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WWE Main Event 7/29/14 Results & Review Coverage

Posted by Kyle Robinson Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Follow along with ongoing coverage of tonight's episode of WWE Main Event for July 29, 2014 including full results of what goes on and a review synopsis of the event. Main Event is coming to you from the American Bank Center Arena in Corpus Christi, Texas. Keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage. Make sure to tell us what you think about this episode by leaving a comment below or talking in the chat room on the sidebar!

Tonight on Main Event, Dean Ambrose will take on Alberto Del Rio in what is sure to be an exciting match.

Welcome everyone to another live coverage of WWE's Main Event! The show opens with Dean Ambrose (Cincinnati represent) walking to the ring. Ambrose says he's back and in a foul mood. I swear this guy cuts the best promos. He calls out Rollins and bets that he won't show up. He says Rollins can stay in the back and eat protein bars with Triple H, or come to the ring and get nuts. Rollins doesn't show, and Ambrose says he will conquer everything The Authority throws at him. Alberto Del Rio interrupts Ambrose and calls him, you guessed it, a perro. Del Rio says he isn't afraid of Ambrose and that fear comes in the form of his Cross Arm Breaker. Del Rio enters the ring. He says every show begins with a kickoff, and kicks Ambrose in his injured shoulder after claiming he will take his arm and put it on a shelf.

We are getting a quick recap of John Cena's opening promo on Raw, and what a great promo it was; it was definitely Cena at his best.

The Usos are in a match coming up next.

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MATCH: Rybaxel vs. The Usos

As Rybaxel make their way to the ring, Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E join commentary. Ryback and Jimmy start the match. Ryback brutalizes Jimmy with shoulders in the corner. Jimmy escapes and tags Jey. Jey is on the receiving end of a nasty suplex. Curtis Axel tags in and delivers a sweet dropkick to Jey. Ryback is back in and has Jey in a headlock. Axel is back in and rips off Jey's shirt, goes for the cover and gets a 2-count. Axel gives Jey a back breaker and gets another 2-count. Ryback tags in. Ryback delivers a body slam followed by a big splash. Jey breaks the pin, tries to fight back, but to no avail. Ryback (hilariously) tries a diving elbow, misses, and Jimmy gets tagged in. Axel is in as well. Axel delivers a fisherman suplex and Jimmy kicks out. Ryback gets a super kick to the face followed by Uso Crazy. Jey hits Axel with the splash for the win.

Winners: The Usos via pinfall

I'm enjoying the unification of Woods, Kofi, and Big E. I really hope we see a new Nation of Domination; I think that would be pretty awesome, and finally give these guys a purpose.

Raw Rebound time. I really don't want to knock the Stephanie vs. Brie match at SummerSlam too hard, but Brie can't act worth a damn. Like, it's pretty bad. If it weren't for Stephanie's mic skills, this angle would be terrible beyond words.

Titus O'Neil and Heath Slater make their way to the ring for a tag match next.

MATCH: Titus O'Neil & Heath Slater vs. Zack Ryder & Tyson Kidd

Slater and Ryder start with a lockup. Ryder takes control with a shoulder take down while he sports a damn fine looking goatee. Slater responds with a shoulder block of his own, but gets face planted by Ryder. Kidd enters the match and takes out Slater with a rolling senton off the apron. Ryder is back in and hits Slater with a missile dropkick. Titus tags in and hits a chop on Ryder in the corner followed by a shoulder back breaker. Titus attempts to hit Ryder in the corner but runs into Ryder's knees. Slater tags in as well as Kidd. Kidd hits a missile dropkick followed by a series of awesome kicks. Slater is in the tree of woe and gets more vicious kicks. Titus tries to interfere but Kidd kicks him the head. Both Ryder and Kidd hit the Broski Boot. Kidd goes up high, but Slater hits him with a power slam from the top rope for the surprising win!

Winners: Titus O'Neil & Heath Slater (Slater-Gator) via pinfall

A Raw recap of Randy Orton's complete decimation of Roman Reigns.

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MATCH: Dean Ambrose vs. Alberto Del Rio

Ambrose immediately starts punching the hell out of Del Rio. Ambrose delivers ten punches to Del Rio in the corner and covers for a 2-count. Del Rio kicks Ambrose in the side of the head. Ambrose answers with a knee to the gut. The two men are now taking the fight outside of the ring. Ambrose delivers an axehandle on the apron. Del Rio is locked in a nasty submission hold. Ambrose lets him out and drives his shoulder into Del Rio in the corner. Del Rio is now in control and stomps on Ambrose's chest off the top rope. Both men are on the top rope as Ambose claws Del Rio's face. Del Rio falls off and Ambrose hits a missile dropkick (a popular move tonight). Ambrose is unloading on Del Rio in the corner but gets another kick to the head.

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Ambrose gets a hard clothesline by Del Rio and kicks out of the attempted pin as his shoulder is now driven into the steel post. The "Let's go Ambrose" chants ring through the arena. Del Rio hits a superplex and Ambrose kicks out again. Ambrose fights back as he slams Del Rio on the mat. Ambrose's fire is lit as he hits a crossbody on Del Rio. Del Rio flies through the ropes and Ambrose launches himself through the ropes to knock Del Rio over the barrier. Back in the ring, Del Rio kicks Ambrose in the injured shoulder and hits a German suplex. Still fighting back, Ambrose answers with a tornado DDT. Wow! What a kick by Del Rio right to the jaw. That had to have killed. Del Rio goes for the Cross Arm Breaker, fails, and Ambrose hits a vicious clothesline. Rollins interferes and brawls with Ambrose outside the ring. Rollins' ambush fails as Ambrose clotheslines him over the top rope, and just to add an extra touch, Ambrose nails Del Rio with Dirty Deeds.

Winner: Dean Ambrose via Disqualification 


A very solid edition of Main Event. I was pleasantly surprised, and this is exactly what WWE needs to be doing in order to draw in WWE Network subscribers. Toinght's Main Event focused on some main storylines and gave us some pretty quality matches. The surprise of the night was Heath Slater and Titus O'Neil gaining the victory over Ryder and Kidd. Kidd did very well and why he isn't a regular on at least the mid card is beyond me. Dean Ambrose had a good match with Del Rio, and Seth Rollins' interference left me begging for Ambrose vs. Rollins at SummerSlam; I can't wait for that match. Overall, a very good show tonight. 


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