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Call the Spot on the Card #9: Money in the Bank 2016 Losers

Posted by Anthony Mango Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Welcome to the ninth edition of CALL THE SPOT, where we present a list of five wrestlers and you must choose what place on the WWE Roster Hierarchy they should be put in: 1) Main Event, 2) Upper Midcard, 3) Midcard, 4) Jobber, or 5) Released.

The rules are that each spot must be filled and only one person can be in each spot, so no ties can happen, nor can anyone opt out. No matter how difficult it might be, you have to pick.

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This past weekend, Dean Ambrose won a six-man ladder match to become the new Mr. Money in the Bank, quickly cashing in his title shot opportunity roughly an hour later to become the new WWE World Heavyweight champion. Those other five individuals who weren't able to retrieve the briefcase weren't nearly as lucky, so for this edition of Call the Spot, we're going to be ranking the individuals who lost that match to determine the pecking order of who would have won had Ambrose not been involved.


(Alberto Del Rio - vs - Cesaro - vs - Chris Jericho - vs - Kevin Owens - vs - Sami Zayn)

5) RELEASED = Alberto Del Rio

Those who have followed this website for the past few years know that I'm not the biggest fan of Del Rio, but that's not even necessarily the only reason why I would put him as the guy to be future endeavored. I keep getting the feeling that he doesn't want to be in the company anymore, perhaps because he thinks he deserves to be treated better. I do see the value in Alberto Del Rio and if I didn't prefer everyone else on this list to him, I would definitely rank him higher, as I think he's a very capable midcarder / upper midcarder, but there are bigger fish to fry and people who I think would reap the benefits more when it comes to this list. Plus, Del Rio might be retiring in a few years, so just get him out of the way now, right?

4) JOBBER = Sami Zayn

I joke that Sami Zayn is a dork, but I genuinely like the guy and I want to see him hold that Intercontinental Championship some time in 2016. Still, when you look at the other people he's up against here, he just doesn't match up. Zayn is the right type of guy that you would like to see work the position on the card where he gets people over by losing to them, because you want to see him win and it's disappointing when a heel stops that from happening. His size works against him being up higher on the list, as does his style and his character. This is a nice guy who wants to be the best and has to struggle to get there, not someone who already is at the top of the card and stays there because he's better than everyone. Sadly, Zayn has to job out to three guys who are just more believable as the winner if they were to go up against him.

3) MIDCARD = Cesaro

Cesaro has a lot of positives working in his favor, but he also has one big negative that holds him back: mic work. If he had half the character that a lot of other people had, he would be a world champion by now, because his ring work is great and he has the look that the company would love to see as a champion. Cesaro can work the upper midcard, but he looks somewhat out of place when trying to do a feud as he can't hold his own on the mic, so he would need a manager to be a main event guy on this list. Since there's someone else I think is better suited for the next highest spot, I have to bump him down a tad as a midcarder, where I think he would excel and continue to be "too good" for that spot, basically.

2) UPPER MIDCARD = Chris Jericho

One of his strengths is versatility and being able to adapt his style to work with younger talent who need the rub as well as established stars who need a solid feud to win. Jericho is great at being that guy who can move around the roster and work with pretty much everybody, and the upper midcard is the best position for people like that. If you put him in a main event match, you trust that he has a legitimate shot to be there, and if he loses, it's okay as well. Just the same, if you have him feuding with a midcarder, he looks like the veteran who can definitely win without burying the guy, but can also lose and make him look fantastic.

1) MAIN EVENT = Kevin Owens

Out of everyone on the roster right now, Kevin Owens might be my absolute favorite. If he isn't, he's damn sure in the top tier, and that's because he deserves to be. This guy has been gold since day one of his NXT career, proving that he is a main event caliber talent from the start. Who else has accomplished as much as he has in such a short amount of time? People like Brock Lesnar and The Rock, that's who. Owens is fantastic on the mic and knows his character better than pretty much everyone on the roster, but he also backs it up in the ring by putting on some of the best and most consistently entertaining matches this past year. It's a shame he doesn't have a world title to his name already, but I'm confident that will change soon enough. Owens is a guy that I couldn't be higher on and I think he stands above the rest of the people on this list as being the best.


Stay tuned for more discussion on this topic during our next episode of the Smack Talk podcast. Until then, check out the previous edition in the video below!


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