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Is Big E WWE World Heavyweight Championship Material?

Posted by Marc G Friday, October 9, 2015
For the past couple months, The New Day has been the most entertaining thing on WWE television. The trio of Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E couldn't have come at a better time for the company. The tag division has been dwindling for a long time and these three have brought credibility back to the tag team titles with their entertaining antics and great matches.

New Day WWE championship gold
Xavier Woods (left), Big E (center), and Xavier Woods (right)
All three members of The New Day look like stars in their respective roles. Xavier Woods is without a doubt the brains, Kofi Kingston is the speed demon, and Big E is the powerhouse. All put forth a spectacular show that is can't miss television in and out of the ring. The most surprising of the three in my opinion, however, has been Big E.

Coming in as Dolph's bodyguard in early 2013, Big E has always seemed void of personality. His matches were always pretty good and his physique even more impressive, but he was missing a character. Now, being paired with Kingston & Woods, Big E was able to show a different side of his character. He has been intense, precise, and silly all in the same breath and it has been a wonderful thing to see. With that being said, could Big E one day be WWE Champion?

History, of course, says no. It's hard enough for an African American to get over in Vince's system, let alone be a World Champion. But, Big E possess all the tools it takes to be McMahon's champion in 2015. His physique is other worldly—the guy has muscles on top of muscles. His moveset is convincing and realistic. The spear through the second rope is a show stopper. Furthermore, through his new gimmick, he has found his voice and completely changed the way we look at him. Now, I know you're wondering where I would get an idea like this out of the blue.

The Dudley Boyz returning to feud with The New Day has been amazing. The #SavetheTables campaign is most definitely stealing the show nearly every night. Recently, in a tag match against the Dudley Boyz at Night of Champions, Big E showed a hint of genius. A stroke of wrestling artistry, that had me fantasizing the idea of Big E one day being WWE Champion.

Kofi Kingston, after getting worked over by Devon for a while, decides to tag Big E in, prompting Devon to tag his "brother" Bubba Ray into the match. Big E comes into the match, as well as Bubba, and they proceed to have a staredown. In this moment, the brilliance of a heel Big E is shown. He does his signature dance with a hump at the end and screams as loud and as serious as possible, "Go home old man! Go home old man! It's our time now!" Bubba then shoves Big E, who sells it like a shotgun blast, hitting the bottom turnbuckle and floundering like a fish to get up.

Okay, okay, okay...I can hear all of you marks yelling at me now, but this act of "heeldom" as I like to call it, quickly turned a feud that was about tables (essentially, that's what it was) into a battle about tag team supremacy. Big E, in my opinion, showed a form of charisma and intensity only few have in WWE. He has all the tools to be a World Champion.

Don't think Big E could be at the top of the company someday? Think I'm an absolute nut for even suggesting this? Do you think I'm "booty"? Leave a comment below.

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