos Toro

I like Apollo Crews but he has been given nothing and it was a shame he didn't beat Jericho in the MITB Qualifying match. I'm taking a seasoned veteran to contrast the young Crews and picking Natalya. She is still a great wrestler and can be someone that on any given day, can have a fantastic match.

19. Callum Wiggins

Wow you picked one of the only people on the roster more bland then Crews tongue emoticon But I think it's time to bolster my female contingent with the underrated Nikki Bella. She might not have her sister by her side anymore but she has John Cena there instead. But, she is better in the ring than ever before, more bearable on the microphone and able to shift between heel and face without anyone posing any questions.

Carlos Toro
See I was thinking Nikki, but I'm not sure how long she can wrestle before her neck completely gives out and puts her on the shelf for good which is why I picked Natalya (although yeah she is pretty bland). My next pick is going to be Darren Young and by extension, the insane Bob Backlund (someone explain to me why Young ever thought of him.) But I digress, Young is an underrated wrestler who along with Backlund can provide for some interesting segments. Not much to this pick but again to add depth to the roster.

20. Callum Wiggins

Well there's so much left to choose from. But out of those remaining, it has to be someone with experience, panache and a great accent. So I'm taking Alberto Del Rio to RAW, as he is a very solid wrestler on his day, strong on the microphone and can carry nearly anyone to a decent match.

20. Carlos Toro
Welp that was going to be my last pick dammit. I suppose that my last pick is going to be The Golden Truth, or Booker T and Goldust 2.0 R-Truth sill entertains crowds and Goldust is still pretty good in the ring. They are not going to be main eventers or even upper midcarders but still be a valuable piece for SmackDown.

NXT Pick: Callum Wiggins

 WWE Raw SmackDown Shinsuke Nakamura wrestling brand split

This is really tricky, but I've narrowed it down to two options. Both would have a lot of upsides, but I can't see anybody having the impact through their sheer charisma and the sheer quality of matches than Shinsuke Nakamura. He's a giant of professional wrestling and could be called upon to produce the most outstanding contests in WWE history.

NXT Pick: Carlos Toro

 WWE Raw SmackDown Finn Balor wrestling brand split

That is a very solid pick. Well you have one huge star from Japan. I'm going to go for another Japan star and that is none other than Finn Balor. The way my roster is built, there is a lot of storyline potential with Finn and with other big names like Orton, Sheamus, Lesnar, Reigns, there is plenty of feuds to build Finn up as one of the top faces of the company. He has the look, an amazing entrance that is only for special events as The Demon and a great counter gimmick as the Real Ayatolah of Rock and Rolla that was so over in New Japan.

Here's a recap of the first 10 rounds:

Callum Wiggins (Raw)

1. John Cena
2. Kevin Owens
3. Seth Rollins
4. Sami Zayn
5. The New Day
6. Enzo and Cass
7. Sasha Banks
8. The Miz
9. Chris Jericho
10. Baron Corbin
11. Emma
12. Triple H
13. Neville
14. The Vaudevillains
15. Charlotte
16. Zack Ryder
17. The Lucha Dragons
18. Apollo Crews
19. Nikki Bella
20. Alberto Del Rio
NXT Pick: Shinsuke Nakamura

Carlos Toro (SmackDown)

1. Roman Reigns
2. AJ Styles
3. Dean Ambrose
4. The Wyatt Family
5. Gallows and Anderson
6. Cesaro
7. Brock Lesnar
8. Becky Lynch
9. Randy Orton
10. Rusev
11. Dolph Ziggler
12. Paige
13. The Usos
14. The Dudley Boyz
15. Dana Brooke
16. Sheamus
17. Social Outcasts
18. Natalya
19. Darren Young
20. The Golden Truth
NXT Pick: Finn Balor

Do you agree with these picks? Who would you have picked instead? Who has the better roster? Sound off in the comments!

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