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WWE's League of Nations Stable is a Necessary Evil

Posted by Jackson Ward Thursday, December 3, 2015
It had to be a bitter sweet moment for Woodrow Wilson and his lineage. The League of Nations proved to be an elusive beast for his administration. After nearly 100 years, it finally manifested. Who knew it would take professional wrestling to bring it to life?

President Wilson's version and WWE's version seek the same thing: stability.

It's no secret that Monday Night Raw has been leaving its audience unfulfilled lately. Maybe storylines have gotten a little complacent, but the chasm created by recent injuries cannot be overstated. Many are quick to point out that this is the perfect time for WWE to push its younger stars or promote a slew of NXT talent. While a combination of both will most likely happen, WWE is not in the mood to do anything drastic.

So what did they do? They put a group of proven midcarders in a stable. It may seem a little underwhelming, but it's going to work. Let's take a look at the ingredients:

Raw Sheamus Del Rio Rusev King Barrett Title History
In a much different universe, this image is on somebody's $2 bill.

Sheamus: The apparent brains of the operation and WWE Champion. Regardless of how some feel about him, he has shown that he can at least hang in the main event picture.

Alberto Del Rio: The methods of his return have been questionable. Has MexAmerica already been snuffed? Either way, he holds a title and also relevant main event time.

King Barrett: The guy can't seem to get footing. He's certainly good at his job, but needs a little help. He'd make a great European Championship. Too bad that title doesn't exist.

Rusev: He works as the Evolution version of Randy Orton in this group. He's also stumbled a bit, but remains the group's most compelling character.

This is a perfect example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. Although Corporate Sheamus was innately amusing when he kicked off Raw, he's better suited being the figurehead of a formidable stable. The League of Nations has potential to be a perfect bridge to WrestleMania 32. The question is not if they can do it, but will they do it? Potential is such a dangerous word in WWE. Right now, The League of Nations falls somewhere in between La Resistance and the Nation of Domination.

Considering the League of Nations owns the WWE title, the United States title and has a loose affiliation with the tag belts, all signs point to them getting a run. The foreign group of heels is an ancient concept, but so is peeing in the shower. What it lacks in creativity it makes up for in effectiveness.

What to hope for:
  • That additions are kept to a minimum. Bank on Lana joining, but not Kevin Owens.
  • That this actually propels Rusev.
  • That they routinely assault Jack Swagger.
  • That they still exist by next week's Raw.
  • And PLEASE, do not stir up a wave of babyface jingoism.
That last one deserves a little attention. Surely with Cena being WWE's resident flag waver, patriotism will be kept to a minimum in future League of Nations feuds. WWE has concocted several opportunities for Reigns to turn the corner. His fan reaction is improving, but it is still fragile. We are going to see a lot of him, and most will tolerate and eventually support Reigns as the guy. However, if this push gets desperate and Stars and Stripes appear on Reign's chest plate, we may have a problem. It'd be the cheapest way to get cheers for Roman, but the smarkier fans would take it as an insult that it is. WWE knows better, right? Right?

America Patriotism Lex Luger Failure
Just, don't.
WWE has had recent success producing entertaining heels like The New Day, Kevin Owens, and Paige. Here's to hoping they keep their momentum and hold our hands until we make it to WrestleMania 32.

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