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WWE Future Endeavors Forecast 2016 Predictions of Releases

Posted by Anthony Mango Tuesday, January 5, 2016
While the beginning of the year brings about the ONE TO WATCH for 2016 where we discuss which WWE wrestlers are going to have the best year, the counterbalance to that is the FUTURE ENDEAVORS FORECAST.

In this segment, we discuss some of the people that we think will unfortunately not be on the roster come 2017 for one reason or another. Perhaps they will retire or be forced to take a leave of absence due to injuries. Maybe they will quit because of some kind of a dispute. Then again, most of them will probably just be flat out fired. Whatever the case may be, let's look at some potential options that will be wished the best of luck in their future endeavors this year.

Stay tuned to the list of releases from 2016 to see how the predictions turn out!


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* NOTE: This isn't to say that we're necessarily wishing these releases upon the men and women that we mention. That might be the case for some, but generally speaking, this is about predicting what WWE will do more so than picking and choosing what we would like to see happen. This list represents the five that I feel the most confident will be gone, not who I would want to be leaving. *

5. Adam Rose

Knowing his situation with his child, I feel bad that this could happen, but at the same time, that doesn't mean he gets all the leeway in the world. Let's face it, Adam Rose just isn't working out. His best time was either as Leo Kruger in FCW or the first few weeks of Adam Rose in NXT and since then, it's been downhill. Everything he's put out for months on end has been garbage and WWE has to realize that by now. There's a chance he stays a jobber throughout the year and doesn't get released until 2017, but I don't see a ton of releases happening this year and this is one that I have to put on the list as a definite possibility.

4. Daniel Bryan

Yes, I unfortunately think that the IWC darling will be calling it quits this year. There doesn't appear to be any budging when it comes to signing off on his allowance back in the ring and the more interviews that come out, the more upset it seems Bryan is getting. With him talking about wrestling in other companies, he's probably already planning on doing that and just can't officially say anything until his contract expires. WWE likely feels he's too much of a medical liability to allow to wrestle again and Bryan undoubtedly feels the opposite, so if the company doesn't let him wrestle, he'll probably take his leave, go somewhere else, and eventually when he wants to retire start working with WWE again as a trainer or something a few years from now.

3. Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton

This team is the bottom of the pecking order in the entire company and they aren't even being used as a stepping stone anymore. Fulton appears to have changed his appearance multiple times to figure out something that works, but none of it does. Dawkins is even less noticeable, which is sad. While I personally would love to see the two of them form a stable with Jack Swagger, I have no reason to believe that will happen.

2. Marcus Louis

I had this guy as my #2 last year, but somehow he squeaked by. I just cannot in good faith look at 2016 and think that he'll still have a job. He's been missing in action for months and before that, he was jobbing out. The likelihood that his contract expiring and WWE not renewing it will happen this year is amped up even more than last year, and I see no indication that the alternative will happen where he'll be repackaged and utilized in a better way.

1. Rosa Mendes

Rosa has not improved her wrestling skills since joining the company (or if she has, it's been nowhere near as much of an improvement as it needs to be), she's dealt with substance abuse problems and now she has a baby and is getting a new house built with her future husband. I just can't imagine that this year goes by with all those factors being worked in and somehow, some way, she decides to return to the main roster and go back to wrestling. This seems like as good a year as any for her to bow out and let her contract expire not just for her own self, but for WWE's roster as well.

Check out our discussion on this topic on the latest episode of the Smack Talk podcast below!


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