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TNA Reportedly "Looking" for New TV Deal

Posted by Marc G Friday, July 17, 2015
It is important to realize that in this day and age, anything can be a complete lie. With technology in the hands of just about anyone with a computer, an email can easily be doctored with your name on it and sent straight to your boss. However, there are some things you read on the internet that are completely true - and sometimes, you're that someone sending the email.

WWE TNA Dixie Carter Wrestling
President of TNA, Dixie Carter
Dixie Carter has had a rough go in the wrestling business (some would say she brought it upon herself, but I'll sip the tea on that). She got dropped from one network after lying about having Vince Russo write her TV when SPIKE wanted nothing to do with him at all. She did, however, find a new network (that no one has ever heard of) that was willing to take her on. The wrestlers took pay cuts and still got paid late, the production team even took pay cuts and are still waiting to be paid, and now, it seems they're going to be dropped again after a report earlier in the year of Destination America terminating(?) the program in September. This wasn't before Dixie Carter sent an email to other TNA employees complaining about Destination America. Oh yeah, and she also sent them to the president of Destination America.

Despite all of this, it has been reported that TNA is shopping their show to networks. At least, that's what they are telling the wrestlers. Who in the world would buy your show after being dropped by two networks? I'm pretty sure that's what the wrestlers are thinking about. Some of the people there are making their living wrestling in TNA. The Brass (it must always be capitalized) at TNA are telling the wrestlers they are making enough money overseas to stay afloat (back to the tea again I suppose). I would love to see them get TV again and get another chance to do it right, but they are just on their last leg.

The roster, which was never the problem with TNA, has quickly diminished. Samoa Joe, James Storm, Magnus, Low Ki, and Austin Aries (who is going back to Ring of Honor) all add to the list of now former TNA wrestlers. The locker room's morale is low, which is evident in its recent televised episodes, seeing guys going through the motions for their late pay check. It's honestly getting hard to watch, and that's something you never want to say about a wrestling show (Raw, go back to two hours please!!!!!)

Samoa Joe NXT Austin Aries TNA James Storm Low Ki Kaval
James Storm (top left corner), Low Ki (bottom left corner), Austin Aries (middle), Samoa Joe (right)
Do you think TNA will get a TV deal? What would fix TNA? Should RAW only be two hours? Find out on the next episode of Dragon Ball Z. I'm kidding, leave a comment below.

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