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Supplements Used by Wrestlers

Posted by Guest Writer Sunday, May 3, 2015
Wrestlers don't just come out of the womb with amazing, chiseled bodies ready to fly off the top rope and onto the canvas. The strength, agility and stamina these athletic freaks possess are crafted over years of insanely hard work and discipline both in and out of the weight room.

That effort doesn't stop once they hit the big time. If anything, the stress on their bodies increases due to the intensity and sheer volume of shows. Wrestlers are constantly working on their bodies to make sure they are ready to go when a match starts, whether that means flying off the top of a ladder through a table, lifting a giant foe, or finding themselves on the receiving end of a brutal finisher.

Wrestlers of all shapes and sizes turn to supplements to help them in their quest to survive the grueling professional schedule. Besides eating well and hitting the gym when they can, wrestlers ingest a variety of readily available products to pack on the pounds and re-energize the body.

In addition to unbelievable athletic ability, an affinity for flying through the air and a willingness to put themselves through hell for a shot at the title, protein is one of the most important weapons in a professional wrestler's arsenal. John Cena enhances his workouts with whey and casein protein in shake and bar form. These supplements help burn fat and increase muscle mass. Wrestlers will take whey protein around workouts to enhance benefits of lifting. Some will then also take casein, a slower-acting protein, before going to bed to keep their bodies working overnight.

Creatine is another tried and true product used by countless wrestlers. It is an acid that provides energy to various parts of the body, including muscle. This boosts body mass, helping wrestlers gain the large stature that lets them sustain punishment night after night.

Triple H might be one of the founders of the iconic D-Generation X, but he has survived as a headliner for so long by fighting against his own physical degeneration. In addition to protein, Triple H likes to increase his essential fatty acid intake with fish oil. The elements found in fish oil help maintain overall physical health, which can be just as important as bicep size when it comes to the upkeep of your body over the long haul.

Supplements used by wrestlers available at Supps R Us, such as the aforementioned proteins and creatine, mean you don't have to be employed by Vince McMahon to mold your body into a high-flying, headlocking, elbow dropping machine.

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