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WWE Main Event 7/1/2014 Results & Review Coverage

Posted by Kyle Robinson Tuesday, July 1, 2014
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Follow along with ongoing coverage of tonight's episode of WWE Main Event for July 1, 2014 including full results of what goes on and a review synopsis of the event. Main Event is coming to you from the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Keep refreshing this page and checking back to get the most up-to-date results coverage. Make sure to tell us what you think about this episode by leaving a comment below or talking in the chat room on the sidebar!

We witnessed a historic Monday Night Raw last night as Y2J Chris Jericho returned to confront a returning Miz, the rivalry between Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins escalated even further, AJ Lee returned to capture the Diva's Championship, and we saw a standoff between Roman Reigns and Triple H! Hopefully tonight on Main Event we will see some fallout from Raw, but the match on the card tonight will be Dolph Ziggler vs. Cesaro. This will definitely be a must-see match; both men have plenty of momentum, and Ziggler has been receiving the biggest pops of his career. See who comes out on top tonight on WWE Main Event!

Cesaro and Paul Heyman kick off the night. Cesaro is rocking an eye patch and it actually looks kind of cool in a pirate sort of way. Heyman says Cesaro cannot compete against Ziggler tonight due to his eye injury courtesy of Kofi Kingston. We now get a recap of the punishment Cesaro delivered to Kofi after their match on Raw. Ziggler interrupts Paul Heyman. Ziggler gets a nice pop and immediately starts to compare his accolades to Cesaro's. Ziggler reminds us he is a former Heavyweight Champion and Intercontinental Champion. Big E now interrupts Ziggler and reminds us all he was also a former Intercontinental Champion. Now Rybaxel interrupts the bunch. Now Rob Van Dam joins the conversation. A fight breaks out between the superstars. Big E, Ziggler, and RVD stand tall in the ring. I love this hype surrounding the Intercontinental Championship, it is bringing significance back to the title. The Wyatt's are in action next.

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A Six Man Tag Match is announced as the new main event for the night. There is now a recap of Chris Jericho and Miz's return last night on Raw when Jericho hit the Code Breaker on Miz, and was then ambushed by the Wyatt Family.

MATCH: The Wyatt Family vs. Xavier Woods and R-Truth

Luke Harper and Xavier Woods start the match. R-Truth is tagged in early and gets a big boot from Harper. Harper tags Rowan and Rowan gives Truth a big body slam. Truth fights back and tags Woods. Woods takes it to Rowan with nicely placed kicks and hits a sweet DDT. Woods gets a kick to the face and Harper runs in to superkick Truth. Rowan hits Woods with a side slam to pick up the win.

Winners: The Wyatt Family via pinfall

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The Funkadactyls enter the ring as we get a recap of AJ's return last night on Raw where she won back the Diva's Championship.

MATCH: The Funkadactyls vs. Nikki Bella and Alicia Fox

Before the match kicks off, Stephanie interrupts on the tron and assigns Alicia Fox as her tag team partner. Nikki and Naomi start the match and Cameron is tagged in early. Cameron has Nikki on the ropes and has her in a submission hold. Nikki fights to break the hold, succeeds, and gets beat down by her own partner, Alicia Fox. The Funkadactyls take advantage and take the win.

Winners: The Funkadactyls via pinfall

Renee interviews Sheamus backstage. Friday night on SmackDown, Sheamus is issuing a challenge for the United States Championship and Alberto Del Rio claims he will win it. Once again, I think it's awesome that the midcard titles are receiving much needed attention.

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Raw Rebound time. I really like the John Cena vs. The Authority angle because it's bringing out Cena's tougher demeanor, and wow did we ever need something different from John Cena. I'm also really loving the rivalry between Rollins and Ambrose. Those two guys are the future of the company, and to hype them up in all of this mix is a good move.

Renee interviews Cesaro and Paul Heyman backstage.

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MATCH: Dolph Ziggler, RVD, and Big E vs. Rybaxel and Cesaro

Big E and Ryback start the match. Big E explodes with a shoulder block and knocks Ryback down. Belly to belly suplex to Ryback who then tags Curtis Axel. Axel tags Cesaro, Big E tags Ziggler, and now Cesaro stomps Ziggler in the corner. Ziggler rips off the eye patch and attacks the injured eye. RVD is tagged in and hits the Rolling Thunder on Axel. RVD, Ziggler, and Big E clean house and stand united in the ring.

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The match continues with RVD and Axel battling it out. Axel tags Ryback and RVD is now being brutalized. The "We want Ziggler" chants echo throughout the arena. RVD goes face first into the turnbuckle as Ryback tags in Cesaro. Body slam to RVD and Cesaro gets the 2 count. Sleeper hold to Van Dam by Cesaro. Van Dam tries to break loose but to no avail and Ryback is back in. Ryback delivers a huge suplex to Van Dam and tags Cesaro. Big thrust kick to Cesaro, but it is no use as he tags in Axel. RVD is getting absolutely obliterated here. Ryback is in again and continues to dominate Van Dam. Ryback goes up high but misses with a splash! Van Dam tags Ziggler! Huge crossbody to Cesaro and knocls Axel off the apron. Famouser connects on Cesaro and Ziggler gets the 2 count. A gigantic DDT and another 2 count. RVD and Big E take out Rybaxel. Ziggler hits the Zig Zag on Cesaro for the win! A very entertaining match.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler, RVD, and Big E via pinfall


Tonight's Main Event featured an unexpected main event focused on the upcoming Battle Royal for the Intercontinental Championship at Battleground. I personally loved the focus on IC Title. So much importance was put on that championship back in the day and we are slowly starting to see relevance come back to the title. The Wyatt Family reigned supreme tonight and I am predicting a Tag Team Title change at Battleground. The way the Wyatt's are rolling, there's just no way The Uso's won't drop the titles soon. I could have done without the diva's match tonight; it just did nothing to perpetuate any kind of storyline. Stephanie is out to get Nikki Bella and sent Alicia Fox to sabotage her, but other than that there really wasn't a significance to the match. The Six Man Tag Match was highly entertaining and featured my favorite to win the Intercontinental Championship, Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler is on an absolute role and I love every second of it; the crowd is behind him, I'm definitely behind him, and I can't wait for the Battle Royal at Battleground. Overall, a pretty good edition of Main Event tonight. What did you all think? Sound off in the comments below!


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