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Saturday Smack Talk: 3/19/11

Posted by Anthony Mango Saturday, March 19, 2011
What's gone on this past week in wrestling?
  • There are rumblings yet again that Rey Mysterio has complained to WWE and requested his release. While I think Rey is probably banged up and old enough that he should take it easy, it seems like we hear about this all the time, and if Taker and some others aren't doing the same thing, Rey shouldn't be doing it either. Rey's said that those rumors aren't true, and they very well might not be, but I'm a bit suspicious seeing as how everyone always denies rumors and then we find out that they ended up being true. MVP says his job is secure and then quits about a week or two later. Rock's got nothing to do with WrestleMania....except being the biggest angle. Sunny's a part of the WWE HOF, then she isn't, then surprise, she is. So on and so forth. Either they are true and Rey's just doing damage control with his fans, or they aren't true, and it's coincidental that we continually keep hearing this story in relation to Rey. I hope it ISN'T true, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was.
  • TNA's Victory Road pay-per-view main event surely did nothing to help TNA's credibility. "The worst main event in history" is being thrown around a lot. Fingerpoke of Doom bad. Now, it depends on how you look at this situation. You can say "they did the best they could" because of how Jeff Hardy was apparently so out of it that they didn't think it was safe for them to perform. Then again, you could think "well, then why didn't they just make something up off the cuff and give the fans a real match with someone else?" Then again, you can think "why is Hardy still being trusted when he has all these issues in the first place?" Then again, you can just think "it's TNA....saw it coming".
  • Speaking of associations with Jeff Hardy and being in trouble, Gregory Helms has been arrested again for fighting. HBK's born-again stuff is all an act, according to Helms....but when was the last time HBK got into this situation?
  • TNA has offered fans 6 months free of their On Demand library as an apology to the Victory Road mess. Good move, TNA. It's not the same as a refund, but it's at least something to acknowledge that the fans didn't get what they deserved.
  • TNA has decided to break up Generation Me. They broke up 3D, now Gen Me, and they're teasing a breakup of the Beautiful People. The MCMG haven't been seen in a while. There aren't going to be many tag teams left. What is this, WWE? TNA's tag division was one of the only good things going for it and they're going to eliminate that?
  • Drew Carey in the Hall of Fame's Celebrity Wing? No problem with that, even if his WWE tenure is very limited. I was hoping for a posthumous induction of Leslie Nielsen for his SummerSlam 1994 antics, but that isn't going to give them much media awareness.
  • HHH said in a recent interview that they're aware of the growing number of people that are tired of seeing an overexposure of John Cena, but they're not willing to risk the ratings yet to change things. That's understandable...but you'd think that they would be willing to try for something like a few weeks just to see if it does work. They're willing to try and fail at everything else.
  • Supposedly, the current plan for the commentary team at WrestleMania is Josh Mathews and Booker T. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Booker isn't ready for that. I love Josh, but he isn't ready to carry Booker and the entire ppv on his own either. If they add Jim Ross to the equation, which naturally is rumored, then that completely changes the scope because Ross can be the anchor, Booker can offer some quick color-commentary quips, and Josh can support both of them as he's proven himself both good on the play-by-play and the banter we've grown accustomed to from color-commentators. I still think Striker is better than they're giving him credit for, and I'd love to see the team be Ross/Mathews/Striker, but I'm not holding out any faith that that will actually happen.
  • WWE is looking for a new Vice President of Talent Relations. I hereby throw my name into the hat and will take any offer haha.
  • WWE Superstars is being canceled. I haven't heard anything of them doing it online, but I think they should. They've proven that they can do an online show with NXT, so why not just air the dark matches online and gain some traffic to the site while you're at it, as well as give the guys a little bit more exposure, like Superstars does? Granted, Superstars doesn't really give people THAT much exposure...but then again, they're supposed to be releasing guys soon. Hm. Tough call for what to do, but I'm not surprised Superstars is canceled. I don't get it in my area, and despite having a website, I've only watched a few episodes. That's how important it is.
  • According to the website for the Cineplex Odeon Theatres, the Fatal 4-Way PPV has been renamed "Capitol Punishment" because it takes place in Washington, D.C. As corny and lame as that is, I actually like it. The problem is that they'd have to change it next year or continually go to D.C. for the ppv. However, take note that hasn't changed the name, so that's not official. 
  • WWE is catching heat from GLAAD because of some recent gay jokes they've made. Lighten up, people. Why does everything have to be offensive to someone? Can't you just take a joke? So Cena makes fun of Riley and Miz by insinuating that they're homosexuals....big deal. Get the fuck over it. I'm sure that little stupid joke isn't going to corrupt the minds of the world into some anti-homosexual thing. It isn't even anti-homosexual, it's anti-Miz/Riley via an insult of masculinity in an entertainment field where such a thing WOULD be something you could say to get under the skin of someone else. Not everything has to be a PBS special about tolerance. Kids aren't going to grow up to be discriminatory from movies and television shows if their parents do their jobs to teach them not to. Focus on the bad parents out there, not the bad entertainment companies. I don't hear anyone bitching from Ireland about the skin pigment jokes they made about Sheamus. 


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