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Mailbag Inbox Q&A - February 2016

Posted by Anthony Mango Wednesday, February 24, 2016
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Do you have a question that you want to ask the minds over at Smark Out Moment? Our version of the WWE Inbox is the Smark Out Moment Mailbag. Once a month, we set aside some time to answer any of the questions on your mind, whether they be wrestling related, trivia to try to stump us, or just general questions to get to know Tony Mango and the other members of the team better.

Here are your submissions for this month:

Sent in from SurosIceCream

Question: "Hey guys, first off I'd like to say love the content as usual. Anyway, I've got another 3 questions. First, if you could have been at any past WWE Event, in the ringside front row, which event would it be?"

Answer: I have to imagine Hulk Hogan vs Andre the Giant at WrestleMania III would have been absolutely amazing to watch in the front row, or maybe Undertaker vs Edge from WrestleMania XXIV.

Question: "We've seen multiple people take on the same gimmick, like Sin Cara. Who is a character you'd like to see brought back, with a new wrestler?"

Answer: Oddly enough, Kizarny. I think that could have worked if someone else had been given the gimmick.

Question: "What is a dream gimmick-matching tag team with guys from different times? Imagine- Tye Dillinger and Mr. Perfect."

Answer: Ted DiBiase and JBL would be a good one. Giant Gonzalez and Great Khali would be funny to see for one match. Neville and Evan Bourne.

Sent in from Wolf Jones

Question: "What games are you currently playing?"

Answer: Nothing on my end, unfortunately. I can't remember the last game I played through.

Sent in from William Carey

Question: "For the mailbag how would you feel about Owens vs Cole at mania I mean the are building up to it have you seen Owens just attack Cole"

Answer: I don't think anything is really going to come out of this. There's a good chance this is just some sort of running gag between Cole and Owens rather than a storyline like the one with Cole and The Miz.

Sent in from bobby lesnarg86

Question: "Do you think they make the main event of mania a triple threat at the last minute and have the surprise superstar win like they did the last two years?"

Answer: Not this time around. I think they want Roman Reigns to stand tall at the end too badly and there isn't another person to add into the mix like the last two times.

Sent in from Cheyenne Morisset

Question: "will they ever give naomi the belt and for some reason not to sound racist because i am not i have not seen any african american who have belts lately. it seems like a lot of wrestlers get pushed and get screwed at the end like roman and dean?"

Answer: I have no idea why Naomi has yet to be champion. Not only should she have won that season of NXT she was on instead of Kaitlyn, she also should have won the title at least once. She's too good in comparison to some of the women that have won it in the past, but I guess it might be a lack of personality. Until recently, she was pretty bland (and even now, she's still struggling a bit) but I don't think it has anything to do with race. If that were the case, Alicia Fox wouldn't have won the title before. God knows why they haven't pulled the trigger on Dean, too.

Sent in from Peter Piccininni

Question: "Wago, why did you retire from wrestling and can you still go physically?"

Answer: Tune into this week's Smack Talk for Wago's response.

Question: "Tony and Paden: For me since I know Tony and Paden have to live in my general area being at the Rumble in PA and NXT in NY, any plans to do a meet up at like SummerSlam weekend at NXT, Slam or Raw the events if you go?"

Answer: I hadn't planned on going to SummerSlam weekend for sure yet, but if I do, maybe I'll try to set something up for anyone in the general area.

Question: "Shaun and Rick Young added me on their personal account. I was wondering how you feel about having fans on personal accounts because if Panelist A says yes and Panelist B says no I'll respect your decisions"

Answer: I generally try to avoid adding people to my normal Facebook, since that has family members and such on it. Can't speak for the other guys (but they can speak for themselves on Smack Talk).

Question: "What do you guys think of the triple crown and grand slam? Do they mean anything? Also, do you think these wrestlers will win it: Undertaker, Seth Rollins, John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Kane, Chris Jericho, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio, Dean Ambrose, Brock Lesnar"

Answer: I put a lot of stock in those, actually. It shows that someone has been able to succeed on all levels instead of just being shoved into the main event or being a passing fancy for a blip that only gets one belt or something. I'd imagine Undertaker won't get the Intercontinental Championship he needs, nor will John Cena. Triple H and the others who need the United States Championship won't get those belts either. All of them are just too far up in their careers to go down like that and Cena will stick with the US title over the IC title. Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins, on the other hand, I think are pretty much guarantees as well as Sheamus and Del Rio being strong possibilities.

Question: "Do you think WWE sees TNA as a threat? Also, who wins the Wednesday Night War, WWE NXT or Lucha Underground? Who wins the Tuesday Night War between TNA Impact and Total Divas?"

Answer: My guess is they view them like we view flies and mosquitos, where they're not necessarily a threat, but they're an annoyance.

Question: "Can we have a live Smack Talk maybe on Mega Powers Radio? I think it would be fun I wasn't around for it if it happened"

Answer: We've done live normal episodes of Smack Talk before, but not many people participated in the live recording and most watched the archived version on YouTube, so I stopped doing those. We still do the pay-per-view post-shows live, though, and we'll be continuing that for the foreseeable future.

Question: "If Tony is Michael Cole, who are the others on the announce team?"

Answer: Drew is Byron Saxton, Calen is Rich Brennan, Wago is heel JBL, Paden is Gorilla Monsoon, Shaun is Booker T.

Sent in from Callum Wiggins

Question: "Is the Divas Division in a better state than it was during the Attitude/Ruthless Aggression eras when they were essentially just bikini models?"

Answer: Things are much, much better nowadays, even though there's still a lot of room for improvement.

Question: "How would you rescue the Divas division, or would you disband it entirely?"

Answer: WWE is on the right track with getting more talented women to wrestle rather than just trying to take models and teach them the basics. I think one thing that could change for the better, though, is acknowledging the mistakes rather than hiding them. Instead of always trying to promote an atmosphere of how "strong and amazingly talented" all of the women are, they should be just as willing to shit on the bad matches as they would be with the men. Notice how we can make jokes about jobbers in the men's division, but nobody ever calls out the women on being useless. If it's okay to point out how bad Adam Rose is in order to show how great other people are in comparison, then we should be able to do the same with how bad someone like Rosa Mendes is, just so the better women can in fact look better. Nobody's special if everyone is special.

Question: "Will women's wrestling ever be taken seriously on the grandest stages of WWE?"

Answer: In the grand scheme of things, I don't think it will ever come close to matching the men, but instances like Sasha Banks vs. Bayley prove that if the quality is good enough, people will not only accept it as a main attraction, but embrace it. The more improvements, the better the division looks in the long run.


Tony Mango is the founder, editor-in-chief, head writer, host of Smack Talk, and much more for Smark Out Moment as well as all branches under A Mango Tree including Fanboys Anonymous. He is a writer, creative director/consultant, media manager and entertainer. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.


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