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Why NXT Takeover II Will Top Night of Champions

Posted by Callum Wiggins Tuesday, September 9, 2014
Smark Out Moment NXTThe build for the upcoming WWE PPV, Night of Champions, has not been especially memorable by any stretch of the imagination. The title of the event should really sell itself, as it is depicted as the show where championship gold and its history takes center stage. However, that is no longer feasible. There are only five title belts in the company, and they are regularly defended each show, making the PPV’s name window dressing. It’s a fancy name, sure, but it's as empty as an arena hosting a TNA house show.

Nonetheless, the name is the least of the issues for what is shaping up to be a substandard card. Personally, the contest for the WWE Tag Team Championship is the only feud I'm invested in. The Usos against Goldust & Stardust should be a compelling contest, heightened by the renewed viciousness of the golden brothers and the injury to Jey's leg.

Smark Out Moment WWEAs for the rest, one can take or leave. John Cena's rematch against Brock Lesnar should be more competitive than their Summerslam encounter, but that will actually take away from that remarkable contest. Dolph Ziggler and The Miz put on great matches, but their feud is lacking bite or individuality; it has actually succeeded best in getting Damien Sandow back on track. Sheamus and Cesaro produce some of the most physical encounters, but this has come from nowhere with the WWE seemingly forgetting the U.S. title still exists. And as for the Divas Championship, the less said about that soap opera the better.

Other matches will be added in the upcoming weeks, but the hottest feud currently in the company, that between Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, has fallen onto the back burner due to the latter's movie commitments. Roman Reigns will likely step in, and with Randy Orton, Chris Jericho and Bray Wyatt still unaccounted for, there is plenty of talent to work with. But, place any talent in rushed feuds and you can only be somewhat excited.

So, September is shaping up as a bit of a bust for the loyal buyer of the WWE Network (which you can get for only $9.99, if that hasn't already been made clear). But, fret ye not dear subscriber, as there is a live spectacular that will certainly give you value for your money and a thrill a minute. And the best thing about this show is that in three years it could make up the card for that year's Night of Champions.

NXT, the better half of Florida's wrestling district, is hosting its second Takeover event on September 11th. As an avid viewer of the weekly editions, I could not be more excited about their latest two-hour spectacular. There may only be five matches on the card, but less matches will give these talented Superstars and Divas more time to construct quality stories.

The main event has been the result of extended animosity between four gifted and combative personalities. The NXT Championship's prestige is at an all-time high, currently worn by Adrian Neville, the man that gravity forgot. The Brit has been a fighting champion in his six months with the belt, knocking off the likes of Bo Dallas, Brodus Clay and Tyson Kidd. But this will be his sternest test by a long way, as he takes on three top contenders at the same time in Kidd, Tyler Breeze and Sami Zayn.

Tyson Kidd is experiencing a new lease on life on NXT as a ruthless and methodical heel, and the crowd at Full Sail University has delighted in taunting him relentlessly. Tyler Breeze may be more concerned with his looks than just about anything, but he is relentless in his assault and will pick the bones of any of his rivals. Sami Zayn has risen through the independents as El Generico and he has swiftly become one of the most popular performers on the roster. His bouts with Cesaro have earned him mass acclaim, and many are clamoring for him to get a taste of the gold. All four of these amazing performers battling for the top championship will be a sight to be behold.

If that isn't reason enough to stay home Thursday night, the rest of the card is more than capable of convincing passionate fans. The NXT Women's Championship will be contested between the highly impressive Charlotte and the adorable Bayley. The daughter of Ric Flair is steadily showing signs of her father's charisma and in-ring ability, and a call to the main roster has been touted for a while. But she would be foolish to ignore the threat of Bayley, who, whilst sweet and goofy, is strong and resilient, and is determined to earn respect from her genetically gifted opponent.

The third championship match has been the subject of much interest the past month, as a tournament has been weeding the wheat from the chaff in the tag team division to find the best contenders possible. And last week they were found, as the luchador combination of Kalisto and Sin Cara defeated the Vaudevillains to get their opportunity at the gold. Not that it would seem a prize to most, as the champions, The Ascension, have been upheld as one of the most dominating tandems in WWE history. Though, it will be interesting to view them against true competition, rather than teams dragged off the streets of Orange County.

British Wrestler WWE GM
The other two matches are more filler for these premium contests, as Enzo Amore and Sylvester Lefort battle in a Hair vs. Hair match, and Bull Dempsey looks to continue his bulldozing (hilarious, right?) of the NXT roster in his bout with Mojo Rawley. These matches should be fun and add a little relief between the rapid action of the championship contests.

Finally, you have to consider all of the other intangibles that make a great show from top to bottom. William Regal is the new General Manager of NXT and the brash brawler from Blackpool should make a great authority figure. The commentary team is developing well, led by the loveable wit of Renee Young. Also, with the recent influx of new talent to the roster, appearances by Kenta, Fergal Devitt and Kevin Steen are not beyond the realm of possibility.

So September may not herald much for those who view the main WWE roster as the be-all and end-all. But, for those that are willing to look deeper into the talent pool, they will reap the profits of witnessing the future stars of professional wrestling parading their potential. And then you can say you were there when these men and women battled for WWE gold in years to come.

Callum Wiggins hails from Essex in the United Kingdom. He recently graduated from the University of York with a degree in History and has been a fan of professional wrestling since 2002. Outside of wrestling, he is also a fan of Arsenal FC and enjoys video games, darts, and Formula One. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


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